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  1. Nickname: NoMercy :3 Screenshot: Name of your friends: @InfiNitY-™ / @SIN R1 / @SougarLord / @hop lalach / @AraGoN.BeasT (*Have to buy a new mouse after this.XD)
  2. Name: Khuda Haafiz Directors(optional for series): Faruk Kabir Release year: 14th August, 2020 Description: It is set during the financial crisis of 2007–2008 in India. This film is inspired by true events and follows Sameer Chaudhary, a young man who races against time to rescue his kidnapped wife Nargis from flesh traders. Genre: Hindi Language Action-Thriller Trailer:
  3. Film Name: 3 Idiots Actors: Aamir Khan / Kareena Kapoor / Boman Irani / R Madhadevan / Why it's your favourite movie? This potrays the fallacy of the Indian education system and the true meaning of friendship. Watch it everyone IMDB note: Your personal note: 10/10 (Best cinema of Bollywood) Trailer:
  4. ARIES DO: Explore new avenues in your path DON'T: Let gains slip away EXPECT: Plans to develop as you like them to TAURUS DO: Try out a new look DON'T: Neglect your duties EXPECT: An opportunity to explore new avenues GEMINI DO: Be restrained in casual romance DON'T: React emotionally EXPECT: Development in special relationships CANCER DO: Be prepared for action at work DON'T: Take people for granted EXPECT: To succeed in challenging work situations LEO DO: Be flexible in family situations DON'T: Judge a friend too quickly EXPECT: Life to be more exciting than ever VIRGO DO: Go with the flow DON'T: Take life too seriously EXPECT: Casual talk to be significant LIBRA DO: Consider recent events DON'T: Keep harping on your limitations EXPECT: A low-key day SCORPIO DO: Address situations one at a time DON'T: Attempt projects beyond your control EXPECT: Things to look brighter SAGITTARIUS DO: Avoid embarrassing situations DON'T: Rely on others for your success EXPECT: A lack of emotional understanding CAPRICORN DO: Wait for important news DON'T: Be held back by lack of imagination EXPECT: To be nervous AQUARIUS DO: Go forward with determination DON'T: Let unfinished work worry you EXPECT: Creative impulses PISCES DO: Be punctual DON'T: Get distracted and unfocused EXPECT: To like an object of great beauty
  5. Nickname: NoMercy :3 Your suggestion: I want to suggest some changes that should be made in the mod rounds i.e. Armaggedon, Nightmare, AssassinVsSniper and Plague Assassin Vs Sniper Round - This round is the most unfair round in all of them, where the snipers are too over powered. When was the last time zombies won in this round? Never I guess. A sniper around 12k health whereas an assassin has around 35k. It will take 8 shots from a sniper to kill an assassin, but more than 40 shots for an assassin to kill a sniper. So this round can be fixed either by nerfing the sniper (Reducing health or damage) or by giving a buff to the assassin(increasing health). NightMare Round - This round has also the same problem as Assassin Vs Sniper round. The Sniper along with the Survivor combo which has over 10k health is unbeatable even by a full health nemesis. So, there should also be a reduce in hp of the sniper and the survivor to make it a fair fight. Armaggedon Round - This round prohibits the use of lm, so the survivor has to rely only on his jetpack to survive the round. But maximum number of times its jut the nemesis that kills every survivor and wins the round. So to make it even fight, the health of nemesis should be reduced to around 35k, so that atleast it can be killed, 65k is a lot, even if just 2 or 3 are playing and rest are afk. Plague Round - Coming to this round, isnt 150k hp of the nemesis too much, 99% of time the match will either result in a Draw or the zombies will win. So i suggest the hp of the nemesis should be reduced to around 50k, because its enough hp. Moreover an afk nemesis will give away 350 ammo for free to the humans and zombies will remain sitting biting their nails. These are the points I put up, where changes should be made in each mod. I would expect the votes to be done for each point separately. ThankYou.
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  8. Link to your activity is broken. But I have seen you playing in server. Maintain Good Activity, Read Rules, and have a nice time. Good Luck. PRO
  9. You have decent activity. PRO Abide by the rules and have a great time If you can donate for sure, then follow this link Or have a talk with the founders and owners
  10. *Type: Cover Photo*Dimensions: Most suitable dimensions for cover photoText: NOMERCY*Theme (Image(s) obligatory): Only text*Last request link: It was made a year agoOther informations: Nothing
  11. Nickname: NoMercy :3 Screenshot:
  12. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): NoMercy :3 ★ Skype/Steam: In my profile ★ Age: 20 ★ Your Country: India ★ Admin experience: Yup, more than 4 years i guess ★ You can donate?: Can give weekly boost ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]: Yes, for sure ★ Why you want to be admin in HighLifeZm: To see this server at #1 ★ Other information: Will shortly change my name after i sufficient have devil coins. TY
  13. Been returning to CSBD after almost a year, and guess what, the look of the forum has totally changed. It now looks more awesome and cool. Will love to interact with my old friends...In case they are alive