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    1. Sup dumbass. Here's a tribute for you :V..

      Credits : @aRbi~

      1. aRbi~


        YES u TISON 

        We are waiting for ur loans with devil coins :V @InfiNitY-™

      2. InfiNitY-™


        my D is all i have for both of u 😂

    2. the bot?

      do u are die? 😄


      1. InfiNitY-™


        Sadly nope 😂

      2. King_of_lion


        alhamd llah 
        i was think u die
        but now you're okay i think ;d

        i very happy to see you okay...

      3. InfiNitY-™


        Im thankful that you care about my state. 
        Love ya brother. ❤️ 

    3. i will miss u mate 💖

    4. 😞 I will miss you, dont retire for long tine.

      Come as fast as possible ❤️ .

    5. i will miss u my love ❤️

      if u have time i need u in its3 1 min !!!!


      1. InfiNitY-™


        I will miss u as well mate ❤️ .
        Congrats for the new grade btw, You deserved it.
        I will be visiting ts3 tomorrow cuz i cant right now.

      2. King_of_lion


        aha no problem...

        i will waiting u 🙂


    6. Michael Tison Where r u??????????? 😛 

      1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
      2. aRbi~


        @InfiNitY-™ u still owe me 1.500 devil coins 

        give me the coins and ill give u my number :V 

      3. InfiNitY-™


        [CENSORED] off then 1500 coins are worth more than ur ass 😂

      4. aRbi~



        my coins or get exposed TISON 

        :V hhhhhh 

    7. How are u Noob?

      1. InfiNitY-™


        doing great, thx bro.

      2. King_of_lion


        Take care yourself!

        then join to sleep...

    8. We are looking to Re-Build our Staff with new active members, If you are interested in becoming a MANAGER of HighLifeZM, Apply here or contact us privately.
    9. Leaving what we used to call a "FAMILY" just because of the NR issue ?
      You are going to regret it so badly when we are back on top 😂


      1. ZaYYnNNn


        Yes Sir, they will regret it fam.

      2. DANGER__


        Lmao. Higher grades makes their loyaties weak.Good for us that they left.At least we know who was loyal and who wasnt. 🙂

    10. I agree. we didnt expect the CASINO to take that long to be operational. So, This idea will be useful to revive the CASINO Activity until GAMBLING is functional. Pro.
    11. Just reached the 💯 days of activity milestone on TS3.  🥳

      1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
      2. SIN R1

        SIN R1

        SUPER nab

        l was close to reach 100 days but unfortunately l made formate to my laptop 


      3. King_of_lion


        infini mt7olsh anta nob idk why 😉


      4. ROSTOM


        How do I know me too

    12. 1- Nickname : Infinity 2- Type of story: Touching 3- The Story : A little girl was decorating a box with a gold wrapping paper to put it under the Christmas tree. Money was tight, so the girl‘s father punished her for wasting almost all roll of that expensive paper. However, the next morning the girl brought the gift to her father. „This is for you, Daddy” – she said. He opened a box and found it empty, so he became angry again. „Don‘t you know, that when you give someone a gift, it is supposed that there would be something inside it” – he said severely. The little girl
    13. ¤ Your Nickname : Infinity ¤ The author of the quote: The GodFather ¤ The Quote: „ Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. ”
    14. Pro for rank icons. These Icons ( / / / ) look so much more Modern/Stylish than the ones we currently have (In my Opinion). DJ - We already used to have DJ Icon which was way cooler than these ones but it got removed. (Pro for its re-adding). Youtuber - We already have an icon for it. Girls - We already have a better icon for it. VIP - We have the Premium Icon which in my opinion is the best icon that could be for VIPs. FLAGS - I dont think its necessary since your flag appears right next to your name. CS - We already have those icons Medals/Crown - Unnecessary si
    15. ¤ Your Nickname : Infinity ¤ The author of the quote: Thomas Shelby ¤ The Quote: „ Sometimes death is a kindness. ”



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