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  2. Introducing to you the new CLAN system we have agreed on establishing, SYSTEM: - Clans will consist of 4 members (1 Clan Leader / 3 Clan Members) - There will be only 1 winning clan out of 5/6 clans expected. - In order to win, Clan members will have to work together to achieve the best activity possible (Every single clan member activity will be checked). - Every Member of the winning clan will receive a 2 weeks VIP in sv. -Activities will be checked monthly and the winning clan will be decided at the end of the month (on day 5 of every month). RULES: -Clan leader can choose any admin he wants and ask him to enter his clan -Clan leader can later be argued over by clan members -Only 2 managers are allowed in each clan. -All participants have to follow the server rules and any mistakes may result in getting kicked out of the clan. -We will start counting the activity starting from 5/7/2020 so that clan leaders get time to gather their team. -Clan leader will have to post here their team information following this model (once they are done with their team):¤ Clan Name:¤ Clan Leader:¤ Clan Member #1 (Link Gametracker):¤ Clan Member #2 (Link Gametracker):¤ Clan Member #3 (Link Gametracker):
  3. Still looking ...

    1. DANGER3120


      Me!! I wanna apply:v

  4. We're looking for Managers (Pre-Managers/Co-Owners/Owners) with enough experience to help us in managing the server. Apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying. Notes: - We have the right to accept or reject your request without any explanation. - You have to be able to speak ENGLISH fluently. - Have at least 1k mins activity daily in server (24/24 in server/ts3 better said). - Have at least 1 year of experience in managing. - Please note that having an appropriate account will give you a higher chance of getting accepted. - The accepted manager will be in test 1 week, if he passed his test with no issues he will be granted Manager CS 1.6 + FTP. Model: ¤ Your Nickname: ¤ Your address Skype, Steam: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages that you can speak: ¤ Your location: ¤ Experience as manager: ¤ Reason that you want to be manager: ¤ Tell us some duties of a manager: ¤ Other information:
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  6. hermano me suspendieron por no estar en la reunion del 28 era por 3 dias y todavia no e recuperado el admin

  7. I thought it looked cooler with "A" instead of your name,if you want your name pm me i can edit them.
  8. ♠ Nick of the Admin: PRODEXOR ♠ Sanction : Remove ♠ Old Grade: Co-Owner ♠ New Grade: Blacklist ♠ Reason: Grade sucker
  9. ¤ Admin: F2P - Kratos / AraGoN / FAMA / Lixie / MonO / Wahid / Purple ¤ Grade: Elder / Semi-Elder / Semi-Elder / Semi-Elder / Moderator / Admin / Admin ¤ Sanction: x1 / x1 / x2 / x1 / x1 / x1 / x1 ¤ Reason: Not fulfilling the required activity of their grades.
  10. HighLifeZM is still looking for active admins god damit


  11. InfiNitY-™


    I have met him in the game and he seems like a cool guy I would give him a chance Pro
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  13. @Reus @f1x!k @.-AdiiLo-.