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    AlYn DaNyEl
  • Dată naștere 03/19/2003


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    Not Telling
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  1. -Bună copilul maestru va fi că îți vinzi serverul


  2. plz  kick ban500 no😥😥           <-(KoSoVo)-> 

  3.  Your Nickname (same as in forum): endrit
    ¤ Your Address Skype, facebook:
    ¤ Age:17
    ¤ Languages That You Can Speak:Albanian and English
    ¤ Your Location: Albania 
    ¤ Experience As Admin: helper
    ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): no

    ¤ Link Of Hours You Played On Server 
    ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: To help the server

  4. i know this it's newlife and i wanna to come here, i'm leave highlifezm

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. ᴴᴼᴼᴸᴵᴳᴬᴺ™.


      dont care !!

      add chat in forum me and you and albrens and dar!

    3. MasterKid™


      If you want moderator

    4. Mr^ALBRENS
  5. How many hours do i need to have to make me admin in newlife zm

  6. Send him a message

  7. can u make me adm in newlifezm

    1. MasterKid™


      Make activity in server and make req next

    2. endrit


      but u told me u wold make if i created acc in forum and what do u mean by  req

    3. endrit
  8. Clear a message from you

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