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  1. hay . @escalade You are a great person and also help other people. I like your design, but you can at least filter your skill and reveal to us that you are interested in our project?
  2. Great for your effects, blur, and text. You do them a lot better, and I really love your business. You have better success with that.
  3. Really great, I love your work and the effects you use with a good brain Also text and blur make them great art and the rest are also better You already have good skills You are the best, my friend
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  5. Respect for the form, come with another request next week Rejected. T/C!
  6. In July, BMW plans to launch a comprehensive software update on compatible cars that includes digital personalization and on-demand functions. The way it works, the automaker explained via a press release, is that BMW will provide the car's necessary hardware and software during assembly so that, later on, it can be activated according to the buyer's preference. BMW envisions a situation where, for example, if one customer wanted a feature that wasn't requested when they bought the car, it can be added afterward. And if that car came into new ownership with someone else, that new owner could also activate the features that they want. 2020 BMW Connected Car Beta Days4 2020 BMW Connected Car Beta Days. BMW CNN better details this subscription service by giving tech features — adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive suspension — and comfort features — a heated steering wheel — as examples. "We offer maximum flexibility and peace of mind to our customers when it comes to choosing and using their optional equipment in their BMWs, whether this BMW is new or used," a BMW spokesperson told Techcrunch. "In the near future, we will not only be able to add more functions here, but we will also be able to add even more flexibility for our customers with temporary bookings so booking of options for three years, for one year, or even shorter periods of time, like a few months," the spokesperson continued. BMW didn't immediately respond to Business Insider's inquiries of when and in which markets customers can expect these on-demand functions and digital personalization to roll out. According to CNN, the company said that hypothetically a first owner could purchase a three-year subscription to heated seats, which is how long that person would expect to keep the car. Then, the next owner could decide for themselves if they wanted to subscribe to the heated seats, too. This, of course, requires the car to already have the feature's hardware built-in from the factory, such as the required sensors for adaptive cruise control or the heating elements in a seat or steering wheel. BMW casts the idea in a very favorable light in its press release, stating that it is "strengthening selection and personalization for customers, offering them maximum flexibility."
  7. LONDON (AFP) - English Premier League side Everton said they are "appalled" at one of their players, widely reported to be Italian international Moise Kean, hosting a house party contravening the social distancing measures recommended by the British government owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The 20-year-old striker filmed himself hosting the party, the Daily Mirror reported on Saturday (April 25), saying that he sent video clips to a private Snapchat group, with the footage showing female guests giving lap dances. The caption on one picture was labelled "quarantine clean". Everton issued a statement expressing their fury at the player's actions - they did not name him - on a day when the death toll in hospitals in the United Kingdom passed the 20,000 mark. "Everton are appalled to learn of an incident in which a first-team player ignored government guidance and club policy in relation to the coronavirus crisis," read the statement. "The club has strongly expressed its disappointment to the player and made it clear that such actions are completely unacceptable." The club added that all their staff had been informed of the government guidelines, which include one piece of exercise a day and to restrict oneself to social interaction with just those of the household. Covid-19: Don't miss the latest on the outbreak and its impact Stay in the know with e-mail alerts Enter your e-mail Sign up By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. "Everton has regularly stressed the importance of following all the government guidelines - including rules and advice for inside and outside of the home - through a series of official communications to all staff members, including players," they said. "The amazing people in the NHS (National Health Service) deserve the utmost respect for their hard work and sacrifice. The best way to show them respect is by doing everything we can to protect them." Related Story Coronavirus: Gary Neville urges players to learn new skills during lockdown Related Story Coronavirus microsite: Get latest updates, videos and graphics Related Story Coronavirus explainers: What you should know to protect yourself Related Story Coronavirus visual guide: Interactive graphics on the pandemic Kean, signed for £24 million (S$42.3 million) from Juventus last year, is one of several Premier League players to be held to account for breaking the guidelines. Manchester City and England defender Kyle Walker reportedly broke lockdown rules by hosting a party involving two sex workers. Tottenham's Ivory Coast defender Serge Aurier and French midfielder Moussa Sissoko apologised for training together despite the coronavirus restrictions. Their Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho "accepted his actions were not in line with protocol" after being pictured holding a one-on-one training session in a park with midfielder
  8. An explosion at an oil production facility in southern Nigeria has killed seven workers, the country's state-run oil group said Wednesday. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said the blast happened during operations at the Gbetiokun OML 40 production platform in the Niger Delta region of the West African country. "The incident, which occurred on Tuesday during the installation of a ladder on a platform ... unfortunately caused seven fatalities," the NNPC said in a statement. The company said other workers on the facility have been accounted for, and an investigation has been launched into the incident. The NNPC said the victims were employees of a firm engaged for the job. Although Tuesday's incident was due to an operational factor, pipeline and tanker truck explosions are common in Nigeria, where most people live in poverty even though the country is the biggest oil producer on the continent, with around two million barrels per day. Some incidents happen when residents try to siphon off oil or petrol from pipelines or when tanker drivers have accidents on the country's ill-maintained roads. In March, a gas explosion in the commercial capital Lagos killed at least 15 people, injured many more and destroyed around 50 buildings.
  9. Malawi's new president Lazarus Chakwera called for national sacrifice to transform his country as he was inaugurated on Monday, completing a remarkable turnaround after losing last year's election. That vote was annulled by Malawi's top court over "widespread and systematic" irregularities and a re-run election was held on June 23. Chakwera, 65, comfortably beat Peter Mutharika with 58.5 per cent of the vote, marking the first time in African history that an election re-run led to the defeat of an incumbent. A triumphant Chakwera gave a rousing speech after receiving the sword of command from the army general Peter Namathanga in the capital Lilongwe on Monday. "We must have the courage to face and endure the pain if we ever want to enjoy wholeness as a nation," said the former evangelical preacher, who campaigned on rooting out corruption and reviving the economy of the aid-dependent southern African country. "We must each accept that in the context of Malawi's recovery and transformation... We are each in some way part of Malawi's problems and must each in some way be part of her solution." As part of a push to curb executive power, he committed to publish a declaration of assets every year as well as address parliament over his actions. "Before we can begin to rebuild, we must clear the rubble of corruption," he said, also singling out "laziness", "donor dependency", "unprofessionalism", "incompetence" and the "impunity" of those in power. The inauguration, held at Malawi's army headquarters named after founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda, was attended by only 100 guests and coincided with the country's 56th anniversary of independence from Britain. Chakwera cancelled planned independence day celebrations over the weekend and his inauguration ceremony was drastically scaled back following a spike in coronavirus infections. Malawi announced 129 new infections on Monday, seven percent of its total of 1742 cases. A court blocked the previous government from imposing a full lockdown in April because it failed to announce any measures to cushion the vulnerable
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