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    1. <17:31:28> "[N]audy": evil baby
      <17:31:33> "[N]audy": i was pay u
      <17:31:34> "[N]audy": now
      <17:31:43> "[N]audy": send me
      <17:31:45> "[N]audy": nudes
      <17:32:08> "#EVIL BABY": hahahahahahaha

      <17:32:22> "#EVIL BABY": [N]audy 
      Version:3.5.2 Windows
      Online since:10 minute(s) 3 second(s)
      Description:Ex-Administrators Forum+Ts3+Ex-Founder Thunderzm
      <17:32:25> "#EVIL BABY": edit it and put
      <17:32:28> "#EVIL BABY": ex-gay
      <17:32:29> "#EVIL BABY": hahahaha

    2. ño fea :v pronto te visito :v

      1. [N]audy


        Dale manito yo te espero y que Dia es :3 

    3. [M]ikasa

      1. [N]audy


        Hey bro how are u 7w7 

      2. -Apex


        Fine mr.lolicon & u ?

      3. [N]audy


        good mr.oppai hehhehe and u ? 

    4. tenor.gif

      1. [N]audy


        Hello how are u bro 7w7 


      La imagen puede contener: una persona, de pie, texto que dice "Y Está Hera La Que Me Dejaba en "Visto"":v 

      1. N I N J A x)
      2. QeLi


        I dont understand that lang but he is probobally saying ur ass is fat

        I meant flat 😂😂

      3. EvKirito


        @QeLi says "and this was the one that let me in seen?"

    6. For me its very weird but u might like it


      1. [N]audy


        thanks bro I liked it :3 

      2. QeLi


        @[N]audy your welcome anytime 

    7. Upss sucia >:)

      1. [N]audy


        prrita como estas :v 

      2. KEPY™


        Todo bien gracias a dios y tu?

      3. [N]audy


        bien y vuelves? :v 

    8. Veo gente muerta :v 

    9. you need to learn these techniques for you to use it LOOOl 😛

      Steam Community :: :: Chaos Break

      Inazuma Eleven Ares - ALL HISSATSU TECHNIQUES | EP 6 on Make a GIF

      1. GRC21


        🤣🤣🤣I'll try to learn them 

      2. [N]audy


        You try?:v

    10. miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis yooooooooooooooooooou ugly xD

      1. Arată comentarii anterioare  3 alții
      2. #EVIL BABY

        #EVIL BABY

        yeah xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

        kiss me bro xDDDDDDDDDD


      3. [N]audy


        better kiss to ace :v 

      4. #EVIL BABY



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