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Disclaimer: please if you consider this topic is in the wrong category and disturbs in any way you can freely move or delete it.

Hello, starting from today Overwatch Project opened it's gates! Here you can find:

  1. Soon an youtube community channel(we will open it next week)
  2. Showing off gaming moments(record a pentakill and post it there, we will feature on CSBD community youtube):
  3. Gaming moments analysis: (like demos, youtube moments, everything)
  4. Battles in-game:

We plan very seriously to develop a base for games in an unique fashion, we intend after a very short while(for sure untill Christmas!) to reward all the users from the categories with:

  1. Badges
  2. Icons
  3. Promotions
  4. Advertisments(on youtube channel) - avalaible for users and servers
  5. Money


We are the spark that ignite the Phoenix feathers
We are Overwatch

Disclaimer: va rog daca considerati ca acest topic este in categoria gresita si deranjeaza in orice cale voi puteti liberi sa il mutati sau stergeti.

Salutare, incepand de astazi Proiectul Overwatch si-a deschis portile! Aici puteti sa gasiti:

  1. In curand un canal youtube comunitar(o sa il deschidem saptamana viitoare)
  2. Aratati-va momentele de joc(inregistrati un pentakill si postati-l aici, noi o sa il aratam pe canalul youtube CSBD):
  3. Revizuieste momente de joc(analizare):  (precum demo-uri, momente youtube, totul)
  4. Battle-uri in-joc:

Planuim serios sa dezvoltam o baza pentru jocuri intr-un mod unic, intentionam ca dupa un timp foarte scurt(cu sigurana pana de Craciun!) sa rasplatim toti utilizatorii de la categorii cu:

  1. Medalii
  2. Iconite
  3. Promovarii
  4. Reclama(pe canalul youtube) - valabil pentru useri si servere
  5. Bani

Noi suntem scanteia care aprinde penele Phoenix-ului
Noi suntem Overwatch



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  1. Jesucristo estuvo en Csbd que veo gente muerta resucitando  :v 

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    1. Akrapovic;


      Gracias por ese apoyo Incondisional ❤️

        • Ador 1
    2. [N]audy


      De nada para eso estamos los amigos ,Siempre una Sola cara ❤️ , sin hipocresia y eso :3 ❤️ i love u baby ❤️ sabes que hiciste fallta ❤️ Legend Never die ❤️ :3

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    3. axelxcapo


      gays xd



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    2. #DeXteR


      Nah Im not the kind of people who see themselves in front of others, Im not a racist, and you know very well that anger makes you do things without controlling yourself

    3. [N]audy



      Resultado de imagen de nalgadas gif"

        • Haha 1
    4. Sinan.47


      Gaydexter :v

  3. congratulation :3

  4. congratulation baby

    1. #Mr.Devil


      Thank You Feo <333

  5. why all my friends in ts3 want to fvk me 😕 

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    2. #Drennn.


      Because you're crazy hah

    3. [N]audy


      GayNan :))))) 

    4. Lexman


      Porque heres gay bebe 🙂 

  6. Happy to have had a good time in ts3 with my old friends ❤️

    I love you so much, I dedicate this song ❤️


    @#ΣVIL BABY@#Drennn.@-Dark ;x@BrightburN@KEPY™


    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. axelxcapo


      Donde carajo estoy yo?

    3. [N]audy


      no presente = no mencionado hahahaha :v 

    4. Sinan.47
  7. <20:49:50> "TeamSpeakUser1": give me helper
    <20:50:05> Your chat partner has disconnected.
    <20:50:32> "TeamSpeakUser1" rejoined chat.
    <20:50:43> "TeamSpeakUser1": nice friend
    <20:50:51> "#DeXteR": try that again
    <20:51:13> "#DeXteR": u will get nothing from asking for grade
    <20:51:16> "[N]audy": nice friend
    <20:51:17> "[N]audy": nice friend
    <20:51:17> "[N]audy": nice friend
    <20:51:29> "[N]audy": banned me plzzz
    <20:51:33> "#DeXteR": ahahahha
    <20:51:35> "#DeXteR": wtf
    <20:51:42> Your chat partner has disconnected.


    1. #Ace


      Your gey I told you that it was Naudy last time I was on ts3 since you are gey u forgot take a pill for memory :v

  8. pinches hipocrita..... cuando le dan banned en csbd uno los apoya y te hablan etc but cuando le devuelven su grado te ignoran hahah Que Hipocrita hahahahaha no mencionare nombre hahahahahaha que asqueroso

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. [N]audy


      hahahahaha ve como me venden hahahahahaaha le compramos un chivito :y 

    3. #DeXteR
    4. #Ace


      @#DeXteR take a memory pill gey i told last week when i was on ts3 when he was same channel with me that it was naudy but u gey and forgot :v

  9. vente al ts3 :v

    1. [N]audy


      en la noche estoy ocupado bro :''v 

    2. axelxcapo


      ya estas viendo tu sucio hentai cochino :v

  10. mira mmgv que lo que :v 

    1. Zeref.


      mrcooooooooo !!!!! :v yo pense que ya estabas muerto  jajajksks

    2. [N]audy


      me estoy muriendo si :v y tu como estas,todavia en venezuela? :v 

    3. Zeref.


      claro papi jajaksks llega al ts3 mrc


  11. Nawa no tengo palabras para explicar como me siento,Fuiste un excelente amigo y una buena persona es una lastima que tengas banned..

    Como siempre digo es mejor tener banned o retirarse que ser escla.. de una gente que no hace naaaa y tienen su preferencia... 🙂

    espero un dia volver a verte y hablar un rato en ts3 como siempre.Haras mucha falta en ts3 😞 


  12. Hello,

    Do you still watching Naruto--Boruto ? 


    1. [N]audy


      Yeap i watch boruto and u ???

    2. YaKoMoS


      Yep,Im too Watching Boruto and boruto

  13. Enfermo :v


    1. [N]audy


      chale tan sabroso que es el hentai 7w7

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