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  7. Rabat - Iconic Moroccan actress Khadija Assad died on Wednesday, January 25 at the age of 71 after suffering from cancer. The actress is renowned for several of her comedy and drama television shows, including sitcoms. One of her renowned works is from Assad with her main role in the Lalla Khadija sitcom. Several Moroccan celebrities mourned the death of the Moroccan actress, including iconic artist Latifa Raafat and renowned actor Rachid El Ouali. “Your death is a great loss for us and for our beloved Morocco. We all enjoyed your great work and your memory will remain immortal in all of our memories,” Raafat said. El Ouali also mourned the actress, saying he was saddened by the death of the beloved icon. “I do not know what to say and how to mourn the news of her death. Khadija is an important person for one word to describe my feelings toward her,” El Ouali said. Assad’s husband, Aziz Saadallah, died in 2020 at the age of 70. Saadallah was also one of the iconic actors in Morocco and he was also well-known for his role in the famous sitcome Lalla Fatima. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission.
  8. Rabat - Renault Group Morocco announced that its two factories in the country have produced 350,000 vehicles over 2022, a 15.3% increase over the production numbers in 2021. The Tangier plant increased production by 11% to 255,494 vehicles, while the Renault Casablanca plant increased by 20% to reach 94,524 vehicles. Nearly 86% of the production of the two factories was dedicated for exports, the firm said during a press conference, specifying that more than 300,000 vehicles were exported to 71 global destinations. The group’s exports represented 70% of all vehicles exported from Morocco, they added, with the country being one of the most important for Renault’s business. Renault Group vehicles that were made in Morocco made up 17% of its global sales in 2022, the company added in the press conference. They recalled that 2022 marked the beginning of the Tangier plant’s production of electric vehicles. With that and a new visual identity for the Dacia brand in the pipeline, demand for the group’s production is expected to increase again. The Casablanca plant also notably marked its 1 millionth vehicle over the course of the past year. The automotive industry has become one of the most important in Morocco over the years, accounting for 29% of exports last year, ahead of the mining sector. With over 180 industrial units dedicated to automotive production, Morocco continued to invest in the sector over 2022, implementing new technologies in various factories. In late 2022, a 100% made in Morocco car brand emerged in Neo, which is set to launch at an average price of MAD 170,000 ($15,000). Read also: Morocco Strengthens Position in Car Manufacturing In light of the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the European Union’s import ban on combustible engine cars by 2035, producing and exporting more electric vehicles will be on the top of the Industry Ministry’s agenda over the coming years. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission.
  9. Rabat - Moroccan football player and attacking midfielder for Belgian club KRC Genk Bilal El Khannouss was named Belgium’s Talent of the Year 2022 at the 69th edition of the Belgian Golden Boot award on Wednesday. Thanks to his impressive skills and performances, the 18-year-old footballer has succeeded in solidifying his reputation as a distinguished emerging player. El Khannouss notably caught the interest of football fans for being the youngest player in the Moroccan national team’s squad list for the Qatar World Cup, which took place in late 2022. Despite his young age, El Khannouss managed to emerge as one of the Moroccan teams’ key players in the global tournament. Prior to the World Cup, he made headlines in Belgium for his outstanding performances with Genk. At the time, hopes were high for the young player to represent the European country and feature alongside the Belgian team in Qatar, but El Khannouch chose to represent his home country, Morocco. Read also: Bilal El Khannouss: the Youngest Football Player in Morocco’s World Cup Squad In an interview with sports news site Kooora, El Khannouss said: “I won’t submit myself to any sort of pressure. I made my decision and announced it publicly to represent Morocco.” Commenting on the Moroccan player’s choice, the coach of Belgium’s under-21 football team Jackie Matise told TVM Sportcafe that it is a “pity because he [El Khannouss] is a very good and interesting player.” Following Morocco’s historic World Cup run, El Khannouss has come on the radar of Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam. Converging reports suggested that the European club is “ready” to offer €20 million (MAD 223 million) for the Atlas Lions’ transfer fees. In addition to the award El Khannouss received, his club Genk collected four other titles; Goal of the Year, Golden Shoe, Coach of the Year, and Best Belgian Abroad. The award ceremony took place in the Belgian city of Antwerp, in the presence of several football and sports personalities. © Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission.
  10. The Far Cry franchise has been a bit quiet since the release of Far Cry 6 back in 2021, which is strange considering it’s Ubisoft’s second-biggest franchise and used to be on a pretty regular annual or bi-annual release schedule. Well, according to a new report from insider Tom Henderson, who’s had the goods on Ubisoft projects multiple times in the past, there are multiple Far Cry projects in the works, but we may not be seeing them for a while. According to Henderson both Far Cry 7, which is currently codenamed Project Blackbird, and a Far Cry multiplayer project, codenamed Project Maverick, are in development at Ubisoft Toronto. Interestingly, these projects were said to have begun as a single game originally envisioned under longtime Far Cry producer Dan Hay, but when he left Ubisoft to become general manager of Blizzard, the decision was made to split the game. Henderson seems to know more about the Far Cry multiplayer project, which he claims is a Tarkov-style extraction shooter with permadeath, backpack system, contracts, and other features common to the sub-genre. He also claims the game is set amongst the Alaskan wilderness. Henderson knows less about Far Cry 7, but considering it shares its origin with the Far Cry multiplayer game, he speculates it could be set in Alaska as well. Interestingly, as far back as 2015, Ubisoft asked fans about the potential of an Alaskan-set Far Cry. Of course, take this with a grain of salt for now, but it all sounds plausible enough. In particular, an Alaskan setting would be perfect for Far Cry’s brand of open-world gameplay. According to Henderson Far Cry 7 and its multiplayer counterpart are tentatively scheduled for fall of 2025, although given Ubisoft’s recent troubles, you probably shouldn’t set your heart on that release window.
  11. You can mirror your Apple Watch display on your iPhone and actually use it as well. Here's how to set it up. iPhone lets you AirPlay Mirror your Apple Watch Display on your phone in a few simple taps There are a ton of wonderful gems hidden inside iOS and iPadOS, and we have made it our mission to uncover each and every single one of them. Today, we are going to show you how you can mirror your Apple Watch display right on your iPhone. But this feature goes a step further when you learn that you can actually use watchOS from your iPhone, touch, and all. Sounds like something you should try out? Pick up your iPhone, and let's go! Tutorial Note: Please make sure your Apple Watch is on your wrist and unlocked. Also, make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are running the latest iOS and watchOS software updates. This does not work if your Apple Watch is placed on the charger, off from your wrist, or just locked. Step 1. Launch the Settings app. Step 2. Tap on Accessibility. Step 3. Tap on Apple Watch Mirroring. Step 4. Tap on the Apple Watch Mirroring toggle switch at the top. Step 5. Your Apple Watch will now connect to your iPhone. Give it a few seconds. Step 6. Once you see the watch face, you can start using it straight from your iPhone. Navigate around, and tap on the side button and Digital Crown in order to interact with the Apple Watch software. Pretty cool, right? While this is meant to be an accessibility feature, you can use it to interact with your Apple Watch in order to get some things done which would otherwise require you to lift your wrist up. This feature makes setting up the Apple Watch a tad bit easier since you get more screen real estate to play around with as well. At the same time, some people might find this feature absolutely useless. After all, you're holding your iPhone in your hand, why mirror your Apple Watch display on your phone, right? But hey, you now know how to use your Apple Watch right from your iPhone, quite literally.
  12. Samsung announces the launch of the company's first Mini-LED flat gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G7, with shipments being sent out globally. The new gaming display is 43 inches, allowing gamer plenty of screen space to play their favorite games and also to offer a large amount of productivity space for workers and creatives. Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 is the company's first Mini-LED Flat gaming monitor with tons of power The new Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 offers a 4K screen resolution, with sizes peaking at 3840 x 2160, and is VESA HDR600 and HDR 10+ certified. With Samsung Electronics' expertise, the new Odyssey Neo G7 utilizes Quantum Matrix Technology, allowing for premium details and exact management of the screen's LEDs to offer the best in rich blacks, detail, color gamut, and accurate shadowing in gaming. The Matte Display supports the reduction of reflections onto the screen so that gamers remain less distracted during their favorite gaming experiences. The gaming monitor market is only going to get bigger, and gamers are now seeking more out of their monitors. We are not just delivering better gaming experience — we are rebuilding new smart capabilities into our screens that give gamers an all-in-one place for technology and entertainment. Our innovations are enabling gamers everywhere to stay absorbed in their games with visual performance that enhances the intense emotional experiences. — Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics The Odyssey Neo G7 keeps images smooth and fabulous with its 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate while supporting AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro support. Samsung's Odyssey Neo G7 supports DisplayPort and HDMI, as well as complete console support through an HDMI 2.1 port. Additionally, users can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from their phone to play their favorite games on the go with the new 43-inch screen space. Samsung enables users to customize and personalize their experiences by managing screen position and size and optimizing the refresh ratio to match the input game. Users can select between 20 to 43 inches using the Flex Move Screen mode to ensure that every gamer will play their best. Additional features are Samsung's Game Bar tool to quickly change settings on the fly without having to exit their games, review their frames per second, and manage other essential features such as: aspect ratio high dynamic range (HDR) variable refresh rate (VRR) screen ratio response time Game Picture mode Samsung's Gaming Hub is the company's all-in-one platform that partners with Microsoft Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming services so that users can gain access to some of the top games with plenty of gaming power, low overhead, and higher-quality images. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube can also be accessed through the new display's Smart Hub portal so that users can take a break from gaming sessions and watch their favorite movies.
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  21. There are no penalties for "innocent" tax errors, the boss of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has said. Jim Harra's comments to MPs come amid pressure on Nadhim Zahawi after it emerged he paid a penalty to the tax authority. The Tory chairman faces an inquiry into his conduct by the PM's ethics adviser. Mr Harra stressed he could not comment on individual cases, but said penalties were not applied when someone had taken "reasonable care". Mr Zahawi has said the tax authority accepted the error over previously unpaid tax was "careless and not deliberate". He has given permission to HMRC to share details of his taxes with the investigation into his conduct, with his allies saying he believes this will back up his version of events. Individuals must give permission for such details to be disclosed, because of taxpayer confidentiality. Key questions about Zahawi's tax affairs Who is Nadhim Zahawi? Earlier, Mr Harra, the chief executive of HMRC, gave evidence to the Commons Public Accounts Committee about managing tax compliance following the pandemic. The MPs also quizzed him about Mr Zahawi's tax arrangements. He said he would not comment on specific individuals, but added: "There are no penalties for innocent errors in your tax affairs. So if you take reasonable care, but nevertheless make a mistake, whilst you will be liable for the tax and for interest if it's paid late, you would not be liable for a penalty. "But if your error was as a result of carelessness, then legislation says that a penalty could apply in those circumstances." The BBC understands Mr Zahawi resolved a multi-million pound dispute with HMRC last year, when he was chancellor. According to the Guardian, he paid the tax he had owed, as well as a 30% penalty, with the total settlement amounting to £4.8m. The tax was related to a shareholding in YouGov, the polling company he co-founded in 2000 before he became an MP. Earlier this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asked his independent ethics adviser, Sir Laurie Magnus, to look into whether Mr Zahawi broke ministerial rules over the issue. Downing Street said it wanted the investigation to be completed "as quickly as possible" but that the timeline was a matter for the independent adviser. Mr Sunak said he would wait for the investigation to report back before making a decision on Mr Zahawi's future. Mr Zahawi has insisted he has "acted properly throughout". The prime minister said: "I'm not going to pre-judge the outcome of the investigation, it is important that the independent adviser is able to do his work." Earlier, Mr Harra said that if HMRC was asked by Sir Laurie to help with the inquiry "we will do so in any way we possibly can". However, he said it would not normally publicly comment on someone's tax affairs, even if the individual had given their consent. link:
  22. What happens to wild horses that don't have shoes? Horses have been central to human transportation and agriculture for centuries. These symbols of power and speed require hoof care and new shoes every four to six weeks to stay on the job. But why? Horses (Equus caballus) that are domesticated for human use and selectively bred for performance wear shoes because their feet are delicate and therefore need protection, said Dr. Fernanda Camargo(opens in new tab), a veterinarian and equine extension agent at the University of Kentucky. "Shoes provide protection to some areas of the foot of the horse," Camargo told Live Science in an email. "They prevent the hooves from wearing out too much, and thus becoming sensitive." The exterior of the hoof, known as the wall, is made of a horn-like material that grows continuously and has to be trimmed, just like a person's fingernails, according to University of Missouri Extension(opens in new tab). "Shoes also help the foot maintain its proper shape," Camargo said. However, rough terrain, such as sand and rocks, can cause the exterior to wear away, exposing the sensitive inner hoof. Then, the horse experiences pain and may be unable to walk. Historically, such impairments would have prevented horses from being used on the battlefields or during the harvest, so shoes were added to reinforce the hoof wall, Camargo said. It's estimated that horses have been wearing shoes of some kind since they were domesticated about 6,000 years ago(opens in new tab), Camargo said. Related: Why do we still measure things in horsepower? Originally, horseshoes were made of leather or plant material. Metal shoes nailed to horses feet were first used around A.D. 500 and became commonplace over the next 500 years, Camargo said. While aluminum and steel shoes nailed to the hoof are still the most common, she said, a variety of other materials — such as rubber, resin and plastic — can also be nailed or glued to the hoof as a shoe. While many horses need shoes, not all do; it depends on the type of riding, the terrain and how frequently the horse is ridden. Those ridden on rocky terrain or concrete are more likely to need shoes. Even horses that aren't ridden may require shoes to protect them from the terrain or therapeutic shoes to help manage a foot condition. But "a lot of horses that are just ridden here and there, and are kept on grassy/not hard terrain will do just fine without shoes, with regular farrier visits," Camargo said. Meanwhile, wild mustangs don't wear shoes and manage to travel over rough terrain because they have very strong feet, Camargo said. But their hooves can still wear down and cause lameness. If this happens it will cost a mustang its life, she said. Some people wonder whether nailing shoes on the horse's hoof hurts them. There are no blood vessels or nerves in the wall of the hoof, according to University of Missouri Extension, so if the shoe is nailed on properly, it isn't painful. "But improper shoeing can absolutely hurt," Camargo said. If the shoes or nails are placed wrong, the shoes are the wrong shape or size, or if the farrier applies pressure in the wrong areas, they can hurt the horse. And if the hooves are badly trimmed beforehand, it can lead to pain or lameness with or without shoes, she said. link:
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