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  2. 1. Game: @[M]anuel 2. Tag [@name]: @waLID. 3. Time & Date: Whenever you can 4. Details [rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necessary]: 10 Rounds 5. Tag one of members on GoG team [CLICK HERE to check full list of GoG team]: @[M]anuel
  3. 1. Game: Cs 1.6 2. Tag [@name]: @xAlexa 3. Time & Date: Whenever you can 4. Details [rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necessary]: 10 Rounds 5. Tag one of members on GoG team [CLICK HERE to check full list of GoG team]: @[M]anuel
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  8. iPhone 13 mini is the last “mini” iPhone as Apple will have no iPhone 14 mini next year, according to a tipster. Multiple reports in the past suggested that the Cupertino company did not receive a pleasing response from the sales of the iPhone 12 mini last year. It may, thus, have plans to have its new iPhone series in the works sans the iPhone 14 mini model. Apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini in its portfolio to offer the best of its flagship iPhone in a new, small form-factor that is easier to use over the default model. Tipster Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple will not launch the iPhone 14 mini next year and the iPhone 13 mini will be its last “mini” iPhone model. “So if you've been thinking about trying the mini, the 13 mini is your last chance,” he said in a tweet. When asked about how confident he is considering the fact that Apple introduced the mini form-factor in 2020, Prosser said that he was very sure about the development.In June, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had also speculated that the 2022 iPhone family — which Apple would call the iPhone 14 series — would come with no iPhone mini model. It could be due to poor sales of the iPhone 12 mini, though the iPhone 13 mini is yet to show its market performance. Despite the absence of the iPhone 14 mini, Kuo predicted that Apple would bring four new iPhone models in 2022. Two of those models would be the high-end options and the remaining two options could be the low-end in the series. Both the high- and low-end versions are also expected to come in 6.1- and 6.7-inch design. In contrast, the iPhone 13 mini — just like the iPhone 12 mini — comes with a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDA display. The iPhone 13 mini also includes a smaller battery over the iPhone 13, though rest of its features are aligning with the regular model. These include the same dual rear camera setup as well as the same A15 Bionic chip.iPhone 13 mini price in India starts at Rs. 69,900 for the base 128GB storage variant. It also comes in 256GB and 512GB storage options that are priced at Rs. 79,900 and Rs. 99,900, respectively. This week on Orbital, the Gadgets 360 podcast, we discuss iPhone 13, new iPad and iPad mini, and Apple Watch Series 7 — and what they mean to the Indian market. Orbital is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever you get your podcasts.
  9. The new iOS 15 update is going down a treat with Apple iPhone owners, who are shouting their love for everything from scroll wheel clocks to 3D map affects. A quick glance through Twitter shows a number of glowing reviews from on-the-ground iPhone users, exploring the myriad of tweaks, changes and features that have landed with the latest iOS update. Alongside the kind of updates we press pundits tend to concern ourselves with – security features and the like – are a host of small, attentive changes that are already winning users over and reminding them why they fell in love with Apple's iOS platform in the first place. One of the most prominent additions is the ability to play background sounds alongside music – with multiple users taking to Twitter to shout about the excellent vibes that come with mixing rain sounds with their saddest Apple Music artists.So now you can play rain sounds while playing any song in the background? Nah this feature wins!! #iOS15 21, 2021 Other users are relieved at the return of the scroll wheel for selecting alarm times, which in iOS 14 had been replaced with a much-less-liked virtual keyboard. It's now back as default, as you can see below: iOS 15 brought back the scroll wheel thank the lord 21, 2021Keyboard enthusiast @JonPorty isn't mourning the change, though, as he's too busy complimenting the ease of swiping between tabs and accessing the tweaked location of the address bar in Safari. (As others point out, there are now wallpapers to choose for Safari, too.) I have to say, I love Safari’s changes in iOS 15. Swiping between tabs? An address bar that actually sits where my thumbs are? All great changes, if a little disorientating at first.September 21, 2021Apple's built-in map app has also got a majorly 3D overhaul, with a full-bodied perspective that feels straight out of Pokémon Go. Anyone else go exploring in the new Apple Maps yet? Or are you normal? #iOS15 21, 2021Others are finding respite in the patter of rain in the Apple weather app, which now lands and bounces off sections of the UI, like the roof of a building or canopy – giving an additional sense of depth (we can't wait to see what it looks like with snow, either).Analysis: a refinement of the Apple formula While these small and largely cosmetic features may not be enough to swing a smartphone purchase either way, they do add up – and the amount of love shown on social media could well help Apple push its new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Max models to a wider audience. Daryl Baxter, TechRadar's Software & Downloads Writer, tells us that "This year Apple has focused on refining features rather than introducing revolutionary ones, such as Focus and LiveText. "iOS 15 is a release that requires users to scratch beneath the surface to discover the refinements, but once they do, they’ll wonder how they managed without them, as I’m discovering with Focus and even the new Weather app." If that's enough to entice you to update from an older iOS build, here's how to get iOS 15 on your phone now.
  10. The company responsible for almost the entirety of AMD's processors and graphics cards, and both next-gen consoles, TSMC, has outlined a plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. It's no secret that manufacturing semiconductors uses a lot of energy and resources. You'd think power, for one, but water too is required in huge amounts during the chipmaking process. That's why it's especially important, as we all try and cut our carbon footprint, that major manufacturers are following suit. And we're starting to see that now, such as TSMC's latest sustainability promise: "TSMC is deeply aware that climate change has a severe impact on the environment and humanity. As a world-leading semiconductor company, TSMC must shoulder its corporate responsibility to face the challenge of climate change," Dr. Mark Liu, chairman of TSMC, says. "In addition to becoming the world’s first semiconductor company to join RE100, this year we have answered the call to action on net zero and published our TCFD report, aiming to broaden our green influence and drive the industry towards low-carbon sustainability."TSMC says it will aim to cut its emissions growth by 2025, reduce emissions to 2020 levels by 2030, and then hit net zero by 2050. There's a long way to go before the actual chipmaking process can be considered eco-friendly, so we're likely to see a mix of tactics used by the silicon spinning giant to live up to its promise. It says these include mitigation measures, more green innovations, and more renewable energy usage. Energy consumption accounts for 62% of TSMC's emissions, The Guardian reports, so a big part of this promise will be diving into more renewable energy sources. It also says TSMC recently purchased unfettered access to a new Ørsted wind farm in the Taiwan Strait, near to where most of the companies' major operations are located.But will TSMC's 2050 promise be enough or come quick enough? Those are good questions to ask not only for Earth's sake but even TSMC's long list of clients. Large tech companies are beginning to ramp up their own sustainability pledges, and, as 9-to-5 Mac cleverly points out, TSMC is actually caught up in one of them. Apple, one of TSMC's largest clients today, aims to have a net zero emissions supply chain by 2030, which is some 20 years ahead of TSMC's pledge. So those two will be discussing what their options are at some point in the near-future. Of course, it's not just TSMC or Apple with the burden of the responsibility here. Every tech company has a large part to play in reducing C02 emissions worldwide, and at least TSMC's pledge goes to show there's really no excuse for not taking sustainability seriously. If semiconductor manufacturers can cut emissions, so can just about anyone. Speaking of being more eco-friendly with your electronics, let's talk about e-waste and what to do with it.
  11. Call of Duty Warzone's new limited-time Numbers event, which harkens back to the story of the original Black Ops with new points of interest and rewards, is live starting today until October 6. Players can progress in the event by playing either Warzone or Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War. Nine listening stations have been added to Warzone's Verdansk map. Players can activate these listening stations, which are big trucks with huge antennas that broadcast strings of creepy numbers Manchurian Candidate-style, by walking near them and experiencing hallucinations of numbers flashing in your vision. Activating each listening station will earn you in-game cash and various rewards; mostly charms, calling cards, and a new watch. Check out the clip below for a look at the listening stations in action.The Numbers event is an obvious callback to the story of Call of Duty: Black Ops, wherein Mason (the protagonist) is brainwashed by fellow prisoner of war Viktor Reznov with one of these numbered codes. Reznov died in the ensuing escape from a gulag, but his mani[CENSORED]tion ensured that Mason would carry out his vengeance against traitors who used nerve gas on Reznov's men. The Numbers event has also added a new sai melee weapon as an ultimate reward for completing all nine challenges within Warzone or Cold War. There's also a new reactive skin, which paints Adler's outfit with red flashing numbers matching the event. The event ends on October 5 at 9 PM PT in Cold War and 9 PM PT on October 6 in Warzone. You can read the full patch notes here. In the meantime, check out everything we know about Warzone's new map.
  12. Things are great for lower-skill players right now, but realistically, Trials of Osiris is still slightly broken in Destiny 2. Luckily, Bungie is already on the case. Last week saw the relaunch of the Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2's Season of the Lost, which has been drastically improved by Bungie's recent changes to how it works. For years, even with some recent tweaks to make it more rewarding, Trials was an exclusionary mode that drove away lower-skill players because it was so dominated by higher-skill ones. If you wanted to play some sweaty multiplayer matches and get stomped for your trouble, you jumped into Trials--but that's not the case anymore. Still, the first weekend of the Trials of Osiris identified one glaring weakness in the mode that's antithetical to what it's supposed to be. Loathe as I am to suggest a tweak to Trials that will make it more difficult for average players like me to "go Flawless" and reach one of Destiny 2's highest peaks, it's something that makes Trials unfair. That weakness is the ability to see that the people who are matching into your game aren't on a team, but rather, queuing in solo, and it needs to Since its inception back in Destiny 1, Trials was a top-tier competitive multiplayer event that was, essentially, the toughest PvP challenge you could take on. Up until now, you could only play the mode if you had a custom-made team that included two other people. The goal in Trials is to win seven matches of Destiny's Elimination mode--where you only get one life and your teammates have to revive you to keep you in the fight--without losing. Doing so is considered a "Flawless" run and earns you special guns and mods you can't get anywhere else in the game, to say nothing of the bragging rights that come with it. There's even a special social space, the Lighthouse, only available to Trials winners. With the relaunch of Trials in the Season of the Lost, however, Bungie has made some drastic changes, all of which invite more people to play the mode than ever before. New anti-cheat software is knocking out offenders who would make Trials into an incredibly frustrating slog, and a new rewards system provides tons of good loot just for participating in the mode. Trials now only tracks wins and ignores losses, so the mode doesn't penalize you for getting pummeled. And perhaps most importantly, you no longer need a full team of three players to access the Trials mode--it now supports matchmaking, so you can jump into Trials by yourself or with just one other player. The option to play Trials without scheduling a session with friends and still earn useful, powerful loot has made the mode way more fun, and seriously increased the number of people playing it in its first weekend back. That's a massive victory for Bungie, because Trials was previously a portion of the game most players ignored. With so many of the best players in the game wanting to prove themselves in Trials, making any progress in the mode was tough for average players, and many abandoned it. These new changes, and matchmaking especially, have reinvigorated Trials and broken down a lot of the barriers that kept players out. That's why it's so important that Bungie fix this one last issue (and great that it has already acknowledged that it will soon do so), because it again allows for better players to prey on weaker ones, and it could result in people once again deciding that Trials isn't worth the effort. Currently, as you're loading into matchmade activities like the Trials of Osiris, an on-screen counter shows how many people are in your match, displaying the game's progress in pairing you with opponents. By watching that counter, you can intuit when people who are not in a full group of three are matched with you. Smart squads--including my team, which went Flawless this weekend--immediately saw this as a way to game the Trials system. They'd cancel the matchmaking process when they saw they were facing a full, pre-made team of three, and instead opt into matches where at least one player had queued in alone. The advantage you get as a pre-built team of three can be tremendous. If you're playing Trials as a team, you already know and trust your teammates and have a sense of how they play and how you should play with them. You're also most likely communicating with each other in a voice channel or something like a Discord server. That makes your chances of beating a group with solo players much higher, since they don't know each other and likely aren't communicating. Just the ability to tell each other where the enemy is and what they're doing helped us to win a whole lot of rounds during this first weekend, because we were able to share intelligence and change tactics. And while I appreciated this advantage to an enormous degree--I've been getting pummeled in Trials for years, and visiting the Lighthouse this weekend was huge for me as a long-time Destiny fan but a middling PvP player--I recognize that it's not fair. It's great that Bungie has added matchmaking to Trials because it opens it to more players, regardless of their skill level. But it's antithetical to how the Trials of Osiris is supposed to work, and the challenge it's supposed to impose, to allow teams to go on their quest for a Flawless run by hunting down solo players. I think Bungie has the right of it that you should still face solo players if you're a team of three, because any changes that make the Trials of Osiris field less homogeneous and the battles more fair are good. This weekend felt great because we had a variety of Trials experiences; sometimes we hit tough teams, sometimes we were rolled by a coordinated group, sometimes we were absolutely dominant, and sometimes even battling a squad of solos came down to the wire. Essentially, though, winning didn't feel impossible, and matchmaking was a big part of the equation that made that happen. Win or lose, Trials now respects the time you put in, and the opportunity for more than just the best of the best to go Flawless makes the mode more fun for everyone. But Trials has had a history of good players finding ways to exploit weaker ones, and that's what the solo queuing trick is: an exploit. It takes away from the spirit of the Trials of Osiris, and it makes playing the mode unfairly harder on those who opt-in without a full team. Elements like this one are why Trials struggled in the past to begin with--it made the mode unfun to play if you weren't already the best and if you didn't have a couple of PvP-fanatic friends to boot. The good news is that Bungie is already aware of the issue, and in its latest This Week at Bungie blog post, it mentioned that the counter will be invisible in future Trials sessions starting on September 24. Already we've glimpsed a Trials of Osiris that's more fun and more worth playing than it's ever been, and this change is in keeping with that. To keep a Trials that is both accessible to normal players and representative of a top-tier challenge, the ability to exploit matchmaking so that you only queue against solo players has to go. It'll be sad for us middle-of-the-road squads, but ultimately, it'll help make one of Destiny 2's most unique and exciting activities even better.
  13. Apple has officially stopped selling the iPhone 12 Pro series-- 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max-- in India soon after the launch of the new iPhone 13 series. But both the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are available on Amazon and not just that there are interesting deals as well. Amazon is offering Apple AirPods Pro at effectively no additional cost with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max if you consider the launch prices of both the iPhones. Note that Apple did not officially decrease the prices of both these phones after the iPhone 13 launch. Amazon is selling the iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) with AirPods Pro at Rs 1,25,395. You can also opt to buy the phone with AirPods at Rs 1,17,395. If you don’t wish to opt for the AirPods deal then you can buy the iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) at Rs 1,04,405. The offer is applicable for 256GB and 512GB storage variants as well. Amazon is extending the same deal to the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well. The price difference between iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is under Rs 6,000. The iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) with AirPods Pro is available at Rs 1,30,989 while with the AirPods you can get it at Rs 1,22,989. The offer is applicable for 256GB and 512GB storage variants of the iPhone 12 Pro Max as well. You can also opt to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max without the AirPods deal at Rs 1,09,999. Amazon is also offering other combo deals with MagSafe case and 20W adapter too. For reference, the new iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) comes at Rs 1,19,900 while the iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) is priced at Rs 1,29,900.
  14. Cuando sera el dia que te decidas en volver hermano, se te extraña 😞  

  15. A postgraduate student in City's Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) is attempting to plug the vulnerability gaps of smart cars to hacking and security breaches. Subhajit Bandopadhyay, studying for a Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, director of the ICS, has been involved in collaborative research to develop the SIUV—a stateful smart car identity and access management (IAM) system, based on usage control (UCON) and verifiable credentials (VCs). SIUV comes out of Subhajit's research paper, co-authored by Professor Rajarajan, Ali Hariri (Huawei Munich Research Center and the University of Trento), Dr. Athanasios Rizos (Huawei Munich Research Center), Dr. Theo Dimitrakos (Huawei Munich Research Center and the University of Kent) and Professor Bruno Crispo (University of Trento), which was successfully submitted to the 36th International Conference on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (IFIP SEC 2021) in June 2021. Over recent decades, several successive innovations have transformed the motor vehicle into a digital system on wheels. Otherwise known as intelligent cars, smart cars have evolved into safety-critical and cyber-physical systems which are increasingly exposed to cyber vulnerabilities. SIUV uses usage control policies in order to issue privileges to drivers or applications (such as the deployment of air bags or speed limit control) according to their credentials or claims. The issued privileges are then used to decide whether to grant or deny access to in-car resources. SIUV also continuously monitors subject claims, resource attributes and environmental conditions such as time or location so that if a change is made, the system can re-evaluate policies, provide updates or revoke issued privileges and usage decisions accordingly. To understand the work of Subhajit and his colleagues here is a realistic scenario. Alice, for example, goes to a car rental company to rent a vehicle for 48 hours to be driven in the London metropolitan area. The car rental company then defines the policies according to their agreement with Alice, and makes this information available for use via SIUV. Alice visits Cambridge briefly and thought the car rental company wouldn't be aware of this. When Alice was about to leave London's city limits, the car displays geographical restriction warnings and suggests rerouting to stay within the London metropolitan area. This occurs because of the continuous usage control architecture of SIUV. Verifiable credentials help keep claims secure and verifiable at all times, making them a great alternative to physical cards that are currently issued as driving licenses. The UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) can be a potential trusted issuer of driving licenses in the form of verifiable credentials that are cryptographically verifiable. The claims within the credential can be continuously validated and access to the in-car components can be allowed or denied based on the usage control policy evaluations by SIUV. The automotive market is growing rapidly in transforming mechanical car components into digital systems. From a software perspective, this makes research work on the SIUV vital in comprehensively taking care of the safety and security of the smart cars of the future.
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  20. Description: Vinicius Name: Anime K-ON characters pack for CT Donwload: Version: Installation: Move "player" Folder in Counter Strike 1.6 Steam : \steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike_hd\models\player Counter Strike 1.6 No Steam \Program Files\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike\models\player Before to star server write in conosle "mp_consistency 0"
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