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  1. Tpoic closed. Admin removed.
  2. ¤ Nick of the Admin: @Vintage ¤ Sanction (Downgrade/Remove): Removed! ¤ Old Grade: co-owner (without FTP) ¤ New Grade: Tag ¤ Reason: Left us (ask for remove)
  3. Sry i just checked the FTP We already have that map. request rejected.
  4. Accepted send your information to me in PM. T/C
  5. ¤ Date / Time : 28/01/20 just now ¤ Nick: Tekken ¤ IP: -TeKKeN!= ¤ Time of ban: 5000min ¤ Reason: silentaimbot ¤ Proof: download this and put it in ur cs file and type play hack1 in console ,,,,,,,, at first he had no hacks but then he killed 2 people in a row i spec him and recorded you can see at the end of the recording in armaggedon mod that when he does 180 spin and shoots the nemesis in de air , silent aimbot again really hard to detect ty. As @Anime571 said. it's hard to detect who's using this sh*t but i got him. 1 / 2
  6. ★ Your Nickname : A.N.R anouar A.N.R ★ Map suggested : zm_winter_invasion ★ 3 pictures of the map : ★ Link to download : Download! it's old map,it's perfect map , i missed it . IDK why we don't that map in our server Note : all admins can relpy by Pro/contra to add this map , and after 24 hours manager will decide.
  7. ¤ Nick Admin: SKADOOLE ¤ Grade:Per_manager ¤ Sanction: Warn x 2 ¤ Reason: used zp giveap you don't know that zp_giveap is allowed only for founders/bosses?? Read rules again i just warned you this time next time other act .

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