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    1. Waiting....

      1. Arată comentarii anterioare  5 alții
      2. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        @Ru-gAL.™ thanks bro, i was wanna back...but not after now

        see u in the next time with the old men 


      3. Ru-gAL.™


        Ok bro im waiting u

      4. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R
    2. Andoz like ghda bl3xiya asat. Sry home 😁

      1. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        a makankonch fdar

        sir 7tan n3lmk

    3. Asat rak f bouddenib ?

      1. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        yeah i'm still here

      2. - Wolver

        - Wolver

        @A.N.R Anouar A.N.R at the same place ? bro ma3mri xtk wax makhdamx ?

    4. Hello, can you contact me on PM soon as possible?

      1. Omar-->


        his not avaible working....

      2. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        Hi man @Marlboro™
        how are u

        im busy little
        but i'll call u if u still interested 

    5. can i know why i can't check my bank?there is more than 11k points there

      and i lost some of my followers can i know why?


      1. Crastto


        the forum has received new updates

    6. you freezed me when 2:00 min remaining until the round's end. how can i attack?
    7. its not in them rules as i saw. but the problem here is: -he insulted me bcz i was freezing him by bombs. -he used that command directly just bcz i freeze him as i said in the first -other thing,he lies he said i was the last zombie ..have u any proof?
    8. man are talk is clear , and what u said is clear we dont have to explain any more. you asked me that question " you freezed me for what?" and i gave you the answer "for not let you killing" then u answered me by "for you idiot" all are clear in the picture now you are liar. first : i wasn't the last zombie second : i wasn't camping ( i was turning a way) third : the co-owner "Cani" was there and he saw every thing , we are waiting his reply.
    9. is that not a proof?
    10. ¤ Your name: A.N.R anouar A.N.R ¤ Claimed Admin name: Master ¤ Date and time:20/08/2020 more infirmation in the pictures ¤ Reason of complaint: -first reason : he insulted me bcz i freezed him ( with bombs) when he was assassin mod. -second reason : he used amx_freeze on me without any warning or any slap , he used it directly just bcz i freezed him when he was assassin mod. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): 1-
    11. bro come ts3 !!! 

      1. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        yo yo bmw 

        we missed u

        but sorry i have no net for the moment because of corona vrs.

        our network is so bad right now in our country..

        for that im absent ..

        i'll call u ofc when i back

    12. no back yet?

      1. PranKk.


        I think i will not back anymore! ?

      2. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

        just you think ??? u're not sure

        so maybe we will meet soon in some server ?

        see u there ?


      3. PranKk.


        I hope...



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