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    I just completed this quiz. My Score 62/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  2. Hello & Thanks for your proposal, I guess it's kinda same idea, How can you prove me that this category will succeed because we don't wanna copy/paste posts, We already have that place of topics in VGR area. I won't reject your proposal, waiting for your answer abt this suggestion in details. You have #24hrs
  3. Topic closed because of inactivity, T/C
  4. hello tgf hope you are doing well i want to tell you that i am traveling from Pakistan to Turkey i will be inactive for little long due to nternet problem i wanted to inform you if you want to remove my grade you can remove it because informing you was important now it depends on you what to do with my grade

    Thanks 🙂 

  5. Topic Closed. Reason: Inactivity If you want me to reopen this topic, just give me a PM.
  6. Application Accepted, Welcome to the team. T/C
  7. Hello, I saw you making some efforts during this week in our sections, We Hope you will continue in this way,
  8. Hello, TS3 is banned in UAE as well as discord, that's why you can't join, the only solution is to connect to the server with VPN then disconnnect & stay connected to teamspeak and talk without any problems.
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