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  1. Hello guys, By a lot of time of thinking & discussing with CSBD staff and Especially the CEO of the Journalist Project @Qween, I decided to delete the forum games sub-category due to the much spam & post-hunt of replies that we are facing in that part of project which influence negatively the REP of that project. What i want from you guys to keep in mind that the number of contents/posts isn't important to be with our staff, We are Looking for Quality not Quantity. You can discover some categories in INDEX of community. Also the work that you do in this categories, you can do it in: FREE-TIME MEDIA Curiosities & Horoscope (Low activity here, you can start posting here) About games, fear not. I'm just waiting to finish some university exams as i promised Qween. We will launch a new game system that includes some kind of rewards in an organized way (Limited participants) Stay in touch! With Respect [CSBD ADMINISTRATION]
  2. It seems that most of admins voted contra for your bad behaviour without talking abt the use of hack. #CONTRA
  3. the idea that you proposed is related with CS category which means it's not helping the development of community in any case. As advice, Through this link you can check the servers you want and suggest your idea on them, maybe you can find some interested managers. Anyway, thank you for your proposal, in this way you prove that you are interested on community's development, don't be shy to bring us more new ideas, even if this one was not applied. Have a nice day!
  4. Maybe before CSBD Forum, but for other forums, most of them has been created & started in 2002-2003 which means before facebook's born.
  5. Who was survivor? & how can i know that the survivor wasn't hidding and ringo wasn't attacking? Anyway, he will receive a verbal warning this time but As an advice, make a demo next time for those kind of reports, or take more than a clear proof so i can judge on it. Till then T/C
  6. Thank you for the work done & good luck in your life.
  7. Rejected, Proof isn't Clear. I advice you to record a demo for this kind of reports. T/C
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