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  1. ARIES : SEP 27, 2020: If you have been busy lately, have no fear. Sure, festivities have become a bit of a foreign concept to you, but that could end when some very good news comes your way. It might be about you, or it might be about a close friend, but either way, it's going to put a huge smile on your face. Find a way to celebrate! TAURUS : SEP 27, 2020: Follow the example of a friend who's started tightening their financial belt. Even if your current money situation is just fine, it wouldn't do you any harm to cut the unnecessary spending for a while. Stick to
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 124 seconds  
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 123 seconds  
  4. 1. Game: Cs 1.6 2. Tag [@name]: @Dante ღ 3. Time & Date: Now 4. Detalies[rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necesary]: 5 rounds with awp 5. Do you need a referee?[click HERE to check the Overwatch team list]: -
  5. [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM]- voted [yes/no]: Yes [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: Yes [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: No [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: Yes [ZMOLDSCHOOL.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: Yes [NEWLIFEZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: Yes [LEGENDS.CSBLA
  6. hey dante idiot , clear you message !

    you cant receive message xd

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      Dante ღ

      Done cleared xdxd

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      Nikhel Nice

      come ts3 for conversation 


    3. Dante ღ
  7. Ferrari Omologata: The one-off Ferrari A unique V12 Ferrari has been seen lapping Fiorano. It is called the Ferrari Omologata and is a one off creation. Read all about this unique Ferrari here. HIGHLIGHTS The Ferrari Omologata is a one-off creation which means it is not meant for series production. The Ferrari Omologata project took a little over two years to complete. The The Ferrari Omologata is powered by a V12 engine. Any Ferrari is special but having a one-off creation is beyond anything. Commissioned by an European client, the
  8. You did not deserve to be thrown out like this: Lionel Messi slams Barcelona over Luis Suarez exit Barcelona skipper Lionel Messi hit out at the club management on a social media post for forcing the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez to leave the club HIGHLIGHTS : Luis Suarez was forced to leave Barcelona and joined rivals Atletico Madrid earlier this week Lionel Messi had revolted against the club and tried to leave Barcelona himself earlier Barcelona begin their La Liga campaign at home to Villarreal on Sunday Lionel Messi has o
  9. Monsoon skincare tips: Doctors tell you how to get healthy and radiant skin Monsoons will not affect your skin any longer as we list tips and tricks for you as prescribed by dermatologists. As the monsoon season arrives, oily skin follows which ultimately results in the blockage of pores and acne. This is one bad dream turned into reality that a lot of us have experienced firsthand. In this article, we list some tips and tricks so that you can tackle skin problems associated with the monsoon season. spoke to three dermatologists to get th
  10. Military plane crashes in northeastern Ukraine, killing 22 A military transport plane carrying 28 people crashed in northeastern Ukraine on Friday evening, killing at least 22 people on board, officials said. At least two people were injured. Amilitary transport plane carrying 28 people crashed and burst into flames in northeastern Ukraine on Friday evening, killing at least 22 people on board, officials said. Rescue workers were on the scene. Air force pilots and cadets were on the plane, the interior ministry said. At least two peop



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