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  1. Dark-ImmoRtal^ 

    for custom tag- just dont -

    by Tendai.^

  2. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  3. New profile Video , Picture and Song enjoy ❤️ 

  4. DH1 is too old song i think i will go with DH2 new song plus i likes the video ? DH2
  5. Xiaomi’s “third-generation” under-display camera looks nearly invisible is now ready ? Xiaomi has unveiled its third-generation of under-display cameras for upcoming smartphones. Instead of a notch or cutout, the edge-to-edge display will have a camera that’s nearly invisible under the screen while retaining the standard quality of front-facing cameras. “This brand-new technology is able to perfectly disguise the front camera under the phone’s screen without ruining the edge-to-edge display effect,” the company says. “Eschewing punch holes and dot drops, this technology
  6. Her name is Lava she is now 1.5 years old she was born on march 2019 she is a female
  7. if you think you are ready for it and you got the skills prepare yourself Pro for good activity and perfect appearance
  8. its your moment so i give you Pro you was waiting for this and i think you are ready good luck
  9. i think you deserve an upgrade wait 24 hours then i will accepte it or other funders owners will
  10. sorry guys for the bad activity i will available starting from next week ❤️ 

    1. -LosT



    2. ITS OZX-

      ITS OZX-

      You are creative all the time

    3. Dark-ImmoRtal^
  11. -_cmntP5q_pHL7g5LfkRiw_96x96.png 1 - 0 mcpMspef1hwHwi9qrfp4YQ_96x96.png? 

  12. its so hard to bet on Bayren especially PSG is a good opponent any recommendations ? 

    Gambler team if i lose will you give me my devil coins back ?  

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    2. Dark-ImmoRtal^


       thats what you want   ahahahahahahaahahaha

    3. -LosT


      AMMMMMMMM I am not [email protected] xd 

    4. Dark-ImmoRtal^


      but you likes stuff in back ? 



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