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    1. (Hei iepuras, ce faci? Ai sarit peste 3 c) ahahahaahah


      @Reus @Skyness

    2. ¤ Admin: The Quenn ¤ Sanction: Downgrade ¤ Old Grade: Co-Owner ¤ New Grade: Player ¤ Reason: Left server Admin in another Server
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    4. feo done edit go reguest avatar topic 😕 

      1. #EVIL BABY

        #EVIL BABY


        you last req ugly 

      2. King_of_lion


        man, i edit it go to your request again !

        1. Specify a thematic for designers to work on or provide us an image. Don't let Designers choose for you.
    5. Sinan.47

      Reguest Avatar!

      Type(avatar/signature/cover): Avatar *Dimensions: you know Text: Sinan.47 *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: Girls *Last request link: Click Here Other informations: love all thx H
    6. New Avatar By @King_of_lion ❤️ thx baby


      1. QeLi


        Looks ugly just like him :v

      2. Sinan.47


        ahahahahh xD 

    7. @The GodFatherAdding Again Boss @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ Adding As an Boss @HiTLeR.Adding As anBoss @XZoro™ Adding As an Boss @Reus Adding As Back Founder @YaKoMoSAdding As Founder @-ApexAdding As Founder @aRbi~ Adding As Founder @-TITAN Adding As Owner @The Queen Adding As Co-Owner WELCOME GUYS OUR SERVER
    8. WTFFFF xD


      <00:56:38> "[Reus] Reus1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:40> "[#Loenex] #Loenex" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:43> "Tribore" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:43> "None1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:43> "[Dark-ImmoRtal^] Dark-ImmoRtal^1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:43> "DiabolIK" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:43> "TeamSpeakUser" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "loljke1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "olegator1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "[!# HiTLeR] #HiTLeR" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "[The Queen] The Queen" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "Kral" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "3twix" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "adel" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:44> "bAsTArD^ DuM1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:45> "Filex Dragneel" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:45> "# S O U L -" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:45> "King_of_lion" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:45> "[YaKoMoS] !#-YaKoMoS" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:46> "FosseyCool1" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:47> "KMD1" disconnected (выход)
      <00:56:47> "MR3K" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "Моча сьела Говно" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "YaKoMoS [MOBILE]" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "Sergo" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "dodge17" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "reus's slut" dropped (connection lost)
      <00:56:48> "D J Loenex" dropped (connection lost)

    9. Hello Good Morning Good Afternoon, Good Evening Zmoldschool Admins And Players Already we know Zmoldschool Back Again From by @badVENOM I'm gonna announce a meeting that will take part in 21:00 RO TİME In the meeting will be discussed (Activity, Rules, Updates,etc). If you guys have topics that could be discussed in the meeting, just send me a Message here in Forum or in TS3 and I will choose the topics that are more appropriate to be discussed! if you gonna be in the meeting please reply here with: PRESENT For Admins who haven't been part of us in TS3 Click H
    10. İf you Want admin and you can be loyal admins Go reguest here!


    11. I need Good avatar for my profile :v

      1. King_of_lion
      2. Sinan.47


        Im will go to search google xD 



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