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  1. Fu** off World Today in morning My aunt was Dead 😭😭😭

  2. Hello Guys Today in morning 06:30 my uncle was dead from covid-19 Im very sad 😢😢

    1. The GodFather

      The GodFather

      Allah yarhamo, Stay Strong sinan.

    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      Allah Yarhmo Bro

  3. F*** off my pc I Need new PC 😢

  4. Who love me? 

    1. Sayfmrak ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
    2. W A L K E R ™

      W A L K E R ™

      probably yourself

  5. Welcome To our server Enjoy!
  6. Name:Sinan.47 Real name: Sinan Age:21 When you're free to play: pubg
  7. Nick: Sinan.47 Real name: sinan How old are you?: 21 Which Games you play? and for how long?(each of them): CS 1.6 Zombie And Pubg 8 hours Where are you from?(country and city): Turkey -Mardin Describe yourself(at least 50 words): Im from turkey 3 month Ago my military Service was Done Now Im in Home i work in my own shop I love play football Etc. For Now I think Enough Note some of your qualities: Im very Handsome and I have feature Actor and I'm a very patient person Tell us some of your defects: I think no have Had you before any kind of responsabilities(describe it): I was Moderator Here 2 year Ago and I can be help members for have any problem and I have experince For active etcc On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity): Journalist category and For now I start New sport Cs resources etc.. Which category/project you want to care off?(choose from THIS LIST): Journalist, Free time, New, Sport, Auto , Hardware How well you speak english?(and other languages): i can speak english turkish and kurdish Do you use TS3? Do you have an active microphone?: I have Teamspeak , I have an active microphone Contact methods: Ts3 Pm and Whatsapp Last request: firt request
  8. Sinan.47

    [MAP] jail_kalktisyan

    Map name: jail_kalktisyan Author (optional) : The optimal number of players : Not Specified Type (de, cs, fy, zm, bb, etc) : ZM Game (CS 1.6 , CS:S , CS:GO) : Cs 1.6 Download Link : picture:
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  12. Eid mubarek Guys ❤️