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  1. <02:15:21> "#Papito Sinan.47" was removed from server group "Helper" by "Supremache".
    <02:15:30> You were banned for 1 day(s) from the server by "Supremache" 

    Are you kidding me??????????

  2. <02:08:52> "@Ahmad" is now known as "give me ban 1 h pls pls no kick"

    Please Give ban Him Pleaseeeeee xD

  3. Nickname: Sinan.47 Profile link: Do you completed the last quiz added by our staff?(Yes/No): No
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  5. Im fan of your Avatar Profile İts Very Sexy xD 

  6. Name : Sinan.47 Name FR: @Stendhal @- hNk Why? For Profile Video Number for you and you FR: 12
  7. ACCEPTED AS Adminstrator Send me Nick Pass Tag in Pm Next!!!!
  8. Hey Guys Want giveaway points?


    <19:09:50> "#Papito Sinan.47": ahmad?
    <19:10:03> "#ahmad": ?
    <19:10:11> "#Papito Sinan.47": ahmad dude?
    <19:10:17> "#ahmad": ?
    <19:10:46> "#Papito Sinan.47": ahmad?
    <19:10:52> "#ahmad": ?
    <19:11:03> "#Papito Sinan.47": are you here?
    <19:11:17> "#ahmad": yes
    <19:11:37> "#Papito Sinan.47": dude?
    <19:11:37> "#ahmad": ?
    <19:12:00> "#Papito Sinan.47": Ahmad
    <19:12:05> "#ahmad": ???
    <19:12:14> "#Papito Sinan.47": Nothing xD
    <19:12:37> "#ahmad": -.-

    @NaRK- @Adrenalin™ @Viking 007@[MC]Ronin[MC] @JaEgArN LoooooL

  10. Whats this man !! stop spam!!


    <17:15:27> "#Papito Sinan.47": hey Mr.manger?
    <17:15:37> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": hello
    <17:15:44> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger?
    <17:15:47> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": yes
    <17:15:58> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger are you here?
    <17:16:02> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": yes man
    <17:16:08> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger? 
    <17:16:16> "[Mr.MangeR.] Mr.MangeR": man have problem?
    <17:16:24> "#Papito Sinan.47": hey manger?
    <17:16:49> "#Papito Sinan.47": manger?

  11. ugly Still alive

    little legend xD 

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    2. Sinan.47


      Im know man Just Im kidding you Welcome Back Devils missed you 😉 

    3. ʋσʀтεx™♛


      Hhh well im not back i'm just visiting 😊

    4. Sinan.47


      Can You look New Staff csblackdevil? 🙄 hhhhhhhhhhhhh

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