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  2. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  3. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
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  7. Suzuki revealed a new Acros that comes in the category of SUV hybrids, which is a Rav 4 Prime that is essentially refurbished, thus becoming the first fruit of the joint cooperation between the Japanese company and Toyota, which took place during the past year. Looking at it, you will not find significant differences in the general structure of the car, but Suzuki Akros got some minor updates to distinguish it from the original and this appears in the modified front end with a larger grille and headlights, and the design of the rear and sides remained the same, and it is expected to start sales of the car in Europe This fall, the car will be available in six different colors. The car relies on a hybrid engine consisting of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine supported by two electric motors per axle, a battery capacity of 18.1 kWh installed on the floor of the car, and a four-cylinder petrol engine generates power up to 173 hp while electric motors add 180 and 54 hp to Respectively, the overall engine power has not been announced, but the overall RAV4 Prime's power is up to 302 hp and the Suzuki Akros is expected to be approximately the same power. Suzuki promises to cut the car for a distance of 76 kilometers on electric power alone before starting the gasoline engine, and the last emission of carbon dioxide reaches 22 grams per kilometer, and the car can reach a top speed of about 180 kilometers per hour. The Across comes with the Trail mode, which functions as an automatic control of slippery road conditions and vehicle control from any deviation, a system that uses the car's brakes with automatic torque redirection to the wheels.
  8. Researchers said the puzzle of the extinction of dinosaurs was finally solved when a massive asteroid hit the Earth in the Cretaceous period, killing it. According to the study, the asteroid that hit Earth at that time led to the destruction of about 75 percent of plants and animals, including dinosaurs. Some scientists say that the 10-kilometer wide asteroid that collided with the Earth and made a huge pit was the main reason for this, as it emitted huge amounts of gases and dust that obscured the sun due to the collision, which led to a long period of cold for the planet that caused this Destruction. However, others say that volcanic activity in the Indian Deccan region was the main cause of the extinction of these organisms, causing widespread climate change. Others suggest that volcanoes and asteroid collisions led to that extinction, and that the collision is the last straw that broke the camel's back after a long period of instability caused by volcanic activity. "When we developed different scenarios, whether for both things to happen together, or completely separate, we see that an asteroid collision is the only one that can completely eliminate habitats that might be suitable for dinosaurs," says Dr. Alfio Alessandro Cirinza, senior author of research at University College London. "Even if volcanic eruptions did not take place, extinction would have occurred anyway because the asteroid impact was severe enough to eliminate dinosaur habitats around the world," Cirinza told the British newspaper, The Guardian. The study indicates that carbon dioxide emissions from volcanoes could have helped the Earth retain its temperature and helped life recover, especially plant life, although the fate of the dinosaurs was destined for extinction. The scientific team says the results are related to other research, including fossil evidence from the Deccan region that animals, including dinosaurs, survived the massive earlier eruptions, and the results suggest that mass extinction was a sudden event. Cirinza indicated that supporters of volcanology in the elimination of dinosaurs are likely to back down. Gerta Keeler, a professor of paleontology and geology at Princeton University who was not involved in the work, criticized the research saying that the study ignored evidence from recent volcanic studies, including results showing that the largest volcanic eruption coincided with mass extinction. But Steve Bruce, professor of paleontology and evolution at the University of Edinburgh confirmed that the study is convincing in itself, adding that it adds compelling evidence that the collision of the comet is what led, most likely, to the extinction of dinosaurs, through the occurrence of a "nuclear winter" that blocked the sun from Earth for several Years. He pointed out that volcanoes may have played a role in this, but not the large role that many suspect, stressing that it is difficult to explain the process of extinction of dinosaurs without the theory of asteroid impact on Earth.
  9. The final of the Danish Cup in football stopped yesterday, approximately 15 minutes, during the first half of the Aulburg match against Sundriesk, due to some fans refusing to respect the rules of social divergence imposed on the stadium, in order to avoid the spread of the Corona virus, and the viewer showed officials of the Aulburg team urging the fans to return To their places designated for them on the stadium, where they were deported abroad because they violated the imposed safety rules. It is noteworthy that each team received 50 cards for its fans to attend the match on the stadium, which ended in the culmination of Sundriesk with two goals without reply.
  10. Hello brothers, @myCro @pulse.exe @axelxcapo @robila @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @Dr.Drako @YaKuZa--BoSs @#PREDATOR @XZoro™ @Naser DZ can you give me your opinion on my idea? I would like to know your opinion, frankly Thank you, whatever your opinion, I will accept it whatever