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XZoro™ a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Martie 29 2021

XZoro™ a avut cel mai apreciat conținut!


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  1. Congratulations buddy 🤙.

    1. Mindsphere.


      Thank you so much bro! I miss you so much. 😞

  2. hell yeahh yestaa red color looks good 🙂, congratulations, well done. 

    1. King_of_lion


      ahh yea thank you i missed you ❤️


  3. Flos 7g ana rj3 rj3 ya h6ff hahahaah

  4. Hell naah back with red color xd wlc back. 

    1. Cyber Punk

      Cyber Punk

      Thanks ma ugly friend 

  5. Hello h6f . How are u . Everything is fine xdd

  6. Hello!!! How are you bro?? Everything is fine?

    1. XZoro™


      i’m great, thank you for asking ❤️ 

  7. Well, It's was a great journey, I've done my best for the Community and glad I did it, in this journey I've met good people and bad people, some of them become more than friend, I'm glad I got to know you.

    For every beginning, an end, farewell CSBD Community, may we meet again 🌹❤️

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Mindsphere.


      You are amazing bro... You did everything good to this community, helped people, helped community, projects, etc. You deserve beautiful words. I love you and i am really sorry that you are not on STAFF Anymore... 😞 I love you and i won't forget you ever, you will be my friend forever! ❤️😘

    3. Necro12


      Goodbye, good luck on your way.
      If you find a pothole, punch it, don't let anyone get in the way =))

    4. HiTLeR


      Srriiiii omhaaa bs ya h6f enta asln tooool el waget sa7b ttmnyah 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. welcome to ex-staff ya h6ffffff 😞 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. HiTLeR


      @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @XZoro™ @HiTLeR Peaky blinders Family #Legends_For_Ever ❤️ 

    3. XZoro™


      Welcome Welcome ya sbkk l7gttk ya broo 😄 , #Legends_Brothers_4Ever 😉❤️.

    4. -Apex


      @HiTLeR yedek fih enta 

  9. I feel so sad bro... :((

  10. Weeen ya sheikh el h6fz .-.

  11. NOOOOOOO BROOO........ 💔 

  12. Good Luck In Your life ♥

  13. yooo bruhhh happy to see you in staff again, welcome back to your family 🌹❤️.

    1. REVAN


      hey thx, xoxo

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