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  1. XZoro™

    help me

    Hello @Sugar Baby, I had the same problem before, i did this hope it works with you Open folder your cs + delete a file with name steam_apid, and run the game as an administrator, that's it Good Luck.
  2. Welcome back as administrator 😉❤️

    1. Mr.Sebby


      Thx,bro! ❤️

  3. Well, thanks for your request again, after checking your activity your request got rejected because you are not ready yet to join the project, when you ready with great topics + following the rules + active in the channel ts3 then come back with new request. The family VGR accepts everyone, but whoever wants to join must respect the rules first, Good Luck.
  4. XZoro™

    Alphabet Soup

    i is For immortal



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