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  7. A group of constitutionalists who serve as members of the Advisory Council of the Constitution and Regulation Commission of Congress issued a statement to indicate that the law that restricts the application of the question of trust must be approved by insistence and that it was observed by the Executive . The document states that this constitutional tool mentioned in articles 132 and 133 of the Constitution "cannot be used to force the Executive Power to subjugate the Legislature" and to force Parliament to approve initiatives under threat of dissolution. "In this sense, the observed autograph must be approved insistently, rejecting all the objections of the President of the Republic," they comment. “We especially condemn the presidential observation in which it is stated that the Executive may raise, as part of the development of its public policies, a question of confidence regarding the approval of a constitutional reform, since the power to reform corresponds to the Congress of the Republic ”, they add. The constitutionalists also deny the possibility of a "factual denial" of the trust granted by the Legislative Power, as well as the possibility that someone interprets this aforementioned denial by a body other than Parliament itself. The statement bears the signatures of characters such as Domingo García Belaunde, Víctor García Toma, Raúl Ferrero Costa, Aníbal Quiroga, Ernesto Álvarez, Óscar Urviola, Gerardo Eto, Delia Muñoz, Lourdes Flores Nano, among others. This afternoon, the plenary session of Congress is scheduled to debate the opinion approved by the Constitutional Commission, which proposes to approve the law that interprets and regulates the application of the question of trust on insistence, thus denying the observations raised by the Government of Pedro Castillo. In case of being approved by insistence, the law will take effect.
  8. An American woman who got too close to a grizlly bear to take a photo was sent to prison for four days. Samantha Dehring stood a few feet from the massive animal and her three cubs to take photos of them in Yellowstone National Park in May. What are the steps to access the United States visa lottery US Reports First In-Person Dialogue With Taliban Since Afghanistan Leave Christopher Ramírez: what is known about the 3-year-old boy lost in a Houston forest The 25-year-old woman was with other tourists when the animal appeared. The other visitors backed away and headed for their vehicles, following instructions from park officials, but Dehring approached the bear to take the photos. "Approaching a grizzly bear with her cubs is absolutely idiotic," said Attorney General Bob Murray of the state of Wyoming, where most of the preserve is located. "By sheer luck Dehring is accused of a crime and not a mutilated tourist." “The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is just that, wild. The park is not a zoo where animals can be observed with bars in between. They roam freely in their natural environment and when they are threatened they will react accordingly, ”he added. Park rules say that visitors must stay at least 90 meters away from bears and wolves. Dehring admitted wrongdoing and was jailed for four days and fined $ 1,000. Yellowstone was the first national park established in the United States. It spans over 7,700 km2 and includes attractions such as the great Old Faithtul Geyser. The park served as the inspiration for Jellystone Park featured in the 1960s cartoon "Yogi Bear," starring a friendly but always hungry bear whose main concern was stealing picnic baskets from visitors.
  9. FC Barcelona will face Dinamo Kiev for the third day of the Champions League group stage at the Camp Nou. For this reason, Ronald Koeman made statements to the press, highlighting the importance of the match against the Ukrainian team. In addition, he confessed that the Blaugrana team cannot be required to win the maximum club tournament in Europe. “Tomorrow we will risk our future in the Champions League. If we want to go to the next phase, we have no choice but to score points. We are very clear about what we have to do, "said the Dutch coach at the press conference prior to the match against the Ukrainian team. Asked if his Barcelona can still be a competitive team in the Champions League, Koeman was cautious: “Competing, yes. But we cannot be required to win the Champions League. Recovering the injured will help us. Those who have reappeared are not yet at their highest level, but they are on the right track ”. And, according to the Dutch coach, "the big teams have improved a lot and Barça has lowered their level in the last four years" in this competition. "I can only comment since I arrived, but it is evident that there are teams that have better eleven, better bench and better financial situation," he added. Given the importance of the clash, Koeman asked for a step ahead of the heavyweights tomorrow: “There are very experienced players who have to set an example in these games. In addition, the youngsters have shown that they can withstand the pressure of playing for Barça. They have already played important matches, with us and with their national teams. It is not a question of our lack of experience ”. One of them is Philippe Coutinho, who last Sunday against Valencia scored again after his injury. “He has been injured for a long time and has to improve physically. He has quality and there is competition in the middle of the field. He is an important player for the next matches ”, I point out about the Brazilian attacker. To face Dinamo - "today they are better than last year", warned Koeman - the Barcelona coach could make some changes with respect to the eleven that played in the last league game or the one that will face Real Madrid next Sunday in the Camp Nou. And, although he insisted that tomorrow is "the most important game" and that it will put "the best team", he also recalled that "you have to think about the physical situation of some players." In this sense, he pointed out that "it is impossible for Ansu Fati to play three whole games in seven days." Precisely about Ansut Fati he revealed that his renewal "is close", which he described as important news, "because we are talking about a young player of great quality and one of those who has to mark the future of this club."
  10. Days after coca growers from the Loromayo sector attacked the vehicles carrying the eradicators of the Special Project for the Control and Reduction of Coca Cultivation in Alto Huallaga (Corah), the protest has become radicalized. Protesters have now blocked several points on the Interoceanic highway, including the Inambari Bridge, which links the Madre de Dios and Cusco regions. This situation has caused that passengers and vehicles cannot circulate. READ HERE: coca in Vraem and the root problem: hectares planted increased, and also the price of the leaf The protest is due to the fact that the Government resumed the eradication of coca crops in the Puno jungle and, although it has not been much, it immediately generated a reaction from the people who are now protesting. As El Comercio reported in a recent note, drug traffickers -the comparators of coca for drug production- in the last four months had begun to buy a lot in the jungle of Puno and that caused the price of the arroba of coca (11.5 kilos ) will reach up to 250 soles, to the detriment of the price of the coca leaf in Vraem. Although the price of coca has fallen, the arroba would cost 40 soles, the eradication of this crop for the illegal coca growers in the Puno jungle is a severe economic blow. READ HERE: Puno: coca growers burn belongings of CORAH workers and police | VIDEO But this is also limited to a recent political issue: before taking office, the now Minister of the Interior, Luis Barranzuela, waved the flags of the non-eradication of coca cultivation. He is very close to the congressman from Peru Libre (PL), Guillermo Bermejo, who also says no to eradication. Jaime Huanca, leader of the coca growers, stressed that the protesters' request is that the eradication of the coca leaf be stopped "because before the law we are in unequal treatment." He indicated that while their crops have been eliminated in past years, this has not happened in the coca growing basins with the highest production. Madre de Dios: Inambari Bridge is taken by coca growers from the San Gabán area. -Specialists say- Experts agree that coca growers feel empowered after hearing misleading messages from the Interior Minister and a sector of PL, the government party, regarding the fight against the eradication of coca cultivation. “What happens is that the coca growers, with everything that happens, are empowered. Since they have an ally, the Minister of the Interior, what they want is to surround the Government, withdraw any act of eradication of coca leaves, ”said Pedro Yaranga, a specialist in drug trafficking. In his opinion, drug trafficking would be behind the mobilizations, paying for the expenses. On his part, Rubén Vargas, former Minister of the Interior, questioned Barranzuela for inciting the po[CENSORED]tion to oppose the elimination of this crop and for promoting it; He also criticized Bermejo for promoting a bill to legalize all coca cultivation in the country, "knowing that 90% ends up turned into cocaine." He indicated that with these messages, when the police try to unblock the roads, the people will put up resistance. Hopefully a tragedy doesn't happen, he said. He added that the problem is not only the destination of the coca, but where it is being grown in Puno. He indicated that in Carabaya and San Gabán, there are at least 10,000 hectares of illegal coca leaf crops that are in the buffer zone or within the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. “We Peruvians need an urgent and clear definition from the President of the Republic regarding the fight against drugs and illicit coca leaf crops. We need to know what is or what will be his strategy to face these two threats, "he concluded. MORE INFORMATION: The different blocked points of the Interoceanic highway are in the province of Carabaya. These areas are Cuesta Blanca, El Carmen, Lechemayo and Loromayo. Yesterday, coca growers leaders, authorities and officials met in the Regional Government of Puno. According to the mayor of Carabaya, Fabio Vargas, the regional authorities promised to ask the Government to suspend the eradication of coca crops while the dialogue table, suspended in 2019 due to the pandemic, resumes. According to sources in this newspaper, in 2020, in the Puno region there were 8,717 hectares of coca cultivation, while in 2015 there were 4,452 hectares. In six years, it almost doubled
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