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  1. One of the debates that has been flooding the Internet for years is the typical one about the voltage to use when overclocking. And it is not easy to discern when to use one or the other, since reality is more complex than a simple categorical statement as such. When should we use one or the other? Is any scenario conducive to this type of CPU voltage? We are going to shed light on this little internal debate. Although we already explained the types of voltage separately, when we come together to decide which one to use, the doubts do nothing but stand out on forums and websites on the In
  2. The old and powerful high-consumption cars that abound on the streets of Venezuela are beginning to be a problem for their owners, who see how the significant increase in the price of gasoline, almost free until a few days ago, forces them to give up magic and the romanticism of having in your possession the beauty of the four wheels of yesteryear. "It consumes more than most new cars, which are 4-cylinder, lighter," said electrician Miguel Rodríguez of his old 1973 Dodge Dart GT, a heavy device that has remained parked since gasoline rose in price to end of May in Venezuela. The veh
  3. Game Informations : Developer: Jeremy Signor Platforms: PC Initial release date: October 1, 2014 at 12:30PM PDT Ah, the humble real-time strategy soldier. Alone, he or she is nothing but a tiny dot on a vast map. But a mass of soldiers forms a blob of incisive power that can cut a swath of blood and destruction across the countryside in whatever direction you see fit. Stronghold Crusader 2 embraces this blob warfare, offering a plethora of different units you can choose from to form your attacking force while your personal castle--the Stronghold series' signature element--
  4. Diego Costa left the court to promote the official debut of Luis Suárez with the Atlético de Madrid jersey. The Spaniard, after the tremendous premiere of the ‘Pistolero’ (double and assist), appreciated the performance of the recent incorporation and even encouraged himself to play a joke after the 6-1 win against Granada. "Luis Suárez, do you like him as a dance partner?" They asked ‘Lagarto’ in the interview with Movistar LaLiga. Without thinking much about it, the 'Colchoneros' gunner gave his opinion about the couple they can form later. "Is very good. In the end, we will be there, o
  5. The Ministry of Education will consider the start of face-to-face classes in March 2021, but that must first pass through the behavior of citizens and the work that is carried out from now on with the protocol plan that is elaborated hand in hand with the Ministry of Health. “We will set the goal of starting face-to-face classes in March, but that depends on everyone. We are not going to return to the same, we will have a lot of flexibility. We will start the protocol from now on, ”Minister Martín Benavides declared on Exitosa Radio. He said that it will be sought

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  8. Your name on ts?: @-Dark The name of that member?: @SwAggY Current rank?: User CSBD Received rank?: Helper Reason?: he have worked and recruited many ordinary users, I am giving you this opportunity because it will be helpful for TeamSpeak3 if someone has problems, you can tell me to the private, thanks. Proof (in case you have screenshot)?: Date / Time?: 26/09/2020 11:24pm
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