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    #PRO I can give you a chance, I see that you have experience to continue like this. Good activity, respect rules I will help you with the administrator.
  2. Here is a proposal similar to yours, it is not necessary that we can be translated by "google translator", if we accept this proposal several will remain administrator their own languages. We expect more proposal for community assistance. [RO] Iată o propunere similară cu a ta, nu este necesar să putem fi traduse prin „google translator”, dacă acceptăm această propunere, mai multe vor rămâne administrator propriile limbi. Ne așteptăm la mai multe propuneri de asistență comunitară. Rejected.
  3. As my friend said, you can hide the medals and select which one you can show, in those options shown in the photo We expect more proposals! T/C
  4. At least that's how Erik Spoelstra is taking it after the overwhelming victory against the Charlotte Hornets in the opening game of the first round of the postseason. Erik Spoelstra is the Miami Heat coach. From 2001 to 2008 he has been an assistant coach and scouting director of the Heat. The South Florida strategist, minutes after scoring 123 points, setting the highest score for the team in a playoff instance mentioned: "We expect a much more competitive game." Everything indicates that the game in Boston with which the regular season ended has sent a positive message to the Miami team, because this time he never dropped his arms. According to an advanced statistics specialist, Couper Moorhead of reported that the Heat has had its most effective game in its history, regardless of the championship instance. Partly thanks to an offensive rating of 142.6, which they deployed on Sunday. In traditional numbers, Miami also dominated Charlotte from start to finish. The Heat, which however Miami is preparing for a disputed duel on Wednesday, has launched 57.6% from the field, 50% in shots of three, with just six losses and dominated its opponents in rebounds 42 to 28 and in assists 27 to 11. In the practice sessions of the team on Tuesday, David Fizdale and Juwan Howard were observed to Erik Spoelstra, pushing Hassan Whiteside in the painting, anticipating that the Hornets will present a physical strategy against him. . Whiteside has debuted in the postseason with a double-double, scoring 21 points, down 11 rebounds and managed to block three opposite. Dwyane Wade has finished with 16 points and with curiosity has not been the main protagonist, that role has been assumed by Luol Deng, who has finished with 31. The center of Miami was shown upset to have been third in the voting of defensive player of the year, however he mentions being 100% focused now on his performance in the postseason. The Heat will be receiving the Hornets at home at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, in what will be the second meeting of the first round of the Eastern Conference. Before the series moves for two commitments to Charlotte, where they will play the third and fourth game next Saturday and Sunday. That could be the determining factor in this series, which has not been able to define a winner in their confrontations in the regular season, where they divided the four commitments between them, with each group winning one and losing another at home. Both teams leave to face again on Wednesday at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.
  5. The technology giant Google, which before the customer acquires the phone, asked that smartphone manufacturers added 11 of their applications in the initial package, faces a millionaire demand and great difficulty for abusing their position in the market by imposing limitations to the manufacturers of Android devices and mobile network operators, according to the European Union. Google's Android is the most dominant operating system worldwide. Applications must be available at a minimum when swiping the screen from the homepage of the mobile and users cannot delete these ‘apps’. For a year now, if the US giant infringes the European competition rules, the Commission closely monitors Google's operating system to determine it. The sources suggest that the suspicions were already confirmed by what Google would face a probable punishment of Brussels: a fine of up to 10% of the annual turnover of the group. Google is a company specialized in products and services related to Internet, software, electronic devices and other technologies. A company is the main subsidiary of the American multinational Alphabet Inc .. Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. In that condition of "take it or leave it" Google illegally abused its dominance in the marking, says Europe. Android is particularly po[CENSORED]r in that continent with about 80% of the smartphone and tablet market, according to the European Commission. Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition of the European Commission mentioned: “Based on our research so far, we believe that Google's behavior rejects consumers a more extensive choice of applications and services and is in the path of other innovation actors, violating the antitrust rules of the European Union ”. Vestager said Monday that research on Google was necessary to ensure that "large companies do not try to take care of themselves in a way that slows innovation." Brussels is disturbed by the event that the US company has avoided the development of systems that would make the competition to Android and that Google has necessarily linked some of its applications and services, thus harming others.If it violates those rules, at the level of Union exactly there is a recent fact: the one of the hardening of the norms to guarantee that right to the forgetfulness and the establishment of fines of up to 4% of the global turnover of a company. The Commission believes that Google has broken the law by: 1. Ask manufacturers to pre-install the Google browser and browser and make Google Search the default search service. This was informed by the European commissioner Marghrete Vestager on Wednesday, that if the US giant promoted anti-competitive agreements with manufacturers of smart mobile phones and tablets to incorporate a series of applications that are pre-installed by default, it revealed the preliminary findings of the investigation to determine. The institution has already sent the "file of charges" to Google and Alphabet, the parent company, in the opinion that it restricts competition and innovation. 2. Avoid manufacturers selling smartphones that work with competing operating systems based on open source Android. 3. Provide financial incentives to manufacturers and telephone operators under the condition that they exclusively install Google Search in their devices. Kent Walker replied to the European Commission that the company could "prove that Android is good for competition and good for consumers." Kent Walker is the general counsel of Google. Preinstall applications such as Google Search, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps play an important role in attracting traffic money and ads to Google. Google has revealed little about its entries on Android, but the company said the mobile phone is a substantial part of its earnings - more than half, according to eMarketer. The European Union could fine Google with more than 10% of the company's global annual sales, which represents a fine of $ 7 billion.
  6. vote? It has to be a little more specific, and it wouldn't help in the community, good luck! We expect more ideas for the community T/C
  7. Anyone awake at this time?🤷🏻☹️

  8. perrazo quita la imagen de ahi, guarde el psd mañana la hago mas dark como tu nombre e.e

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      Quitalaaaasss, esa imagen es oro

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  10. men que paso contigo? no se nada de ti? ni de Barto , ojala vuelvas pronto extraño esos momentos que pasábamos con el team en ThunderZm :c 

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    beautiful effects, colors, good work on the photos and editions in each images you have for more, keep up that talent
  12. We share all the details of the confirmed signing of the famous Pep Guardiola for Manchester City for the next three seasons. Manchester City has made official this Monday the signing of Pep Guardiola as the new coach of the English team from the 2016/2017 season. Read also: Agüero flags the takeoff of the City Read also: Agüero triplet against Chelsea The club owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan has issued a statement explaining that the Catalan coach will sign a contract for three seasons. The still coach of Bayern Munich had already announced in December his decision to leave the German club at the end of the season. Manuel Pellegrini, current citizen coach, has announced his departure from the club in June minutes before the release of the statement.
  13. The passing of the storm 'Gloria' has left snow and polar cold in Salamanca, but the real storm has been experienced since last Tuesday Unionistas was paired with Real Madrid in the 16th of Copa del Rey. The capital charra has since stopped until this Wednesday the team of Zidane jump to the lawn of Las Pistas. There is no talk of anything else in the city and many have been left wanting to attend the meeting. The impossibility of increasing the capacity with supplementary bleachers due to an expired license since 2002 has caused some discomfort on the part of the Salamanca people with the City Council, since Las Pistas are municipal facilities. Far from the facilities that the institutions have given to the Ibiza Sports Union for their tie against Barcelona, Unionistas will organize their historic meeting against Real Madrid without financial aid or extra bleachers that would have greatly increased the benefits of the box office. However, nothing can obscure the party of Unionists and all of Salamanca. The visit of Real Madrid is an attraction for a club that has spent six years of playing in the Provincial to do so against the most successful team in Spain and Europe. If something distinguishes Unionists from other clubs, it is their commitment to po[CENSORED]r football. The partners are the sole owners of the entity's destiny and chose the shield, the anthem ... and each of the kits. About 300,000 euros net has rejected Unionists for fulfilling their dream of playing the game in Las Pistas. Real Madrid offered at all times the Santiago Bernabéu to host the duel and with the full box office for the charro club. But the desire of Unionists and their partners was to receive the visit of the white entity in Las Pistas and so it will be. In the entity chaired by Miguel Ángel Sandoval they are "very grateful" to the behavior of Real Madrid, which has supported the decisions at all times and has helped this humble Second B team as much as possible. Unionistas is a special club and this is demonstrated by the members voting in the Assembly that any sponsorship of the bookmakers would always be rejected, regardless of the amount. This week Unionists has declined a lot of money again. In addition, there is a zero debt commitment and the directive does not charge a euro. Sandoval is a computer by profession and tells, in a talk with EL ESPAÑOL, what the Salamanca Unionist philosophy is like and what the Copa del Rey tie against Real Madrid will mean for the charro club. Is this meeting the triumph of all po[CENSORED]r football? It is a great opportunity to publicize what is Unionists and po[CENSORED]r football as a football project. And the truth is that we are very happy about it. It is a unique showcase and we will enjoy it. And what a showcase, to play against Santa Marta in the first friendly in the history of the club to do so against Real Madrid. When we saw that he played the ball of Real Madrid, apart from knowing that we had a lot of work, we knew that everything the club did from now on would have more impact. To this has been added the problems with the stadium that has also made the game have more impact than usual. For us it is a showcase to show a team that we believe is different from the others. How do you manage a match of this level in a week? The members of the board are volunteers, we do not charge the club. We each have our jobs and many of us have to ask for vacations all week to be able to deal with everything that comes with preparation for the meeting in terms of facilities as well as attention to the media and the demands that there might be. We have dedicated the 24 hours to the meeting in the last week. It should not be easy to combine this with a job I am a computer scientist and I decided to take the vacation week as soon as I saw that Real Madrid was our rival. I had to attend to the media, meet with the City Council ... In the end this directive to use, is not to use. We each have our job and have preferred to sacrifice and be available to the club. What a snowfall this Tuesday, right? Yes. It has fallen mostly around Salamanca and as the stadium is on the outskirts, it has also fallen on the grass. It is a field that drains well, does not get very hard with frost. The field is well maintained. It will be cold in the game, but it is not expected to rain or anything. As soon as the snow is removed, there will be no problem. Zidane already said that all players have started in worse fields ... They are going back to childhood because they are not used to fields like the conditions of the Unionists. Then the field itself has very good conditions. Yes, it is true that there are areas where the ball does not go as smooth as in Santiago Bernabéu. It is a field similar to that of eq

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