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  1. Day by day Benzema never ceases to surprise. The French battering ram has been enshrined as the reference of Real Madrid in attack. A figure that years ago was monopolized by Cristiano Ronaldo and that has fallen on Karim in the new Zidane project. Although the French master dominates the last pass, where he truly stands out is in the production and creation of offensive play. Just as Modric is the helm of the team from the core, Benzema is the piece that joins the center of the field with the lead and on which the Real Madrid attack turns. Beyond assists, the Frenchman enables his teammates to generate dangerous situations. Today Karim is the great offensive trick of Zidane in attack. A committed player, with a claw and authorized voice in the dressing room, who has won the public of Santiago Bernabéu with stellar performances in the nine years he has been at Real Madrid. At this start of the season he is pulverizing records. The Frenchman has become the 19th highest historical scorer of La Liga after equalizing the 152 goals of Julio Salinas. Now his next challenge is Puskas, who scored 156 goals in the Spanish national championship. In fact, the Hungarian is also Benzema's goal in the list of top scorers in the history of Real Madrid, since the former Lyon is in fifth place, just 18 goals from Ferenc. That Benzema is the foreign pichichi of La Liga is no accident. His four goals in four games leave him just a bit off the top of the list led by Gerard Moreno (Villarreal). The '9' of Real Madrid outperforms other offensive stars like Griezmann (2), Luis Suárez (2), Bale (2) or Morata (1). Benzema and his influence Karim is always characterized by his ability to make his teammates better and is enhancing the qualities of other attackers such as Lucas Vázquez or Vinicius. As he did with Cristiano Ronaldo in the past, the Frenchman helps his teammates shine on the pitch.
  2. Wenas hijo ❤️ que paso con mr.espinoza 

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  9. I'm sorry brother, but you committed a serious fault for the community and you know the reason and I told you to avoid now that I can't do anything for you, good luck for the next.

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  10. The Real Madrid costumes already sent a message to navigators just a few days ago. After the first draw of the season in La Liga caused the first doubts and criticisms to come to the state of the team. That made white soccer players boast of unity in the face of adversity. "Take me if you can, little brother," Hazard wrote next to a photograph in which he can be seen running with Brahim. He responded in turn on Instagram: "I like your joker face, big brother." Jokes that go from training to social networks, demonstrating the good vibes that were born between both players. A bomb combination Brahim Díaz was the surprise signing of Real Madrid during the winter market last season. At an early age and with hardly any experience in the elite, since he had no continuity in the first team of Manchester City, the Malaga landed in Santiago Bernabéu with his backpack full of illusions. His beginnings were not simple, but everything changed for him when he returned to the Madrid bench Zinedine Zidane. The French coach trusts his pupil and that made the doors close to a possible assignment for him in the face of 2019/2020. Much is expected of the young Brahim, who has shown self-confidence and desire to become a legend in the Concha Espina club and also in world football. The former City has chained two injuries that make him unpublished both in pre-season and with the start of the official course. Its set-up is on track and will soon be available to Zidane. Meanwhile, Eden Hazard has already completed the last training with the rest of his teammates and is ready to debut this Saturday in the Spanish league against Levante. Hazard and Brahim. Brahim and Hazard. Both are talented players, capable of changing any match. Their alliance and connection is one of the green shoots of this new Real Madrid, since if they are understood as well outside as within the playing fields they promise many joys to the white fans. They can play together. The two have the zone of action in the offensive plot of the field and while they can act as a midfielder, Hazard unfolds his game with freedom and thrown to the left wing. While Brahim Díaz can play for both the left-handed and right-handed lanes, something that can make them share minutes with a reference '9' such as Benzema, Jovic or even the questioned Mariano. A new relationship has been born and is expected to be very fruitful.
  11. Dark con el admin debe de estar haci :V 


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