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  4. Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the third game of the series of the grand final. In the first half, the Merengue defense dried the Culé team, who scored the same points in play as from the free kick. In the second part, the white team could not close the victory despite a great performance by Facundo Campazzo and Trey Thompkins. It was Singleton who scored the last basket of shock for happiness of the local tier. [Narration and statistics: Barcelona Lassa 78-77 Real Madrid] The match started with a great exchange of baskets between both teams. The Barcelona was shielded in the organization of Kevin Pangos, while Real Madrid took advantage of the connection between Facundo Campazzo and Tavares. The rebound was again key in the early stages, as the merengue team loaded it more aggressively (8-10, minute 4). Rudy Fernández took advantage of the defensive imbalances of the rival to punish from the line of 6'75 with two triple marks of the house. Kuric kept his team in the match thanks to his great effectiveness from the free kick, as well as causing the second personal foul of the Balearic forward. Hanga scored the defense of his team and Tomic was the architect of the comeback in the first quarter of his team (19-18, minute 10). The second act again made clear that Barcelona was going to continue betting on a very aggressive game and the limit of personal foul in each attack situation of the rival team. Heurtel did a lot of damage to the white defense, which did not find the formula to stop the Frenchman. Pablo Laso was forced to call timeout before the difficulties of his scoring team (27-23, minute 14). With a partial of 2-14, Real Madrid overcame the clash and forced Pesic to look for new alternatives in the bench to stop the bleeding. Trey Thompkins joined the party with three triples that punished the defense of Barcelona, very aware of the movements of Carroll. Only fortune, embodied in a triple Heurtel board, kept Barcelona in the clash before the break (32-37, minute 20). The merengue forward left with 13 points and a great exhibition. Exchange of errors between the two After passing through locker rooms, Real Madrid punished Barcelona with the outside shot. Heurtel lost his nerves and took his elbow to walk before Rudy Fernandez, who reacted in an exemplary manner and asked the French player to calm down, totally out of his mind. After a triple from Kuric, Pablo Laso stopped the partial against and called time out to avoid a new comeback (43-49, minute 23). After being placed to a single point, both teams entered an exchange of errors that desperated the two coaches. Randolph broke the local part of 12-0 to return the advantage to his team in the electronic (50-51, minute 27). No team generated plays and based attacks in individual quality and in shots generated by a direct block. Singleton gave the win to Barcelona The last act started with a lot of tension for the two teams. Real Madrid wanted to close the match as soon as possible, while Barcelona did not lose faith in extending the final until a fourth game. Campazzo, author of 15 points so far, placed a good income for his team after two wonderful insights (63-68, minute 34). A recovery of the Argentine base in the absence of 2 minutes gave much oxygen to Real Madrid, who stroked the title with the yolk of the hands. The game came at the last minute with options for both, but Barcelona scored a vital basket to get ahead in the absence of 30 seconds (78-77, minute 39). In the last 10, Madrid failed a tap and there will be a fourth game. Barcelona Lassa 78-77 Real Madrid Barcelona Lassa: Pangos (3), Kuric (10), Claver (2), Singleton (12), Oriola (7) - starting quintet - Blazic (-), Hanga (9), Heurtel (21), Pustovyi (-) , Ribas (-), Smits (5), Tomic (11). Real Madrid: Campazzo (18), Rudy Fernandez (12), Deck (-), Randolph (6), Tavares (4) - starting quintet - Ayón (-), Carroll (10), Causeur (-), Llull (6) ), Reyes (-), Taylor (3), Thompkins (18). Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Carlos Cortés, Vicente Bultó. Partials: 19-18 | 15-22 | 22-18 | 22-19 Incidents: Match corresponding to the third duel of the final of the ACB League played at the Palau Blaugrana (Barcelona, Spain).
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  12. The Selection directed by Jorge Vilda was played to be or not to be in the World Cup in France 2019 against China. The defeat against Germany was a hard blow for the Spaniards, who revived old ghosts with the goal, but who managed to make history by getting for the first time the pass to a round of 16 of the World Cup. [Narration and statistics: China 0-0 Spain] Spain needed only a draw to pass the round, but from the previous the players assured that they would go for the three points. For this, the national coach introduced several changes regarding the last game. Leila entered through Torrejón on the left side, while Patri Guijarro and Lucía García sensation had their first opportunity in the starting lineup. Sandra Paños became a luxury spectator, since the Chinese did not put the goalkeeper to the test during the first 45 minutes. But the Spaniards did their job. Jenny Hermoso, Mariona Caldentey and Lucía García tried it, as well as a Nahikari who was very active at the top. But the clock was running without Jorge Vilda's got to move the initial score. Chip movement The coach decided at halftime to change one of his pieces to revolutionize the game and get at least one goal. Mariona stayed on the bench and the one chosen to enter the field at the beginning of the second half was Falcón. China also moved the chip entering Yang for Wang. After a few minutes of the first part with Chinese domination, in the resumption Spain continued with possession and control of the game. Patri Guijarro took a step forward. The Barcelona player was one of the surprises of the call, as an injury was about to leave him without a World Cup. The midfielder tried from outside the area, a shot that surprised the Chinese keeper who cleared the ball as he could. Lucía García went to the rebound and from memory put the ball on the penalty spot, but if the Benjamín believed in the second play, his teammates did not accompany him. Again the goal The second change was that of Alexia Putellas for Nahikari. The Real Sociedad striker came 'touched' to the game, but did not want to miss the most important match for Spain so far in the World Cup. Barca midfielder came to give pause, but also to clarify the game and take that last step that both were missing the Spanish. The discipline and the order of the Chinese at times upset the National Team that saw how the rival area became a wall. The sensation was of absolute dominion, but the goal was missing. Something that happened before Germany. The objective was to get rid of that ghost to reach the eighths with confidence, but China played their weapons and with the card, for them winning, the tie to be one of the best third
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  14. Summer is the time for internationals to dispute with their national teams the tournaments they play at that time. If the Americas Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup are contested on the American continent, the 2019 World Cup is being held in women's football, but another important tournament begins this Sunday, June 16, on the Old Continent. : the U21 European Championship The continental championship is celebrated in Italian lands, where the hostess gives the shot to his career in this European against Spain. The Renato Dall'Ara Stadium in Bologna hosts the meeting between two of the great candidates to take the title next Sunday, June 30. Fifteen days of football in which figures like those of Luka Jovic, Ceballos, Moise Kean, Oyarzabal, Phil Foden or Matteo Guendouzi aim to capture all the spotlight. In addition to Spain and Italy, in Group A the combined teams of Poland and Belgium are framed. But it is the pupils of Luis De la Fuente and the Italians who have come to the appointment as favorites to succeed Germany. The Germans are other candidates, along with England, France or even Serbia. The pools are very open, while the U21 National Team aspires to conquer its fifth continental crown of the category. Information and privacy of Twitter Ads The clashes between Spain and Italy U21 are already football history. In 2013, the national team won the final against the transalpine team, while in 2017 they were eliminated in the semi-final round, before the Spanish national team fell in the final against Germany. Mbappé sets fire to the networks with a farewell message in the interest of Real Madrid Rubén Santiago The French footballer has caused a revolution in Twitter with his post while his future in Paris remains uninsured. The duel can mark the future of each of the teams in the tournament, since only the first of each of the groups has insured the ticket for the semifinals. The fourth selection that reaches the next round will be among the best seconds. Consolidated group The great strength of the Spanish U21 team is that the group knows each other very well, since they have been playing together for years. A strong and consolidated block in which names like those of Vallejo, Ceballos, Jorge Meré or Mayoral stand out. This poker of players already disputed the European of the 2017, in which they finished being runners-up. The great doubt in the eleven of Spain is under the three sticks, where both Unai Simon and Antonio Sivera can be made with the ownership. What seems clearer is that the National Team will start with a 4-3-3, in which Vallejo and Meré will form the central pair with Aaron Martín and Martín Aguirregabiria on the wings. Meanwhile, the center of the field is formed by three 'gamers' with Mikel Merino, Fabián Ruiz and Dani Ceballos. De la Fuente is committed to a colorful football, in which technique and strength appear in a balanced way. In his trident three consecrated footballers are placed. His '9' is still Borja Mayoral, but on the side of the Real Madrid squad they are positioned two players called to lead the Absolute in just a few years: Carlos Soler and Oyarzabal. Italy wants to win at home Five times has been proclaimed champion of Europe sub21 the Azzurra. Now they are going for the sixth pitch and, moreover, at home, so the pressure is double, but also the environment in their favor. Spain is unbeaten since last September, accumulating since then six victories and only one draw. But Italy has one of the most imposing teams. At the controls is the mythical Di Bagio are several young players who alternate the sub21 with the Italy of Mancini. Moise Kean, Barella, Zaniolo, Pellegrini or Chiesa are some of these names already established in the elite, who, like the Spanish team, will form in the traditional 4-3-3. Moise Kean, in a match with the Italian national team Moise Kean, in a match with the Italy national team Reuters Moise Kean is the strong man of this selection. But the great doubt of Di Bagio is who will form together with him the dangerous trident that will put the Spaniards in trouble. Cutrone has ballots to act as a reference, while in the bands point to Chiesa and Orsolini. Italy - Spain Italy: Audero; Adjapong, Bastoni, Mancini, Pezzella; Barella, Mandragora, Pellegrini; Chiesa, Orsolini, Cutrone or Kean. Spain: Simón or Sivera; Aguirregabiria, Meré, Vallejo, Aaron
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