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Mr.Love Mr.Love



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    ★ Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ★
  • Dată naștere 07/19/1996


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    Deep web.
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  1. lol you banned 

    1. Blacky#34


      @pulse.exe @REVAN guys I hope you take care of this Cheating kid. 

      See likes of status see ips there is 10 multiple acc just see ips of all members Who reaction that status.

      And Punishe him hard 👿😈

      Good luck.

  2. again banned 😲


  4. Don't be sad little girl enjoy life more now go meat boys :v.

    Sad to to see you banned little girl 

  5. WTF. banned .

  6. wtfffff.... why banned 

    1. Blacky#34


      No reason .. I'm just a victim here. Innocent guy. I didn't not insulting or abuse any acc. I didn't contact any Staff member since I got remove from mod. Is this Real Csbd . When love needs money he just starting ban people without reason . I Will not ask for  unban cuz I'm rlly sure that admin made a mistake . If I did something please any admin reply here and Tell me what I've did . @REVAN @pulse. . Just reason. Because .This impossible yesterday I was playing pubg I back I find my self ban. I'm like all members what difference ? they punished me before and remove my mod .what they want now....

      Unbelievable people.

    2. i[P]aapay


      Thats Right we ARe With You Blacky

    3. ▲ ✘ ♣Ret H@Cker♣™ ✘ ▲

      ▲ ✘ ♣Ret [email protected]♣™ ✘ ▲

      don't be sad brother i will be in ur side . i will try my best to help u

  7. Hollllyy sh×× my gay ripp  : ((( 

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo MY freindddd :(((((((((((( WE miss  Youuuu  come back brother plzzz


    This account was a great account and a great owner... why you got ban :(((

    1. Blacky#34


      sorry my friend but if they dont want me here that i truth

      this ban for no reason my friend . no insults no abuse . nothing at all

      im innonct guy. do what he want ban and unbane time that hae want. also i will not ask anyone for unban. i will leave it for a long time  untile then . i will miss you dude.

    2. NANO


      why u got banned !

      bro miss u alot ! love u man 😞 

    3. ▲ ✘ ♣Ret H@Cker♣™ ✘ ▲
  10. What happened to you old friend

    1. Blacky#34


      nothing. first time you will see banned someone for no reason .

      no insults no abuse nothing . i was play a game untile  back and i find ban. they didnt even put reason in my tittle. thats mean make no sence . ban and unban at time that he want. anyway sister i will leave for a long time untile i back i will miss you ;))))))))

    2. OyaYansa


      I feel very sad

  11. @Mr.Love hhhhhhh I feel sad for you man you think that I will paid you?HH just keep dreaming it better find a great job 😂😂😂

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  încă %s
    2. Blacky#34


      not me. is was evil baby . i do not insult people for hates or something like that. i cant..

  12. are You kidding banned? Wtf 😕

  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  14. hello my friend there can be 2 ways witch can help you to get your account back! 1. you can revoke the password via "gmail" and put a new password! - (if you dont even remember gmail) 2. you can talk with any of administrators who have next side of community then they can change and put new password , but of course if they verify you are the real owner of account! try to change name and password that would probably worked. and make Sure your caps is lock OFF. GL.

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