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  1. Goood night!!!!!! 👌👌👋👋😘

    1. ThheIncredibleHulk


      long time no see Bro

    2. Mr.Love


      Good night bulgarian!

    3. ✘-Free-palestine-✘
  2. no back yet?

    1. PranKk.


      I think i will not back anymore! ?

    2. A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      A.N.R Anouar A.N.R

      just you think ??? u're not sure

      so maybe we will meet soon in some server ?

      see u there ?


    3. PranKk.


      I hope...

  3. PranKk.

    NANO's Giveaway

    ★ Name: PranKk. ★ Tag a Friend: @IceT ★ Favourite Game: CS1.6
  4. U have PM

  5. how about rejoining Newlife zm?

  6.  Good Morning! 

    Have a nice day!!

    1. ThheIncredibleHulk
    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      GM , HAVE A GOOD DAY ❤️

  7. Hello guys!! @IceT @Profesoru @PranKk.

    i have just reopened this server its StreetZM, i am looking to gather a team so we can make something nice and fun, do you believe you will be interest guys??

  8. Hey Bro Its Fna Speakin? ?
    i was walkin around here just for remember good old days with this community and my old friends...
    decided to write a message for you
    Tell me whats happenin here How are You? ?


    Løv li - I Miss You (Lyrics) - YouTube


    I miss you Prank you and @IceT @Profesoru my old friends, i didnt see you from too long , hope to see you again ?

    1. IceT


      Hello my friend. We missed you too. 

    2. PranKk.


      From moments, We are in paused. Soon all of us will be back again!! We miss u too ???

  10. Good morning!

    1. Profesoru
    2. PranKk.


      Hi profesoru, No still i didnt buy new

      За по-нататък ще купя... Защото почнах работа и не ми остава време Next mounth i think i can buy ?

  11. koi si ti?

  12. You copy-pasted from my introduce, Edit and put real info!
  13. Rejected! Back After 1 week with new requeat. Stop spam! Rejected! Back After 1 week with new requeat.
  14. ACCEPTED! PM, PASS+TAG (Admins will be with same nick as in forum account!)
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