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    Founder ZmOldSchool | Ex-Moderator Forum.
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    Hot Girls , Online games , Football & Music
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  1. Pro , awesome activity for a player . read our server rules . well deserved chance to join us
  2. Just 1 day remain participate to earn some cool prizes ! hurry up.


  3. Reus

    Request avatar

    *Type: Avatar*Dimensions: 150 x 250Text: Reus*Theme (Image(s) obligatory): /*Last request link: Other informations: Nothing more , thank you!
  4. as arbi says bellow we are looking for admins but somehow we didn't found your nickname on gametracker so thats means you did not join our server before. any way made some activity till we see our admins votes. PS: do not reply in your own request and either stop spamming there to avoid any kind of problems , then we will consider your request within 12 hours from now.
  5. @exfib0 Has been upgraded from his current grade "God" to "Elder" for his great activity and his cool personality . Congratulations @BrutaL aka "BrutalGamer:)" Has been removed due to his inactivity longer than one month.
  6. Hey dude,lemme send you a message,

    1. Reus


      sup join ts3 forum lagging ki zébi lmao :d


    2. YaKoMoS


      Got it,comming soon

    3. Reus


      Just poke me up when you joined ^^

  7. words can't describe you , what shall i say , since when you joined oldschool as helper i've seen that you has a bright future with us . congratulations and best wishes for ya m'lovely friend ♥♥
  8. Your name: Luanhyx Tag your friends: @.-AdiiLo-. @aRbi~ @The GodFather @Lunix I @Ntgthegamer @#Garrix @UzyUzy @myCro @Roselina ♣ flowers @XZoro™ @InfiNitY-™ @walidsafti @-=MaTRiX=- @[Paul] @Blackfire @.Straju @Qween @robila @#PREDATOR @oliprostyle @J[A]V[E]D! @Ervy @D4ng3r Ⓡ @[T]W!ST3D~`` What's your favorite cs 1.6 game mod: ZP 6.2
  9. Enjoy it

  10. it matters now , you boy never give up ? you haven't seen that we didn't need unloyal peoples like you . my decision still and it will remain as before
  11. You start taking old staffs nicks. you can request whenever you want its not my bussines. lemme give ya an advice even if tried ways that i didnt know. i'll got you some how. finally, Rejected !
  12. Wrong model , take a look ahead to get the correct one. till that , Rejected !
  13. Rejected! till you stop requesting , using your multi-accounts.