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      Ex-Moderator - Devil Memoir Coordinator.
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      Hot Girls , Online games , Football & Music
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    1. Reus

      Request Avatar [Reus]

      *Type(avatar/signature/cover): Avatar *Dimensions: 150 x 250 Text: Reus *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: / *Last request link: Other informations: Thank you.
    2. retired? 😢

      1. Reus


        not really am just bored from zombie mod , playin' some respawn for the moment

    3. Reus

      you were the best . and you'll remain i'll miss you buddy , be safe and take care of yourself 

      ly ❤️ 

      1. myCro


        Much love to you buddy ♥!

    4. My vote goes to DH1 , in love with it
    5. Nickname: Reus Age: 19 almost 20 Country: tunisia ( living there ) Experience as admin: experienced enough ( about 10 years ) - talkin' about zombie servers Why do you want to be admin on RSX?: gettin' bored from zombie servers Steam On/Off: ON Can you donate(y/n): right now i can't Others: -
    6. jorge

      reus message please

    7. Reus

      is that you in pfp .. ? 

      1. -Apex


        Yes im The Goddamn eren

    8. i'm announcing my retirement due to some personal problems ( tired , works , studying' ) i haven't enough time to .. wish you guys all the best
    9. he wasn't attackin' , and we'll know that from ( Co-Owners UP ) they can use commands on other admins .
    10. Reus

      Urgent announcement!

      greetings , today i will inform yours that i'll check all admins and managers activities every single week starting from the next saturday. and we'll start cleaning admins list. so those who aren't active especially in order to keep your admin access, stay active especially at night time . check this link below to comprehend what am i talkin' about and the needed activity per each rank.
    11. Reus

      [Solved] Admin Request

      already added by @G R 4 V E N 提.



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