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  1. @Reus @rusha^^ @[T]W!ST3D~`` @XZoro™ @Hossam Taibi @HawkEye.™ 

    Good afternoon everyone founder owners and co, even though i did not mentioned everyone but i want to tell you that today , my university starts and it is my last year to get my degree. So in order to focus on my studies,i have made a decision to retired. I am very sad to leave you guys but i talk to some admins where they give me sone advice to focus on studies which are the most important achievement in order to get a good well-paid job.However it was a great pleasure to be admin in zmoldschoolserver and always having great time with you guys. Zmoldschool will still be the best server for me. I love you guys and all the best for some who are studying and others who are working. Take care and stay safe 😎😎

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    2. rusha^^


      Good luck gun, i wish u all the best for ur studies mate. Take care 

    3. HawkEye.™


      Good luck wish you the best for your studies 😄 

    4. [T]W!ST3D~``


      Good luck bro i wish you all the best, stay safe and take care♥️

  2. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  3. #Contra Improve your activity
  4. #Contra i never see you in the server
  5. #Pro good player and admin Nice activity ✌
  6. Yes i will explain what happened yesterday. We were playing in map zm_3room, luckily i got nemesis mod ,but one player named redq, put his lm up where i (nemesis) couldn't reach. So i warned him 3 times but he did not listen to me. But accidentally instead of writing amx_slap in console , i write amx_slay because i was a little mad and frustrated. P.s : THE REAL LOL talk to me and said that he was going to give me a last chance but instead he lied to me and report me. I felt betrayed and i cannot trust people like that. So that's it.
  7. #Pro Keep this good activity and you will get your reward ?
  8. #Pro Good activity for helper. For me, he deserve a chance Continue this good activity
  9. #Pro I saw your last upgrade request has been accepted the 1st august. According the rules , you have to wait 30 days until you can make another request. So you need to wait man Also let the other admins decide
  10. ¤ Nickname : ` Gunshot ¤ Age (Minimum 17) : 20 ¤ Your IP - Country (Location): ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): yes ¤ Link of hours you played on server:`Gunshot ¤ Reason that you want to be admin on Zmoldschool: i like the server ¤ Key word noted in ★ [Rules Zmoldschool] ★:31jul ¤ Other information: this server is awesome



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