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  1. Happy Eid mubarak to everyone 

    Have a good day and enjoy 😎

  2. BhaiHo

    ¤ TeamSpeak3 Activity ¤

    Yes i just download it And thank you for tutorial
  3. BhaiHo

    [Solved ]Tag request

    Nickname: ` Gunshot Tag : Clash On !!
  4. Model: ¤ Nickname:` Gunshot ¤ Age (Minimum 17) : 20 ¤ Your IP - Country (Location): IP- ; Mauritius(Port-Louis) ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): yes ¤ Link of hours you played on server: ¤ Reason that you want to be admin on Zmoldschool: Since 2013 , i play this game. It helps me to relieve stress and fatigue and having fun. I even told my cousins to play this amazing game called Zmplague. This server is the best!! ¤ Key word noted in ★ [Rules Zmoldschool] ★: (19mai) ¤ Other information: 1. Always respect each other that's is: Not Using swear words. 2. Helping other who are new. 3. Create a good atmosphere with others to make everyone happy. 4. Spamming other ip server is not allowed .This server makes me happy