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    you can do what you want and no one will can stop you..
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  1. Rip.......

    Legends Never Die ! 

    you can do what you want and no one will can stop you..
    the life will not stop for something like this Banned this is a right banned but not a ban in your life 👊 they think rid of you, but this away ! go thinking away than here, you were afraid from this man for this you were happy when he get banned lol 
    1. Nexy


      I'm a little bit concern about you talking with your old account, what's up? are you okay?

    2. #Mr.EVIL


      no no, don't worry i'm okay, what about you sir admin? are you still as you are. or you changed! as i think you still as you are. man as i told u i don't care who are you.. are you think the red color will afraid me?haha  you mistake.. this is a just community.. and i see you care for it best than your life. i can tell you, you is nothing for me. you just a mistake for me and i forgot  it 😛 good luck 

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤😀

    1. zenel.ko1


      Akrapovic; ❤💪👈

  3. why Banned dude

    1. snapple.


      Don't worry you will  be the next 🙂

    2. axelxcapo
  4. why only good preson got banned here be cuz some kids?

  5. i miss you bro have good time in highlifezm

  6. miss you ugly  , 😞 


    The Rock Omg GIF by moodman

  8. donald trump GIF

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    2. Bandolero -

      Bandolero -

      @Crimson :x when a bad person do bad things for his team ofc I'm happy.

    3. Crimson :x
    4. #Mr.EVIL



      @Crimson :x when a bad person do bad things for his team ofc I'm happy.

      hahahahahahahahaha So... donald trump GIF

  9. i will miss you man 

    Good Bye


  10. lol this is a clear proof? are you sure of this! i can say this it's not me bcz i don't find my nickname there as i think there is many can join with this nickname and says as he like lol. rip
  11. Name applicant: EVIL BABYComplained Name: axelxcapoReason for complaint: he ban me without reason. i need a clear proof of insult pls.Time / Date: 1hProof (OBLIGATORY) :
  12. <23:32:00> You were banned permanently from the server by "- axelxcapo -" (INSULT!)

    hahahahahahah i don't know the reason but it's okay 

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    3. Crimson :x

      Crimson :x

      what is this???

      contact administrators

    4. axelxcapo


      Think about what you did in the past and problem solved!


  13. Miss you Buddy 😞😞😞 


  14. Hey Moustafa How Are You??

    1. #EVIL BABY

      #EVIL BABY

      fine bro ❤️ what about you 😍😍

    2. YaKoMoS


      ah lol,his name like mine :v

    3. -LucIfeR-


      I am Also Fine 🙂

  15. miss you guys 😞 😞 

    i hope to meet you guys a again

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    2. Crimson :x

      Crimson :x

      i hope you back to kick some kids here...

    3. Mr.SnaPeR"


      You still gaaaaay

    4. [Paul]


      God Bless Where Ever You Are