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  2. Music Title : BLACKPINK - 'Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)' M/V Signer : BLACKPINK With Selena Gomez Release Date : 28/08/2020 Official Youtube Link : Informations About The Signer : Blackpink (Hangul commonly stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK) are a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. ... They have the most top 40 hits in the United Kingdom among all Korean artists. Your Opinion About The Track ( Music Video ) : Nice Muusic ?
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  4. Music Title : Ms Banks - NOVIKOV [Official Music Video] Signer : Ms Banks Release Date : 26/08/2020 Official Youtube Link : Informations About The Signer : - Your Opinion About The Track ( Music Video ) : Good Music
  5. Artist : Lil Pump Real Name: Gazzy Garcia Birth Date /Place : August 17, 2000 Miami, Florida, U.S. Age: 20 Social status ( Single / Married ) : Single Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Rap Awards : The song premiered at the 2018 Pornhub Awards. "I Love It" reached Top 3 Songs (Names) : GUCCI GANG , ESSKEETIT , Be like Me Other Informations : -
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  9. the last few years, Lynn Steger Strong has built a wide audience with her compelling essays – including a series for the Guardian – about the precarity that can coexist with privilege in America, indictments of a country where getting an education or having a child or a long illness can in an instant turn a stable financial situation to an unstable one. In Want, out this month, Strong homes in on those themes. In this novel, her second, narrator Elizabeth is raising two small children with her husband, a carpenter, in New York City, while going through a bankruptcy and teaching low-income
  10. The headline stat is 538lb ft at 1750rpm. There’s also 350bhp at 4000rpm, but it’s the torque that moulds the brawny character of the new D3 S, endowing it with the sort of low- to-mid-range punch that proves performance-based diesels really do have some life left in them. The latest hot diesel-powered Alpina is based on the already potent BMW M340d xDrive. Like the four wheel-drive donor car, it comes in saloon and Touring bodystyles – the latter of which we drove briefly on the Bilster Berg club circuit in Germany. As is Alpina’s way, the styling changes are subtle. The D3 S gets a
  11. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for coronavirus. He took the test, his fourth, on Monday after developing symptoms, including a high temperature. Mr Bolsonaro has repeatedly played down risks of what he has called the "little flu", saying he would not be seriously affected. He has opposed lockdowns, which he says hurt the economy. Brazil has the second-highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the world, after the US. He made the announcement in a TV interview on Tuesday, saying the fever he had been experiencing had gone down and that he felt "ve
  12. Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says he does not understand the use of pitch-side monitors in the Premier League after the decision to send off Eddie Nketiah in the 1-1 draw with Leicester. Referee Chris Kavanagh initially showed Nketiah a yellow card for his high tackle on Justin James. But after consulting with the VAR officials and viewing a replay himself, he changed this to red. "In the last year I have never seen a referee check any images," said Arteta. "I do not understand the rules. But I can do nothing now." Arteta was also unhappy at a challenge by a Leicester pla
  13. Hello @myCro ?, as @#PREDATOR explained to me this night about some points of this idea , that's what i got currently : I will try to figure out it looking for As i understood a brief from it it's all about telling stories and some of movies but i still not knowledged with many informations about it yet . I would be pleased if we could discuss more about it in teamspeak and you tell me about the basics of this idea so i can start my work on it , i will to figure out it look for any possible way to provide the best team who i will work with them , as you marked i won't let anyone



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60.000 members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world. For this reason we consider ourselves, an international gaming community where members have the opportunity to know and interact with each other.

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