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  1. Your Nickname: CR Your Problem: cs 1.6 freezes on validating resources when connecting to zmnewschool server and even if it connects i get kicked out for FLOOD BURST COMMAND. i kept trying to connect from 8:30 am and right now its 9:11 am and i only got connected 3 times but result was in kicked or cs stuck. I thought my net was bad but it was giving 2.78mb download speed and 0.39 upload speed ( HAD 46 PING) Screenshot: None
  2. Hello The forum indeed is better than before and CSBD will always be best community there is , There might be ups and downs at places but in the end it will all work out great. And right it indeed is exam season and not just any exam "THE ANNUAL EXAM" is at out head so even if we want to spend time here most of us can't but Inshallah everything will be back to normal and community will grow even more. Have A Nice Day
  3. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  4. I Didn't Loose Any Files So Repairing Wont Work And I Tried It Didn't it just gave me all the data that i have deleted before the sd card was corrupted but i need to save the data which is inside sd card right now or i need to format it since whenever i copy the data inside sd card drive it unmounts/disconnects itself and same happens if i try to format and i have EaseUs Partition Master Home it says format partition which does nothing and does not delete the data inside sd card ? Yet for AOMEI and SD CARD FORMATTER i cant format coz card disconnects/unmounts neither cmd promt work i used diskpart and chsdsk it dont work whenever i select the drive (M: My sd card drive) the card unmounts/disconnects
  5. Your Nickname: CR Your Problem: hi guys i got a sd card ( DIDN'T BOUGHT IT RECENTLY ITS OLD ) and its giving me a problem no mobile device can use it and on my moto e4 whenever i connect it. it says sd card is corrupt needs to be formatted but on 20% it says "Couldn't erase sd card. Command '41 volume partition disk: 179.128 public' failed with '400 41 command failed' " so i connect it on my pc using card reader and it connects i can see its file but whenever any work or actions which is connect to sd card happens it disconects, only for 3-4 seconds then it says please connect any device in this drive. Like if i format it it disconnect . i used sd card formatter , easeup partition software (IT CANT EVEN BE SEARCHED ON EASEUP PARTITION IT DISCONNECTS AS SOON AS IT KNOWS THAT THERE'S A WORK BEEN DONE WHICH INCLUDE SD CARD ) . I also tried power management and format / partition thing from cmd prompt. Its just like anywork which includes sd card it disconnects or else if u dont open the sd card drive and leave it its just connect and responding but whenever there's a work including sd card it disconnects and says there's no device in drive K (SD CARD DRIVE) Screenshot: THIS SS IS AFTER CONNECTING SD CARD, LIKE ALWAYS IT RESPONSE UNTIL NO ACTION IS TAKEN INCLUDING SD CARD THEN I OPENED IT , IT OPENED NO PROB BUT AFTER 3 SECONDS THIS HAPPENS EVERYTIME NO MATTER WHAT ACTION I TAKE.

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