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  1. Rest in peace  

    1. Rei™


      please dont say this.he is best person is good that he choose another street to go and this is not funny because maybe in the future you will be the next

  2. #Legend Never Die 

  3. Wht fk banned O.o

  4. Dog Puppy GIF by Originals


    @Crimson :x when a bad person do bad things for his team ofc I'm happy.

    Hhhhhhh you remember this words !

    I will leave your words to answer you..

    1. Sajju™


      taking revenge back from everyone 😄 

  5. o vlla do me mungosh shume nk e di car t ndodhi por t kam per zemer


  6. the number of deaths from COVID-19 increases every day 😂

  7. <20:19:31> "Bandolero-": say to me mehrez
    <20:19:38> "# Meh Rez vM !": yes
    <20:19:42> "Bandolero-": hello mehrez
    <20:19:47> "# Meh Rez vM !": yes
    <20:19:55> "Bandolero-": how are you mehrez

    <20:19:59> "# Meh Rez vM !": yes


    mehrez,lets remind our teacher  @King_of_lion 

    1. King_of_lion


      <20:17:10> "Bandolero-": you are my best friend
      <20:17:14> "Bandolero-": i love you
      <20:17:21> "King_of_lion": me to
      <20:17:29> "Bandolero-": say to me

    2. King_of_lion
  8. deserves to listen till the end ❤️ 

    enjoy a lovely song

    1. [Paul]


      Soo Sweet  and Sad 

  9. Bandolero -

    Cs 1.6 Not Responding.

    Hello jayden , i will give you an solution which may could help you to fix your problem ! follow my steps please . 1. press window key+r then type regedit and enter there . 2. you will see something above like "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" and a cube & a minus ( - ) press on the cube+minuse and there will appear something like this : Appevents,console etc . 3. go to Software>Valve>Half Life>Settings 4. tbh,sometimes deleting half life folder works,so give it a try . 5. EngineDLL - now change the value of : EngineDll=hw.dll EngineD3D=1 ScreenBPP ( bit ) = 32 6. open CS if it doesn't work i have another solution for you my friend , 1. right click "Computer" +Properties 2. Advanced system settings 3.above you will see some commands ( go to "Advanced" ) 4. first line when you see with "Seetings" ( press on seetings ) 5. something will appear press "x" - only that . 6. Data Execution Prevention 7. Press below when you see an command "Add" - and add cs from from your desktop here . 8. Apply+OK I hope your problem will be fixed , if the problem still appears please leave me a Private Message ( PM ) whenever & wherever you want . Thank You -
  10. ah more vlla 😕 shpresoj te kthehesh prap 😞 

    #legendneverdie ❤️ 


  11. kafa leyla ❤️ 

    1. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      Turckey or Albania or Tounsi ?,?

    2. Bandolero -

      Bandolero -

      Spot is made in tunisia but the song is in deutschland & turkish,tunisian

  12. The Jaguar F-Type is back, with a fresh look and an assortment of new bells and whistles. They have, thankfully, resisted the urge to treat it to a new pair of beige slacks and a matching M&S cardigan, although that must have been tough. Alright, there’s a bit more to the update than the above would imply (a modest engine power hike, a new engine derivative, some new suspension componentry and some digital instruments) but perhaps not as much as you might imagine would be necessary to keep a current sports car up to date in what is now – wait for it – its eighth year in production. Is it entirely fair, then, you may wonder, to pitch the ‘new’, range-topping R version of this car into a head-to-head contest with the only-a-year-old 992-generation Porsche 911? Knowing what we already do about the latter – it’s a group test winner already and was highly commended at Britain’s Best Driver’s Car shootout, don’t forget – is that a contest the plucky Brit can possibly win? Well, it’s certainly a curious notional position for the fresh meat in one of these twin tests to occupy. Usually it’s the most recently launched car that comes in with all the advantages, yet the Jaguar holds nothing over the lighter, faster and fundamentally newer Porsche that might give it an on-paper head start here – save, perhaps, the peak outputs of its supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine. But here is the truth you’ll discover having driven these cars extensively and one after another: there are some things the new Jaguar F-Type R P575 AWD does every bit as well as a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S; there are a handful of things it does even better, actually. I must add for the sake of balance that there are also plenty of ways in which the German is quite plainly the Brummie’s superior. And yet what you’re about to read is a contest, trust me, not a pushover. The Jaguar, for all of the long-toothedness that the new styling and interior smartening seek to disguise, has its shout, and for some – maybe even for you – it will be the better car. Did someone say ‘shout’? My ears are still ringing, as it happens. The first thing I’m happy to confirm is that a range-topping Jaguar sports car with a Welsh-made supercharged V8 engine could out-shout just about any 911 road car it happened to be within a few hundred metres of. There’s mention of a ‘quiet’ mode in the car’s press material, and naturally you assume – having heard the thing snarling through the middle of its rev range at full load like a band of bloodthirsty sousaphone players – it might be a misprint. In fact, it’s a convenience feature that Jaguar would seem to have appropriated from close rival Aston Martin: it allows you to start the car’s engine discreetly on an early weekday morning so as not to upset the neighbours. Or the neighbour’s neighbours. Or, for that matter, the night-shift staff at your local early-warning earthquake monitoring station. In actuality, ‘quiet start mode’ is nothing more or less than the car’s normal running setting; if you want noisy, you simply select Dynamic mode or the active exhaust’s loud setting before turning over the engine (and then, presumably, you just move house). So it’s not even a new button in an otherwise pretty familiar cabin that, but for some new trim materials (nice matt black door handles, by the way, folks) and the new digital instruments and infotainment system, could perhaps have done with more of a material lift. The Porsche would have been my bet to get its nose in front when these cars were compared as stationary, daily use ownership prospects, no question. But for every blow the 911 lands, the F-Type lands one right back. You’re a little more squeezed into the Jaguar, it’s true, but the seat it offers to your backside is softer and more comfortable than the 911’s and barely any less adjustable or supportive. It also needs slightly less of a bend-and-stoop manoeuvre to slide into. The Porsche offers more room for your extremities, along with those occasional back seats for your clobber, better visibility, a better driving position, significantly more sophisticated and usable on-board display and infotainment technology, and significantly better perceived quality. The neat look and substantial feel of its switchgear is a cut above and then some.
  13. The Professional Footballers' Association says that proposals for a 30% pay cut for Premier League players would be "detrimental to our NHS". The PFA also called on the league to increase its own £20m charity pledge. The league wants players to take a 30% salary cut in order to protect jobs. amid the coronavirus pandemic. But the union says that equates to more than £500m in wage reductions, and a loss in tax contributions of more than £200m to the UK government. The union also questioned Health Secretary Matt Hancock's public criticism of footballers' salaries during a news conference on Thursday. "What effect does this loss of earning to the government mean for the NHS?" the statement read. "Was this considered in the Premier League proposal and did the Health Secretary factor this in when asking players to take a salary cut?" Liverpool furlough some non-playing staff The PFA said that all Premier League players "will play their part in making significant financial contributions in these unprecedented times". Top-flight professionals have been coming under increasing pressure to take a drop in pay, especially with five Premier League clubs - Liverpool, Newcastle, Tottenham, Bournemouth and Norwich - now placing some non-playing staff on furlough leave under the Government's coronavirus job retention scheme. However, clubs themselves are understood to have financial concerns, with Burnley saying on Saturday they they faced a shortfall of £50m if the Premier League season was not completed. Brighton chief executive Paul Barber, meanwhile, said on Friday that the Premier League is not ignoring the plight of the general po[CENSORED]tion during the coronavirus pandemic. The PFA statement came hours after a conference call with the Premier League and the League Managers' Association (LMA), the managers' union, to discuss the wage cut plans. Saturday's call, which featured a Premier League presentation of the wage cut plans, was concluded in less than an hour with no agreement reached. The Premier League is not mandated to make a decision on wage cuts, as it has to be agreed by the players and coaches. Clubs and players are now set to discuss the plan, with talks set to go into next week. As part of the proposals, the Premier League would advance £125m to the English Football League (EFL) and National League, and give £20m towards the NHS. The PFA says it is happy to continue talks with the Premier League, although it added: "£20m is welcome, but we believe it could be far bigger. "The EFL money is an advance. Importantly, it will aid cashflow in the immediate, but football needs to find a way to increase funding to the EFL and non-league clubs in the long-term. "Many clubs require an increase in funding just to survive. We believe in our football pyramid and again stress the need for solidarity between all clubs. "Going forward, we are working together to find a solution which will be continually reviewed in order to assess the circumstance of the Covid-19 crisis. "The players are mindful that as PAYE employees, the combined tax on their salaries is a significant contribution to funding essential public services - which are especially critical at this time." During Saturday's conference call, the Premier League outlined to the PFA and the LMA why it felt the salary cut was necessary. The league warned that it faces a £762m financial penalty if the season does not resume, and broadcasters demanded refunds on games they could not show. It added that hundreds of millions of pounds could be lost in sponsorship and matchday revenue because the season has been suspended, and that the campaign will almost certainly be played behind closed doors if it resumes. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday, England defender Danny Rose - on loan at Newcastle from Tottenham - said that Premier League players were keen to give up a portion of their wages to help good causes, but felt their "backs are against the wall" regarding the pressure they had faced to accept cuts. Captains of Premier League clubs, led by Liverpool's Jordan Henderson, have been in talks over a plan to make charitable donations. "We sort of feel that our backs are against the wall. Conversations were being had before people outside of football were commenting," Rose told the Friday Football Social. "I've been on the phone to Jordan Henderson and he's working so hard to come up with something. "It was just not needed for people who are not involved in football to tell footballers what they should do with their money. I found that so bizarre." The Premier League declined to comment on the PFA statement. 'An unprecedented crisis' - analysis Dan Roan, BBC sports editor Rarely has the relationship between the Premier League's stars and their employers been so fragile. In an unprecedented crisis, the country's top footballers have found their voice like never before, exacerbating an unseemly row over money, and threatening to tear the sport apart in a way not seen since the threatened players' strike of 2001. Tonight's remarkable statement represents an attempt by the players and the PFA to go on the offensive against not only their own clubs, but also their critics, including even the government. They argue that the clubs' proposed 30% cut in wages would be counter-productive and detrimental to the NHS because of the loss in tax revenue it would result in. They also suggest that the Premier League could be way more generous when it comes to their contributions to EFL clubs and to charity. The Premier League had hoped today's conference call would convince the players of the need to accept the cut in pay that many politicians and members of the public have been calling for. It seems that hope has proved naive however, and with clear tensions between the two sides, negotiations are now set to extend into next week.