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  1. Nicknameul tău: Master_kill Problema ta: tot imi apare (STEAM validation rejected) cand vreau sa ma conectez la un server nu la toate la cateva din ele (Va Rog Ajutatima datimi un video tutorial sau orice solutie) Screenshot:
  2. @EL-zero u admin why other admins banned u ? is strict forbindet to use comand on other admin !!
  3. Welcome To Csblsckdevil the best Comunity enjoy and have Fun. We hope u like this comuniti and Share the comunity To more ur friends Good loock Have Fun.
  4. Welcome to WindZm have Fun we hope u like this server good loock !!
  5. Here You Can Post The Best Score You Have Reached in Our Server You Can Add Post By Following Model Below Model: NickName : Screenshot :
  6. Hey To all (Ro) Vreau sa Spun ca ies de pe Server Ma duc Pe alt server Am facut acest topic sa nu ziceti ca isi nesimtit sau ceva bine inteles ca nu o sa dau numele servarului sa nu ziceti ca fac reclama sau ceva nu vreau sa va pierdeti oameni in fine asta am vrut sa zic ca eu ies de pe server Puteti vedea in admin only ca mia dat @Lunix I Warning pentru ca am postat pe alt server na acolo ma duc nu fac reclama sau alteca doar zic ca ies de pe servar Va salut Si va multumuesc pentru tot in Special lui @myCro & @Roselina ✾ . (EN) Hi all i wannt say i wannt leave server Zmoldschool i wannt go other server i wannt not say the name but kan see in admin only @Lunix I Warning me for posted in other server so i wannt go in them server only admin cann see where i goo !! i thanks to all manager for Helping me and etc.. good Bye Zmoldschool AND I GIVE 1 IDEA FOR @Roselina ✾ & @myCro To change pw admin only 1 time to 1 month all players who here admin was and me xD have them pw good loock with the server!! Thanks to all manager @Lunix I @OyaYansa @Roselina ✾ @BaBy DriV3R xD @myCro
  7. I give u Pro For Slot !! @BaBy DriV3R xD he wannt slot Bcz. he have not time for join server and he wannt Sloot !! for Sloot not wannt so mach Activiti !!good loock!! Pro
  8. ¤ Your name: ¤ Name of admin: ¤ Date and time: ¤ Reason of complaint: ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo): Note: you must respect this model, if you break this model it will be rejected automatically
  9. ¤ Numele tau: ¤ Numele adminului: ¤ Data si ora: ¤ Motivul reclamatiei: ¤ Dovada (screenshot sau demo):
  10. Nick : Screnshot : Time :
  11. [ Model ]¤ Nick:¤ IP:¤ Time Ban:¤ Reason:¤ Proof: *Rules : Before Ban Anyone You should take Proof Proof Should Be Clear . After ban You Have to Post it in your Banlist . Your Banlist Title Should Be ( Banlist "Your Nick" )
  12. Nickul Tau : Ip Tau ; Adminul Care Te-a Banat : Motivul Pe Care Ai Luat Ban : Dovada :
  13. Tu nick Su ip ( Tu STEAMID: La razón por la que ha sido prohibido: El administrador que te prohibió: El tiempo: Tus pruebas (captura de pantalla o demo ) :
  14. Your Nick : Your ip : The reason why it has been banned: The administrator who Banned you: Time : Screenshot : Note : Who is in Blacklist does not have what he's looking for on the server !!

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