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    The Best Of The Best


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    GFX Designer
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  1. Master_Kill

    request tag

    @andrei.ruginosu se e this .. Good loock
  2. ¤ Date / Time : 17.09.2019 // 17:00 ¤ Nick: Pirlo 21 ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 5000 ¤ Reason: Insult Mother rr.gag+rr.ban ¤ Proof: #8 Insult mother
  3. #Contra 1.Pw From Rules is wrong 2.u Activiti Link Who is them ? 3.U title is ”Please accepted me ...” Rules Say When u request for admin the title muss be ”Admin Request” From Me Have Contra Good Loock
  4. @andrei.ruginosu See this ..
  5. Welcome To NewlifeZm Good Loock Have Fun.
  6. @andrei.ruginosu See This ..
  7. @andrei.ruginosu See This Please ... Good Loock
  8. Pro Good Loock U Activiti is ok !! Put Pw From Rules And is ok !! Good looock
  9. Welcome To Csbd Read The Rules Have Fun Good loock
  10. @andrei.ruginosu see this i say pro good activiti we waiting of @andrei.ruginosu
  11. #Contra u activiti is low !! Very Low Good Loock
  12. Rules Say When a Player rr.gag first Warning ihm and after direct bann 60 U Say U banned ihm 5 min and after 60 min Please Read The Rules
  13. This comand is good "But Only Co-owner Owner Founder & Dady Boss cann use this comand !

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