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S e u o n g a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Noiembrie 26

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    Read books.
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  1. Have your designer put the prefix tag on the themes...

    Requests - CSBD Community (

  2. bro y @Magokiler no esta




    1. S e u o n g

      S e u o n g

      coz is GLOBAL MODERATORS 🙄...


    2. Dean Ambrose™
  3. When will my gm? xd

  4. S e u o n g

    need help player idle

    Remember that double account are forbidden! choose just one to use. The second will be taken and disabled.
  5. I have some members on mind:



  6. bro nos ayudas con el request del server porfa?¿

  7. Lets be more flexible abouts 200 post guys, if he is active in the projects is enought for now....
  8. You check The staff desk?

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  4 alții
    2. Sinan.47


      Nothing is difficult, you can ban any user you want, and you can rest assured that we, as staff, will help you in this regard. It is possible to ban people who are prone to attack from their IP address. Let's review a period of at least 2-3 months. We have nothing to lose. I have good ideas for New Year's celebrations. boss

    3. Inmortal™


      I totally agree with @Sinan.47, in fact since the two of us are the only ones in favor of ts3 returning, we can together with you collaborate in monitoring traitors or people who want to screw us or ban them ;))

    4. Sinan.47


      I'm sure that people who play games can apply to request a room for our teamspeak server as before 


      Now it's time for this place to grow 🔥

  9. REQUEST TO MODERATOR ARE OPEN ! Just be sure that you are active in your projects. NOTE: For those members who dont have any activity we can deal, I will only ask that you start your activity and have a compromise with the projects, otherwise the rank will be removed. (If you are agree with this PM ME)
  10. yo tambien quiero chance :v

    1. S e u o n g

      S e u o n g

      For what? wym?

  11. Im searching for good MODERATORS 

    Loop Waiting GIF

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