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Russ ;x a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Aprilie 25 2020

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  1. Today must be CSBD birthday ...I dont see any wishes or celebration 

    1. #DEXTER


      hhh its too old to have a birthday

  2. when i saw my gallery , i was like "Wow how did i made this?!"

    i really forgot how to design...i didnt open ps since a year ago.

    tomorrow am gonna try to get back my skills 🥲

    1. 𝗽𝟭𝗺𝗽


      no, u will still be the same shi* xd

    2. 𝗽𝟭𝗺𝗽
  3. غابت الاسود يوماً فظنت الكلاب انها ملوك الغابة 


  4. V1 : Cool text ,effect and creative work ,really great V2 : I like the text and effects , but u raped it with that border + u got a kids taste My final vote is for V1.
  5. is this the csbd that i know? 

    what a damn changes -,-

    why 10k likes became so easy ? 

    Im sure its fake and illegal

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  8 alții
    2. -Sn!PeR-


      @Russ ;xdid u visit ts3 lmao? Like literally everyone is administrator lol

    3. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      @-Sn!PeR- it lost its value.

      there are admin's more than members 😑

      this is what happens when the kids take the lead

    4. myCro


      then if you dont want to be a snitch why are you bitching around like one?
      compared to a butt hurted member, those who are admins care capable to do something.

  6. andek nta zodj les compte?

  7. New profile photo : 


    1. King_of_lion
    2. ✘ tayab™ ✘

      ✘ tayab™ ✘

      Mazlek 3ych a sbi hhhhh


      bdit tat3alm tatsawar 😄

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