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  1. Here are the works, and only the GFX Team can vote: Avatar - Signature -
  2. I'm going to give you below some informations about 2 images you're gonna make: Avatar must be 150x250 Signature is 400x180 Use blur, brushes & light/dark adjustments Use text as you see fit, or don't use it at all. The watermark tho must be present under the form: CSBD, CsBlackDevil You can use After Effects to make them .gif (even better lol) The stocks are: avatar & signature Send them in PM.
  3. As you can see, we want to know your opinion if you would be interested in a Tournament, and in which game. The question is simple. If you DON'T, you're free to not vote at all. If this will be succesfull, I assure you our friends at Guardians of Gaming will be happy to help is with a tournament.

    I'm officially in the 10k club 🤸🏼

    tom jerry GIF

  5. Hello BIG BOSS! We need more tips... You know, bling bling. 😎

  6. This topic was made only to see if more people play League of Legends, maybe.. we'll talk with the GOG guys to make a tournament with nice prizes, who knows...


    Vote down here:


    1. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      for me - NO !

  7. We're interested in what level are you and what's the highest rank you've achieved.
  8. all these giveaways..

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      next REVAN Giveaways 2st Edition

    3. pulse.exe


      let's do a petition about revan to quit csbd

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      next REVAN Giveaway 2st Edition

  9. REVAN

    eL DrAg0's gallery

    Imi place compozitia si PROJECT Vayne-ul, dar, prea mult intuneric si prea multe surse de lumnina care au brightness prea mult. Semnatura e hands down smechera, dar ti-am zis, singurul lucru care ma deranjeaza e cand ma uit la ea si ma dor ochii din cauza luminii.
  10. Attach in the same reply your favourite(s) work(s) and tell me about everything you love in them. All I asked was to put a favourite work here and to describe it why you love it, but then you indirectly said you don't want to. But now, you say we ant to reject you. Right now, we have at least 1 reason why we can refuse you, because you cannot cooperate and that's essential in our team. Nobody is asking you for a CV, I'm asking you for a work that you really like to describe it to me, isn't that hard, you know?
  11. REVAN


    The perfect combination of colours doesn't exi-
  12. I don't know if you're romanian or not but I will ask you a couple of questions for you to answer whenever you can: Do you have a grade/rank in another community? If so, what rank. How much time do you spend on a daily basis on forum/design category. Attach in the same reply your favourite(s) work(s) and tell me about everything you love in them.