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    1. Adriana

      Adriana's Gallery ♥

      ¡Hello Devilish! Welcome to my album. If you are here it is because you do not know which image to choose for your avatar / signature. My content is based on girls and boys. Feel free to choose any image you like.
    2. @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ has been promoted to the new Leader of this project. @Y A S H™ has been promoted to the new Co-Leader of this project. Adding @Lord Edward As GFX Designers. @myCro has been removed from the GFX Team. Reason: Retirement. @nanelu has been removed from the GFX Team. Reason: Personal decision. @Agent 47' has been removed from the GFX Team. Reason: Personal decision.
    3. @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @Adriana @nanelu @King_of_lion @Y A S H™ @-Dark @Barış Arduç @#EVIL BABY @PANSHER @Lord Edward DESIGN © CsBlackDevil 2012-2021
    4. Adriana

      Lie, just LIE!

      I hate this server so much!
    5. *Dimensions: 400x50 / 400x80 / 400x100 / 300 x 50. Text: Coordinator / Leader / Co-Leader / Designers / GFX Helper. *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: Only Text. *Last request link: Other informations: Be creative, will sit in the description of a main category from the main page.
    6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends in this very special forum. I wish you all my best wishes, that you have had a great start to the year, that Santa Claus has brought you all his whims, and finally that you have good health and success for this new year that begins.


      I love you, I really appreciate you. And I want you to know that I still have a long way to go here, so you will have some more time with me. Kisses for all🥰

      1. Islem-


        Merry Christmas, kisses 😮?

      2. #EVIL BABY

        #EVIL BABY

        Happy new year ! Welcome Back !!!

    7. Hello @DarkRai , you are only enabled for one design (it is the avatar, or it is the cover, but not both) if you want two designs in the same request you must be a VIP member in the forum. Here are our rules so that you are not penalized. Members Rules Rejected.


      Why don't they give me the medal for a woman bb?

    9. Hello, @Loenex , I remember the last time you applied to join our design team, I really don't think your work is good enough, but I don't think it's bad enough either. So it will be evaluated like last time, please take the time you want to reply and make a good choice of your designs. ¡good luck! 1 Avatar with CSBD text, thematic: girl/boy 1 Signature with Blackdevil text, free thematic. 1 Server rank model.



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