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  3. 1 new game added: Call of Duty Modern Warfare (PC) Missed my list of games
  4. The Rules: You must be active at section "World of Games" - "Game Platforms" You must read our RULES to not avoid any problem You should post minimum 1 reviews per 24h in world of games section The Review must have 3 different colours,otherwise it will be directly hidded. You need to be active in TS3/Reviewers Room You should have respect for all the reviewer's members If your request get Rejected another one you can make after 1 week - ( 7 days ) Your Recruitment title must be like the example: [V-G-R's] Request Ntgthegamer. You cannot join the team if you are already part of 2 other project. Model: Nickname & Real Name: Age: Profile Link: How much time you can be active in Forum & TS3: Link of Reviews you have posted : How much you rate VGame Reviewers Team 1-15: Why do you want be part of the Reviewer's team: Any suggest you want to make for your Request: Some topics that will help you:
  5. Hello, We have seen many members even Journalists post the same Review of a game again without looking if its been posted or not. This is breaking one of the rules and it will be boring posting the same review over and over again cause no one will care to read, it will get boring. For those Journalists who don't know how to check if something has been posted or not we will show you how. 1. Say if I wanted to Review fortnite (there are many seasons of this game I know but Im showing an example) you go to the search bar and search your game then enable Topic and Content title only 2. Click enter then you find if it has been posted or not as you can see here fortnite has been reviewed season X This tutorial was made by Ntgthegamer, if you need any additional help, don't hesitate to contact or any leader!
  6. Most of you know lately. The team VGame Reviewers was disband. the Moderators team took over the management World of Games Category. Moreover, at the last staff meeting we reached to reactivate this project and here we are. Herein are some specifics details you should quite understood with reference of World of Games category. we refined the same topic and it is replicated from the previous theme. Posting Rules You have 3 modes for posting: Review / News / Updates. These things should appear in your title before the game's title. Examples: [Review] Counter Strike: Global Offensive ; [Update] God of War is having a new patch ; [Update] Apex Legends adding a new legend to the game A review could have simply just the game's title without any information. The news and updates instead, you can have in the title little details about it. (examples above) When posting a review, you must consider having at least 2-3 photos. The review topic must be large, more photos and videos about the game so people can see more and more. News and Updates not that much, just the necessary photos for the news or the update. The Review must have 3 different colours used on important things ( game informations , requirements..ect ) , mainly use the white color inside the review. You should post 1 review/new/update/ 1 post per 24 Hours. Close the topic(s) after some 2-3 days if nobody is interested in posting a reply. Have some tags at the game, maybe the genre or the abbreviation of the game. Example: Counter Strike: Global Offensive has CS:GO as an abbreviation and it's a #FPS game. Always, be more and more original about your post, don't just copy paste it from somewhere because it will look bad for others to read. Have some changes about the font, size & colours. Put some bold in the titles etc. If you review a game, have some System Requirements added in your topic. If you review a game that isn't out for buying/playing, put the date when the game it's coming out and for what platforms. Example: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order comes out November 15, 2019 for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE. Try and attach some high quality images for the topic, not small and low quality ones. 2. VIEWING A TOPIC This category has the option to approve or delete topics before posted. We delete topics only if they are in the approval state. We hide every topic that it's not good enough. We do not delete already posted topics. First thing you need to do when you see a topic it's posted is to check if the topic is already posted by another user. Now, if the new topic is better in term of images, quality, font & text, you approve it and put the old one on hide (if the old one is not that great). We need quality not quantity. If you are viewing a topic which is already approved by someone and it's bad, meaning that it doesn't have photos, it's clearly 100% copy pasted from another site and it's not checked by the user who posted it, hide it. Edit the title's topic with [Review] ; [News] ; [Updates] if the user that posted the topic didn't or couldn't. Close the topic after 2-3 days. 3. GAMING PLATFORMS Below are the games for each platform. Steam (most of the games are posted on Steam, but if you need to be sure, write the game on google and have a look if it's posted on Steam.) Origin Apex Lengeds Star Wars (all games) Anthem Battlefield (all games) The Sims (all games) FIFA (all games) Madden (all games) Need for Speed (all games) Mass Effect (all games) Titanfall (1 & 2) Unravel (two) Fe A Way Out Uplay Anno Assassin's Creed (all games) Far Cry (all games) For Honor Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (all games) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (all games) South Park Steep The Crew (1 & 2) The Division (1 & 2) Trials Transference Watch_Dogs (1 & 2) Battle.net World of Warcraft Warcraft III Diablo III StarCraft StarCraft II Hearthstone Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Destiny 2 Most of the games above have already a review, let's see if you can make another one, but much better. Oh, and, they all recieve news and updates. We have also Other Games, there you post console games: PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 and XBOX ONE, but only EXCLUSIVES! Some exclusive games for PS4: God of War Marvel's Spider-man Uncharted 4 The Last of Us Some exlucisve games for XBOX ONE (Microsoft doesn't have so many Xbox exclusives because they always share the games with the PC): ASHEN Forza Horizon Halo This topic. Owe to re-edit from time to time. So check out here. always and constantly.
  7. Hello all CSBD devils, A few members ask us how we can become V-G-R Members, so today we have come up with this topic to make it more easier for you all V-G-R rely on their activity on "World of Games" to raise the category up, one of the most important things is to be active in the section by posting 1 topic following the rules. Make sure to know the Rules read it carefully and apply it to your post As we know, almost the categories of "World of Games", talking about gameing, (Games reviews, news, updates, etc.), this means that you must have reliable resources to benefit from, Not just copy and paste, as the rules say, your topic should be integral, and fully with useful information If you think you are capable to be part of the team request here I wish we helped you by these tips, for any questions contact me or any other V-G-R Member.
  8. @pulse.exe @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @XZoro™ @-Dark @Destrix @Sayfmrak ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ @#PREDATOR @#REDSTAR ♪ ♫ @#Em i[N]O' @#Sissa @King_of_lion @Blackfire @Vector- @#MAYHEM @PRODEXOR
  9. Hello, In this video, one VGame Reviewer will teach you how to post a review. Check this out:
  10. Hello everyone who sees my Post and reads it now Today I came with a definition for you, what is the meaning of a review, what is the benefit of it, how to do it and the system requirements and about video of review Review : First, let me explain to you what the word "review" means A review of the game means that you will make a review and this review contains information about the game itself and if you want to create a review you must be playing in this game a lot and get to know it 100% Now let us pass on what is the benefit of it benefit of it : Now let us pass on what is the benefit of it The benefit is for the reader and the researcher who searched for the review. You will benefit him in the first that he will know what is inside the game and what its advantages and the quality of the game etc ... and this does not get tired and you carry the game and you run it and you discover what is only you can read the review and learn what How to Creat Review : How this review was created. The review, as I said before, you have to be playing in this game for a long time in order to know what is in it and you can bring these reviews from other sites. For example, I want to create a review. I must take some pictures of the game and be very accurate in order to make the continent have the will to read the entire review. Also, you must mention all the information in the game. System Requirment Means : Fourth, let me let you know what the system requirements are. Let me explain it to you simply. System requirements are the requirements for equipment on your computer, Mac, etc. .. and if your device is less than it, you will encounter problems such as slow game play or getting a game chopping And if you have time or are interested in organizing your review, you can add some embellishments, etc. ... Video of review : Fifth, let me explain what is in the video for the review The video for the review is information but audio is not the same as written review. Here is the same information, but the continent adds some words
  11. Info We Gamblers Add Football Bets in Casino Just to make it clear We don't MAKE POINTS out of this Job. Rules: You must have 300+ Topics You're English skills must be VERY good You must have joined fourm 1 Year+ A Clear History which means you know rules very well and haven't gotten warned You must be a Fan of Football which means watching it on TV or have good Knowledge on the teams You must have had 5 wins+ Casino You can join this project even if you are in other projects too, if you have time to be active in this project, why not?! If Rejected you can make another Request in 2 weeks Model: Name: Age: Country: How would you say your English skills are: Why do you want to be Gambler: What Football team do you support: Your Favorite league: Favorite player: Do you use Team-Speak?: Screenshots of your 5 wins:
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