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    Manager CS 1.6
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    “If you're trapped in the dream of the Other, you're fu*ked.”


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    Gaming, Movies, Design, Video Editing, Police Videos.
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  2. i can talk you with ts3 

  3. Officer Jeremiah Leland shot and killed an armed suspect after he charged at him with a knife.
  4. V1 - 4 Votes (The Ghost) V2 - 5 Votes (Nexy) V2 Wins.
  5. Your idea got some positives but in the same time it has many negatives and flaws that could affect points system in the community, as who mention above the community has many servers and most of the time you will find servers that running some bots which can be easily earn from them a high rate of score, also it may harm an unspecified servers, an example players will tend to add bots to the server to get a high score and by that it will result a gametracker banned to the server. Overall, your idea is attractive but it's needs some working and expansion and personally i would like to see it in the near future but without any flaws.
  6. After confronting a man leaving a store after an attempted robbery, this Police Officer's body cam catches the exact moment he was shot at by the suspect, sustaining life-threatening injuries from shots to the neck, arm, and chest.
  7. FULL STORY: On March 12, 2019, Brandon Stacey entered Grifols Biomat plasma donation center in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Stacey, an employee, went straight to the bathroom and when he exited, he fired a single shot from a handgun into the ceiling, telling workers to call the police. Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officers Brendan Westrick and Emily Weston entered the building. Stacey raised his gun toward Westrick. Westrick and Stacey exchanged gunfire, Westrick fired 10 rounds at Stacey before he was hit twice in his bulletproof vest and once in the gun holster. After Westrick fell to the ground, Weston engaged the subject firing 13 rounds. Stacey was pronounced dead at the scene. Officer Brendan Westrick was transported to the hospital were he was treated and released. Both officer Westrick and Weston were placed on paid administrative leave per department policy. On April 16, Kalamazoo County Prosecutor Jeff Getting cleared both officers for firing their weapons during the incident.
  8. Nexy cant Receive Messages .. i need to pm you 

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  10. Social media platform Twitter says it has "taken action" on "more than 700 examples of hateful conduct" in the last two weeks after several Premier League players were racially abused. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba and Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham are among those who have been targeted. The online service says it will "continue to take swift action". It has also met clubs and other football bodies in an attempt to "tackle the issue collectively". "This vile content has no place on our service," it said in a statement. "We want to play our part in curbing this unacceptable behaviour." United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard have been among those asking for social media companies to do more to curb racist behaviour on their platforms. Pogba, Abraham and United forward Marcus Rashford were all abused after missing penalties for their clubs. Twitter said: "In the past two weeks, we have taken action on more than 700 examples of abuse and hateful conduct related to UK football. "We will continue to take swift action on the minority that try to undermine the conversation for the majority. In that same time, we have met with the Professional Footballers' Association, Kick It Out and directly affected football clubs, and agreed a number of proactive measures to tackle this issue collectively. "Working with the PFA, we will participate in their player training programme, and will be joining a series of educational sessions with its membership to support the PFA's ambition to tackle the issue. "Working with Kick It Out, we will continue our working relationship with UK policing to further brief them and provide training on our policies, procedures and dedicated 24/7 reporting channels for law enforcement. "To be clear, this behaviour does not reflect the vast majority of fans who use Twitter to participate in vibrant conversations around football in the UK. We have spent years forging strong partnerships with clubs, organisations and supporters and deeply value the relationships."
  11. Congratulations to @Ntgthegamer for wining the giveaway! connect me via teamspeak to claim the gifts Thank you all for participating, huge more giveaways are in the way!
  12. V1 has a nice lighting effects, the text is decent, V2 has an incredible text & effects. Voting V2.

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