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    porn / memes
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    am homeless

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  1. #Anis

    Check this

    stay strong bud u can beat that shitty virus
  2. Come discord 

  3. #Anis

    [Rejected] ADMIN REQUSET

    seen you this morning wondering why you got removed here is the reason
  4. #Anis

    [Accepted]Request ADMIN

    deserves a chance.
  5. come ts bro ??

  6. i like it xd get The F Out xd

    1. #Anis



    2. #Mr.EVIL


      hahahahah me too xD 

  7. upvoting ur idea also add triple jump .
  8. #Anis

    [Warned]Report admin

    also look at the ss u shared i said '' i have to slay u '' u told me yes
  9. #Anis

    [Warned]Report admin

    u were down of the map , which is an advantage and makes the assassin UNABLE TO KILL YOU. what have i done wrong???
  10. ¤ Nickname : Anis ¤ Age : 20 ¤ Country : Tunisia ¤ Can you be online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM) : yes ¤ Link of hours you played on server (Click) : ¤ Reason that you want to be admin in StreetZM : basically am enjoying playing in this server but i realized that there is many admins afk while players r asking for assistance and suffering from rule breakers so i decided to apply for admin to help those kind of players whenever they face any problem like that. ¤ Other information : no thx
  11. Omg you still alive ?

    Ramadan Kareem 

    1. #Anis


      u2 welcome back king ❤️

  12. ¤ Your name: Anis ¤ Claimed Admin name: AIM_ShoT ¤ Date and time: mins ago ¤ Reason of complaint: biase ( a player called '' big tities '' involved my parents when i was talking in the chat , aim shot saw what he said but he didnt bother taking any actions he just reacted with '' hhh'' but when i flamed that guy back he gagged me instantly) ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): Big TitiS : ask ur mom she know all about me AUTISTIC Anis : OK Big TitiS : ur dad to ZorG ^ : slay [Legend Will Never Die] AIM_ShoT : hhh Player A.N.R anouar A.N
  13. #Anis

    [Accepted] Taq request

    Accepted T/C
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