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Manager CS 1.6

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19 Iron IV

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  • Dată naștere 06/26/2000


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    Not Telling
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    am homeless


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  1. @Mr.Crimson waiting for ur reply
  2. this screenshot doesn't prove anything , recording him would be better
  3. well, thats a good application u deserve a chance now Pro for helper
  4. ur behaviour is so bad i gagged u multiple times for insulting players for no reason + ur always asking for ammo *DEAD* hamza++++++++++++++++++++++++++ : noob u just said this NOW after u got killed , if u really wanna become an admin u better start improving ur behaviour / activity CONTRA FOR NOW .
  5. where is the proof ????????
  6. Contra u copied the application + ur from kazakhstan not venezuela
  7. ¤ Nick Admin: -TeKKeN!= ¤ Grade: administrator ¤ Sanction: warning 1/3 ¤ Reason: [ADMIN] -TeKKeN!=: made -TeKKeN!= frost due to camping [ADMIN] -TeKKeN!=: made -TeKKeN!= unfrozen
  8. Jastin : you ara kids Jastin : nop *ALIVE* No Time! Sauber Bowie : want ban *ALIVE* Jastin : gag [ADMIN] Sauber Bowie: gag Jastin for 6 minutes *ALIVE* No Time! Sauber Bowie : done u r the one who asked for that gag , so stop causing drama

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