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    Head Shot Zm non homo.
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    Gaming and smoke weed
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    Non Where


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  1. Extra Items reduction in prices Contra Adding Damage Indicator Contra Zombie classes Pro
  2. Welcome To Our Server and I wish You Best ! HIGHLIFEZM STAY HIGH
  3. never missing you ❤️

  4. This what happen when you destroy a server stay strong 


  5. Your nickname: Crimson Your real name: hcene Your grade: owner Your birthday: 09/05/1996 Time Remaining till birthday: idk
  6. Crimson!


    if we add a Plugin Slay AFK well be Great at Night Time ? then Slay a Admin Higher Then Your Rank we well get a Problem about Reports....
  7. am with you about Assassin Vs Sniper Round am with you about NightMare Round am with you about Armaggedon Round am with you about Plague Round Nice Suggestion I really Like it, those mistake Must Be Fixed a Soon as Possible GL
  8. [3] is 100%100 LEFT 4 DEAD 2
  9. .-. worst player :'D

  10. What is your nickname ?: Crimson! What is your real name ? : hcene What do people call you ? : Crimson How old are you ? : 23 In which country and city do you live ? : Algeria , Alger , EL HARRACH In which country would you like to live in ? : USA Describe yourself : aaaaaaaaa? What are your favorite games ? : Alot How many hours do you spend on gaming ? : 12 hours What are your favorite movies / shows ? : alot How did you find HighLifeZM ? : am old member Would you like to suggest something that would make the server better ? : anti freeze for the first zombie
  11. Hello CSBLACKDEVIL Members ?

  12. you playing cs:go on HellZone?

    1. Nyx.
    2. Crimson!


      i don't think only you using that nickname xd

  13. hello to my friends am really miss you guys ❤️



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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