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  1. 9. Rules for managers of servers9.1 Using the terms of Zombie Plague 6.0/ 6.2 / 6.2 UltimateX, 6.3, 6.4, in DNS or categories name is forbidden, except if the Addons running on that server are original from CSBLACKDEVIL. 12 hours before I will delete your server!
  2. i got banned for no reason man on cs 1.6 zombir plague they think im hacker because im pro and i want admin please becasue i dont want to get banned and my nick is Shyloo

    1. Mr.Love


      Make a complaint request

    2. Shyloo


      • Nickname: Shyloo
      • Steam ON?: ON
      • Age: 15
      • Your Country: Algeria,Djelfa
      • Admin experience:(Very Good/Pro)
      • Can you spectate in day/night [Yes/No]: Yes
      • Why do you want to be admin in FUN:  Yes
      • Other informations: i dont like cheaters and swearing
  3. Lotto este un add-on al aplicatiei DEVIL SHOP, care permite tuturor membrilor comunitatii noastre să-și joace punctele pe diverse loterii create de membrii grupului DEALERS din ZONA LOTTO. Ghiciți cele 6 numere norocoase și faceți o baie in "coins-uri". =============================================================== Lotto is a add-on for DEVIL SHOP, It will allow our members to gamble their points on lotteries created by DEALERS in LOTTO AREA. Guess the lucky 6 numbers and make a bath with coins.
  4. i love you

  5. Hello Mr.Love, i did a proposal 2 months ago and i didn't receive any answer from Administration, can you check please?

    Have a nice day.

    1. -Mody




  6. New MEDAL:   RELAX FAN - especially for RELAX.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM players 😍


  7. salut mr love ma poti ajuta sa fac o cerere de admin?


  8. UPDATE RO: Problema avatarelor a fost rezolvata! EN: Avatars problem was solved!
    • Nickname: S.m.O.k.E.r
    • Contact: Instagram
    • Age: 17
    • Your Country (Location): Pakistan,Karachi
    • Can you stay online between these hours?: (2:00 AM to 12:00 PM): Yes
    • Reason that you want to be admin: To maintain server rules and help the other players on the server
    • Experience as admin: None
    • how well can you speak English?: Good
    • other Information: None
    1. [LG] loasol872

      [LG] loasol872

      adonde consigo mi admin


  9. GTA V €29.99 FREE - Sale ends 5/21/2020 at 6:00 PM


    Click image to download



    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  5 alții
    2. jay™


      Can I run it xD


    3. #LiNeX


      @jayden™ wtf no you cant you have shit pc

    4. .Straju



      @jayden™ yep u can

  10. RO În "Ţara lui Invers", "porcii" sunt într-o competiţie foarte strânsă cu "măgarii"... Ne facem rau singuri cand am putea sa bem o bere linistiti in miez de noapte in timp ce ne jucam ceea ce ne place. Am mai mentionat si subliniat in anunturi anterioare: Asadar: RoyalZM.CsBlackDevil.Com ( ) - dezafiliat si raportat la Toti managerii serverului anterior mentionat au fost intorsi la gradul de membru in cazul in care detineau grupe administrative. AVIZ AMATORILOR!
  11. gg new upadtes looks soo cool 😉

    please restock this devilish looks cooler i want to buy it please please 😄 

    1. [Paul]


      ty dear i purchase it god bless you 😉 

  12. 5 DEVELISH MEDALS for first 5 members who reply here!

    lets go GIF by Miles Brown

  13. 8 ani - pas cu pas catre 80! Dragii noștri, am implinit 8 ani de când comunitatea noastra face tot posibilul sa va fie o a doua casa. Vrem să vă mulțumim întâi vouă, membrilor, pentru că fără voi nu am exista. Mulțumiri speciale și managerilor de servere pentru treaba minunată pe care o fac și nu în ultimul rând, mulțumim din suflet administratiei CsBlackDevil. Am ajuns aici datorită vouă, așa că vă invităm pe toți să vă bucurați alaturi de noi: Lasati un reply cu o urare in acest topic si veti intra in concurs! Primul castigatori - 10 euro paypal Al doilea castigator - 1 VIP 3 luni Al treilea castigator - 1 VIP 2 luni Al patrulea castigator - 1 VIP 1 luna Castigatorii ii vom anunta in decursul acestei saptamani! La multi ani CSBLACKDEVIL! ================================================================================= 8 years - step by step to 80! Dear ones, it is 8 years since our community did its best to be your second home. We want to thank you, the members, first, because without you we would not exist. Special thanks to the server managers for the wonderful work they do and last but not least, many thanks to the CsBlackDevil administration. We are here because of you, so we invite you all to enjoy with us: Leave a reply with a wish on this topic and you will enter the contest: First winner - 10 euros paypal Second winner - 1 VIP 3 months Third winner - 1 VIP 2 months Fourth winner - 1 VIP 1 month We will announce the winners this week! Happy birthday CSBLACKDEVIL! Adi [ ak Mr.Love ] - administrator CsBlackDevil Community