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  1. hey bro thanks for 

    Halloween Contest Entry

  2. Toate addonsurile marca CSBD sunt licentiate pe IP si DNS. Daca pana la ora 00 : 00 nu schimbati numele serverului, veti fi dezafiliati.
  3. 9. Regulament manageri servere 9.1 Utilizarea in DNS sau in categorii a termenilor Zombie Plague 6.0 / 6.2 / 6.2UltimateX / 6.3 / 6.4 /, este strict interzisa, exceptand situatia in care addonsul ce ruleaza pe server este unul original marca CSBLACKDEVIL.
  4. Points amount is back in your profile!

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  5. i love you 

    1. -Apex


      *Rest in peace* 

    2. Shyloo


      it's just a game action or reality so i chosoe reality and lost told me to say i love you

    3. King_of_lion


      <15:36:38> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"
      <15:36:38> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"
      <15:36:38> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"
      <15:36:39> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"
      <15:36:39> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"
      <15:36:41> "-LosT": Go forum , profile Mr.Love , post status "I love you"v

  6. video games boredom GIF


    Hundreds of RedAlert2 hours????!!

    Let's pass to WORLD WAR Z 😄

  7. Am redenumit aplicatia GALLERY in DESIGN I renamed GALLERY with DESIGN

    Relaxing and working...



  9. Mr.Love

    Power Is Power 2

    Cersei from GOT.
  10. ============RO============== Intr-adevar feedback-ul membrilor este foarte important. Exista mai multe posibilitati in ceea ce priveste viitorul DESIGNului in comunitatea noastra odata cu implementarea Gallery: activitatea pe vechea categorie de Design sa scada activitatea pe noua platforma Gallery sa nu se ridice conform asteptarilor activitatea sa scada si intr-o parte si in celalalta Ideea este ca trebuie sa luam cea mai buna decizie in asa fel incat lucrurile importante sa continue in ambele locuri. Tineti minte momentul in care am adaugat platf
  11. For these who want to play RED ALERT 2 online with us, you can buy a key from here: = 4,39 euros

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Mr.Love


      Nu-ti trebuie pc bun. Este un joc de prin 1999 :))

    3. Askor lml

      Askor lml

      nice 16000 :v

    4. Mr.Sebby


      Tot nu te lasi? :)))

  12. Remove: Revan - recount number of likes and content Pulse - recount number of likes and content
  13. frate poți să răspunzi la mesajul că te las, te rog

  14. I truly like what you are doing in last few month, you are bringing great changes and giving Members a great reason to be more active.

    This Community was like an adventure to me and i am sure it's still is for you 👌?


    I just want to wish you best in your upcoming updates and changes you are bringing to this Community with your Staff.


    Regards from your friend to @Mr.Love



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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