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  1. dont have proof ican't go back console because get destroy you can go back to FTP ,you have the right to give me destroy ?
  2. Your nick:Nirvana Your ip ( www.iptest.192.168.101 Your STEAMID: i have ! The reason you have been banned: get destroy without reason The admin who banned you: Smile The time: Today Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo):
  3. Ohter managers they do not understand arabic Send it to them also'' keep your tongue in your mouth '' , you see them only what helps you in report You did not respect the players ,Because all players want to change ,change the map is in the opinion of the majority not the grade
  4. ¤ Your name: Nirvana ¤ Claimed Admin name: Sm!le ¤ Date and time: Now : Now ¤ Reason of complaint: I have got destroy ?? Controversy about vote map ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): 08/28/2019 - 22:24:57: [ZPA62.amxx] "[AMXX] Sm!le' destroy Nirvana"
  5. Welcome Back