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    ~Respect and be respected~


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  1. You failed 1 time as Co-Owner. If you want grade God send your Nick tag pw
  2. No privado datos! Lea las reglas. For password. Read the Ruls to finde the password. If you want Admin you must know English Contra
  3. IceT

    Report Admin

    @MALI 24 hour to reply or the report will be accepted automatically with suspend.
  4. Rejected 1 hour ago you request in Thunderzm and you was accepted as Elder. it was not enough for you ? you just care abaut the big grade, we do't need so peolpe @JaEgArN check here you accepted him and he request for biger grad lol.... next pls next ... more more seriousness pls
  5. IceT

    Downloads Giveaway

    Name: ICE-T^ Tag your friend : @PranKk. & @Profesoru
  6. IceT

    [Accepted] Tag request

    Accepted. Send nick tag pw T /C
  7. The password is good Accepted as Helper Send nick tag pw T /C
  8. Password is good. Accepted as Helper. Send nick tag pw T /C
  9. Rejected forever Rejected Rejected. Next pls

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