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  1. Thankyou everyone The best job in the world to be a father
  2. Nick: ICE-T^ Ip: Unique ID: XOh5kSycSdZDJW+LLRq7PHLICtY= Cine te-a banat: IDk Detalii: I didin't make any advertising to another community i know the all ruls, i am old member / i was founder to many server. and now i am retired, i come to visit and i see i am banned for permanently Poze: Motiv: You are banned permanently. Reason: "reclama la alta comunitate !"
  3. I miss u tamas! My loves friend 

    best friends besties GIF

    1. IceT


      I miss u too my broo. cheack your faceboock

  4. Thankyou. I like it very much. Great job
  5. Mary Cristian for all members of csbd! 

    Sărbători fericite și Crăciun fericit vă doresc tuturor Csbd

  6. IceT


    Hello staff Highlifezm i want to say it was wery good with us but i must Retire for the moment bc soo my soon will be bornin . sometime next year i will back but for the moment i can not help you guy's. pls take care for the server. Thankyou @[email protected]@PranKk. and for all my Friends who is here or absent. @Hawkeye @ZZIIZZOU ♔@[email protected] Anouar A.N.R @MasterKid™etc.......... excuse if i mised someone but tha name list is to big for call all my friends i will not forget you guys i will wisite you sometime and see next your 2020 . Happy birstday for all After 24 hour passed you can hide this topic Thankyou
  7. Hello all im Retired 2077359551_letlts.jpg.e86e34863ce66aaea1efe768d3c1efed.jpg

    Soon my soon will be borning 🍼😇👶🏼😘

    see you next year

  8. Welcome back to HighLifezm

  9. I give you also Pro for Helper.
  10. Rejected. Next pls Topic is open. Searching Admins who can help us To be accepted read ruls too finde the password Who is the Next?
  11. I think he need suspend for read ruls. We don't have gag 2 min!!!
  12. IceT

    [Rejected] Request Tag

    Rejected bc you are not active T/C

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