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  1. you got voted Negative sorry my friend New request in a week! Rejected! T/C
  2. Accepted as Helper Pm: Nick,Pw and TAG Good Luck T/C
  3. Master sorry about that but in this case maybe you asked for ammo/mod/jet or spammed where you get gag for 6 minutes and in this Savage is supposed to post the ban on his bannlist (awaiting to see this) and your report is without proof too this report will be REJECTED directly T/C
  4. Welcome to NEWLIFE and Have fun T/C
  5. i give you a chance Accepted as Helper for the moment. Incrase activity and get higher an grade. Pm: Nick,Pw and TAG T/C
  6. -Pw from rules is wrong thats a copy paste -you need 40 hours played on server to request Rejected Next request after 1 week T/C
  7. Hello everyone i wanna use the option and thank the Romenien rescue team that help our brothers in the tragedy that happen 2 days ago in Albania and thanx to everyone who helps! Pray for Albania If you cant help in one or another way at last pray for them its a part of help
  8. Your one of our best Admins with a good activity and help players and admins in game Accepted!
  9. accepted as Helper Pm:nick,Pw and TAG T/C
  10. Accepted as Helper! Pm:Nick,Pw and TAG T/C
  11. Broo, Upgrade my admin 

    Look my activty on gt

  12. i wanna try my luck Name:ThheincredibleHulk Tag: @wizz @PranKk. @Profeosru @Playboy™ Important:all around me
  13. Proof is clear and we have more reports about him Report accepted! Since hes a VIP he will be without access for 5 days only with imunity until he read and accept the server rules -Use of zp_giveap for VIP is allowed at max.100 ammo for map! -zp_jetpack can be use only after round for have passed -also all rules must be followed like Slap/Slay/Kick/Ban/Destroy by not abuseing the commands T/C

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