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  1. you provoked him and also you cut the video to skip conversation Rejected T/C
  2. Hello guys sry for inactivity Hulk will be back ASAP Love all
  3. Multiple accounts also you dont meet the minimum requirments to join as Admin Request denied your always welcomed as a player or you can request only for TAG Rejected T/C
  4. Salah sry what happen bro but Anna is founder or daddy boss and in this case Anna can ask you and even punish you she can also use commands on you the proof from your side is very clear also Anna should stop that and you should be on your grade.
  5. you are welcomed everyday but if you or anyone breaks the rules i punish you everyday im sorry for the direct answer but i dont tolerate anything against the server rules buddy nothing against you anyone here but since you new guys started touching the server we fall so much down and all my effort to get server 32/32 was gone ind this case i blame @wizz too cus he tolerated something like that also it would be nice if wizz came here and give an answer to this case every admin and every player know what for an effort i made to rech the max. and everything got ruined since that i dont even care if i got removed or punished in any way,but i tell you 1 thing If i leave everyone leavs here cuz everyone in newlifezm is my friend i was so kind with everyone i even punished my friends my admins everyone this is the last replay to this case from my side as i said on teampro's replay if anyone goes against the rules i punish them even if hes the last player on server sry again much love Hulk
  6. bro im really sorry but if anyone goes against the rules i punish them and i dont really care if theres only you and me on the server.
  7. btw forgot spec isnt allowed at all for admins only if they check a player from hack/cheat players is strictly forbiden
  8. uhaaa really nice i got a rteport for the 1st time xD Team i respect every player and admin at the same state and everyone knows that right now i lost PW for FTP i wanted to get the log and post it here be fair 1.the map zm_ice_attack3 i saw you down as zm and you dont attack so i slapped you 2.after that yoi joined the spec from a zombie in mod correctly as nemesis 3.i wanted to make the reason "no retry or join spec from mod" by the way i want higher ups to make a correct deccision not ignore that cuz im manager if my decision was negative i should be punished ooo im so excited i got my 1st report I LOVE YOU BABY
  9. Accepted PM Nick, Pw T/C
  10. i give you a chance to upgrade but your daylie activity must incrase new grade:Semi-God GL T/C
  11. @IceT Since he was the one helping me join CSBD and Newlife

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