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    Menzel Ennour


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  1. khoya la3ziz tewahachtak ❤️

  2. Emino wlh lik wa7cha -_ 

  3. Still waiting for you , more stronger than before , hope your problems get solved soon , much love ❤️ 



  4. Until your back mate , You was a honor for the staff team

  5. Hello sir ! 

    I want to be moderator like you , can you help me to achieve that ?? I will be so pleased if u do !

  6. wach ya l7biba ha rab ta3k win rak 


    1. #Em i[N]O'

      #Em i[N]O'

      Wallhi 3andi chiwaya machakil n7elha wo narja3 inchalla 

      Wo zid corona 

  7. #Em i[N]O'

    Can you guess the logo?

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 64 seconds
  8. I will vote to DH1 Cuz It has a special rhythm + lyrics
  9. Name : @#Em i[N]O' Tag Your Friend : Devil Harmony teams , VGR teams , Zm OldSchool Teams
  10. Leeds face the toughest possible start to their first Premier League campaign in 16 years Champions Liverpool will face Championship winners Leeds United in the standout opening weekend game of the 2020-21 Premier League season. Championship play-off winners Fulham will host Arsenal, while West Bromwich Albion, the third promoted side, are at home to Leicester City. The opening round of fixtures will take place on the weekend of 12 September. However, Manchester City v Aston Villa and Burnley v Manchester United will be rearranged. Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers' opening matches are both scheduled for Monday, 14 September after their slightly earlier European exits. The Blues are at Brighton, while Wolves go to Sheffield United. The other opening weekend fixtures are Crystal Palace v Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur v Everton and West Ham United v Newcastle United. Exact dates and kick-off times will be confirmed when the television selections are made. Matches will be played behind closed doors amid the coronavirus pandemic. The English Football League fixtures will be announced at 09:00 BST on Friday. Premier League fixtures opening weekend (exact dates to change) Crystal Palace v Southampton (12 Sep) Fulham v Arsenal (12 Sep) Liverpool v Leeds United (12 Sep) Tottenham Hotspur v Everton (12 Sep) West Bromwich Albion v Leicester City (12 Sep) West Ham United v Newcastle United (12 Sep) Brighton v Chelsea (14 Sep) Sheffield United v Wolves (14 Sep) Burnley v Manchester United (later date) Manchester City v Aston Villa (later date)
  11. The wife of a Slovak man who died in Belgian police custody has called for a fresh inquiry after shocking images of his detention emerged. Jozef Chovanec was arrested at Charleroi airport in 2018 after causing a disturbance on his flight. While in custody, he began banging his head on the wall of his cell to the point of bleeding. A group of officers are later seen pinning him down. Chovanec was taken to hospital, but fell into a coma and died the next day. The images from the cell show several officers laughing during the incident, while another appears to give a Nazi salute. Another is filmed sitting on Chovanec's rib cage for 16 minutes. His death has drawn parallels in Belgium with the case of George Floyd, who died in May after a police officer knelt on his neck during his arrest in the US. 'He couldn't breathe properly' "I want to know what happened and why [the police] behaved that way," his wife, Henrieta, told Het Laatse Nieuws, the Belgian newspaper that obtained the footage. Before his death in February 2018, Chovanec owned a company that recruited Slovakian construction workers for projects in Belgium, and he frequently commuted between the two countries for his business. His family said they do not know the reason for his erratic behaviour during police custody, and an autopsy revealed he had not been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. "Something seemed to be going on with my husband, he wasn't feeling well, but the police ignored my husband all night," said Mrs Chovancova. "When they saw the blood, they should have given him first aid. Instead, they sat on him with so many people. He couldn't breathe properly." Widespread revulsion Two years after his death, a police investigation is continuing, and Mrs Chovancova has called for a new judge to be appointed. A spokesperson for the Charleroi public prosecutor's office said all officers involved in the incident had been interviewed, but added that "due to the crisis surrounding Covid-19, there has been a delay". In the meantime, a police spokesperson told the Sudinfo website that the officer pictured giving the salute would be dismissed from 20 August. There has been widespread revulsion at the images among Belgian politicians. Interior Minister Pieter de Crem told Belgian media the images were "extremely shocking" and what had happened was "obviously out of all proportion". It was up to the police inspectorate to decide what action to take towards the officers involved, he said. A spokesman for the VSOA police union told Flemish broadcaster VRT "that Hitler salute and that dancing is utterly unacceptable and inappropriate", but the union did not know the case well enough to make accusations against the officers.
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  13. Name game: Besiege Price: $ 7,49 Link store: Offer ends up after X hours: 21 August MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP (latest SP) Processor: 2.2Ghz Dual Core Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: 512mb Dedicated VRAM DirectX: Version 9.0c Storage: 1 GB available space
  14. Deathloop has been pushed to Q2 2021, citing delays caused by work-from-home due to coronavirus. Deathloop, the next game from Arkane Studios, has been delayed from its holiday 2020 window. It is now slated for Q2 2021, and a statement from Arkane chalks the delay up to work-from-home structure due to the coronavirus taking "longer than normal." "This extra time will allow our team to bring Deathloop’s world to life with as much character and fun as you've come to expect from our team," the statement reads. "While we know this is the right decision for Deathloop, we share your disappointment, and apologize for making you wait even longer." The new release window, set for Q2 2021, puts it in sometime from April-June Deathloop is a shooter with a Groundhog Day twist. You play as an assassin named Colt on a deserted island that resets at the end of each day. He has to take out a series of targets before the day ends, and avoid a counter-assassin that's hunting him, to break the loop. A unique multiplayer element lets other players slip into your game as that counter-assassin, Juliana, whose job it is to protect the loop by taking out Colt before he can accomplish his mission.
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