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  1. Nyx.

    banlist nyx

    ¤ Date / Time :today's morning ¤ Nick: MoHaMMed___^ ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: 60 min ¤ Reason: ¤ Proof:
  2. Nyx.

    banlist nyx

    ¤ Date / Time :yesterday/hour ago ¤ Nick: gl/SAID.DZ ¤ IP:i used amx banip ¤ Time of ban: 3k mins/60 min ¤ Reason: insult mother/ rr.gag ¤ Proof:
  3. Nyx.

    banlist nyx

    ¤ Date / Time :yesterday ¤ Nick: Oussama ¤ IP:i used amx banip ¤ Time of ban: 3000min ¤ Reason:insult mother ¤ Proof:
  4. GUYS DONT VOTE WITHOUT SHOWING THE REASON BCS IT WILL FIX HIS PROBLOM for me PRO cuz u r old and good admin so let me give u a chance.
  5. ¤ Nick: Nyx ¤ Mention your friends: YOU! ALL OF NEWLIFE FAMILY
  6. WTF???????????????? bro why tf u request again !!!! contact bosses to bring back ur old grade! ps: he have 1k+ in old server activity do mind the new one, miss u PrO
  7. Nyx.

    [Accepted] request admin

    PRO good activity (except last 3 days) also respectful for server rules ! good luck
  8. Pro admin here before so i expect from u to fix ur dead activity
  9. Nyx.

    [Banlist] Yeezuz

    in this case u should slay him when ever he use it, also its not hack its commands changes ur model like: model_zombie model_vip model_adminstrartor...
  10. Your nick : Nyx Number chosen (1-40) : 18 Tag your friends : @Ru-gAL.™ @Gerardo Larreal. @#Steeven.™ @umbrellacorp @linko @#king 0F DARK @K (No Sound)'' @myCro @adel @WALKER亗 ...
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