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  1. Artist: Matthew Koma Real Name:Matthew Bair Birth Date /Place: June 2, 1987 Social status (Single / Married):Married Artist Picture: Musical Genres: Pop, Punk, EDM Awards: Billboard awards, BMI pop awards, MTV awards Japan Top 3 Songs (Names): Years, Wasted, Dare you Other Information:Since 2017 he has been in a relationship with Hilary Duff. On October 25, 2018, the couple welcomed their first child together and Duff's second, a girl named Banks Violet. In October 2020, the couple announced that Hilary was pregnant for the third time and with Koma's second child. In March 2021, their second daughter, Mae James Bai, was born.
  2. Music Title: Grenade Signer: Bruno Mars Release Date: 2010 Official YouTube Link: Information About the Signer: His music is characterized by displaying a wide variety of styles and influences and contains elements of varied musical genres. She has worked with a variety of artists of different genres; Mars acknowledges the influences his collaborations have had on his own music. As a child he was heavily influenced by artists such as Elvis Presley and frequently posed as this artist from a young age. Your Opinion About the Track (Music Video): Melancholic music .. and that inspires deep thoughts.
  3. The ECB has lifted the veto on the distribution of dividends from the bank, which will be able to return to remunerate its shareholders from October 1. The body led by Christine Lagarde relies on the improvement of the macroeconomic environment to make this decision, which the president of the Supervisory Board, Andrea Enria, had already advanced weeks ago. "The latest macroeconomic projections confirm the economic rebound and indicate reduced uncertainty, which is improving confidence in banks' capital trajectories," explains the European banking supervisor. Thus, on October 1, a ban that has been in force since the end of March 2020 will end. It is not the first time that the ECB has opened its hand on this matter. Already last December it allowed banks to distribute a maximum of 15% of their profit only if they do not exceed the ratio of maximum quality capital over risk-weighted assets by 20 basis points. Now, the end of the veto is final, although industry experts point out that it was at least controversial. “The ECB's decision not to allow banks to pay dividends to their shareholders was a measure with little sense in a competitive market, in which investors who seek to optimize their investment as much as possible have found themselves with a penalty and those who have wanted to invest in bank shares they have been able to see in that decision a dissuasive barrier whose reason they have not understood ”, explained to ABC Carlos Balado, professor at OBS Business School and director of Eurocofin. Of course, the end of these restrictions does not mean that entities have absolute freedom to distribute dividends. Despite the improvement in macroeconomic forecasts, the supervisor understands that the health crisis has not ended. In his statement, the ECB says it will continue to closely monitor companies to determine whether or not they are remunerating their shareholders. The ECB states that "banks must remain prudent in deciding their policies on dividend distribution and share buybacks." To do this, it asks "to carefully monitor the sustainability of its business model" and to adopt "prudent and forward-looking" measures. In addition, it recommends that entities "do not underestimate the risk that additional losses may have later in capital" when the credit support measures end. Balado still maintains that the veto was “perhaps a hasty or little studied measure, because the ECB has asked and asks the banks to reinforce themselves with capital, but they have limited this possibility by preventing that capital from being paid. The reason was based on the fact that, by not distributing dividends, more funds were available to face the crisis. But he points out that two issues were left. One, that banks were discriminated against with respect to other sectors; and two, that individuals who buy shares as a form of savings were harmed and the dividend "is income for them." Although this measure only affects entities directly supervised by the ECB, the body also says that national supervisory authorities - in the case of Spain, the Bank of Spain - will soon adopt similar measures for the banks under their supervision.
  4. Adriana Cerezo's face, who had looked happy and smiling all day, suddenly filled with tears. She had had her glory so close to her that she even got to savor it. Olympic gold. She was brushing her fingers over him, almost catching him, when a kick to her chest suddenly woke her from her sleep. She was left with a silver as consolation, the first medal of Spain in these Games, which with the passage of time will gain value for the young taekwondo player from Madrid. To travel to Tokyo, Adriana Cerezo had to be given permission by her parents. The data is enough to corroborate the insulting youth of the taekwondo player who, with only 17 years and 242 days, has captured the first medal for Spain in these Olympic Games. One of the earliest in the national sport, which also serves to uncork the champagne and open the party of the Spanish delegation in Tokyo 2020. Before contesting the final, already with the certainty of knowing herself on the podium, Adriana Cerezo took a nap. In a corner of the training area, with a sheet and a pillow that she had brought from the Olympic village, the Madrilenian slept her dreams and gathered strength for what was coming on her. More than the Thai Wongpattanakit, her rival was herself. If she suddenly forgot all that she had brought him here she would have to settle for silver. To remind her, there was her coach, Jesús Ramal, far from Tokyo due to the coronavirus restrictions, but very present throughout the day. You'll see how angry he's going to throw me now when I talk to him. If it is that I have thrown myself backwards… », recognized Adriana proud after one of the combats of her. Messages and calls that were repeated throughout the day. Like a well-matched marriage. Cerezo came out to that final with the same desire, although she soon realized that everything was going to be more complicated. The entity of her rival, undefeated in the last three years, forced her to take extreme precautions and so did the Spanish. The first round of hers was for her, but a double fall in the second of hers complicated things and made him go in tow (6-9. Just what had not happened in the entire Olympic tournament. He went to the last break Cerezo in search of air. She sat down in her chair as usual, closed her eyes and breathed. Trying to erase her mind. To escape. Just a few seconds to catch your breath and get back to battle. A kick brought him to a point of victory. Another one put him ahead with half a minute still fighting. A sigh in some sports. A world in taekwondo. She kept the Spanish guy looking askance at the clock as she blocked the seizures. All but. The cruelest. The one that stuck like a knife. A kick that left him without gold with three seconds to go. Tears. Cerezo's medal is the earliest of the Spanish Olympism in an individual sport since Atenas 04, when she achieved bronze in her floor exercise. In Barcelona 92, Faustino Reyes and Carolina Pascual, silver for both, can also boast of having reached the youngest podium. In Beijing 2008, Ricky Rubio was also champion before he turned 18. Cerezo was not weighed by the pressure in his first Games, nor by the lack of experience. In her second major tournament at the international level as a senior, the Madrilenian showed that she has plenty of self-confidence and that she has enough quality to beat anyone. She came out to every match with a smile on her face. She is confident and full of faith in herself. Gladly. Out there she had a lot of cattle and entered the tapestry with an advantage. She always did it with the lucky ribbon on her head, the same one that accompanied her in the pre-Olympic and that she has looked proud in Tokyo, and performing her imperturbable ritual. Three jumps, the first of them with the knees on the chest and the other two moving the legs back and forth. Movements with which she goes into a trance. That serve as concentration. She thus she was demolishing one by one the pieces that were put in front of her. The Olympic runner-up in Rio, Bogdanovic, fell first, whom Cerezo surpassed with a devastating second round; It was the turn afterwards for the Chinese legend Wu, to whom she gave a beating to blush - the abysmal difference in points prevented there from even a third round-; and, finally, in the semifinals she beat the bronze in the 2019 World Cup, the Turkish Yildirim. Three steps to the podium. Three victories towards glory. There was one more left, but the medal was in his pocket. Adriana's cry after securing the silver reached the sky after crossing the roof of the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. A kind of Asian Ifema where the Games have installed taekwondo. The installation, cold in itself, was chilling due to the absence of public and the oriental mania of putting the air conditioning on full blast. That is why Cerezo, warm-blooded, sought allies. «I need people. Let them encourage me and tell me that I am doing it right or wrong. That is why I have told everyone
  5. The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, assassinated on July 7 by an armed group in his private residence in Port-au-Prince, was buried this Friday in his hometown, Cap-Haitien, in the north of the impoverished country. The burial took place after a mass and ceremony in the gardens of the Habitation Village SOS, the private residence of the Moïse family on the outskirts of Cap-Haitien, attended by the first lady, Martine Moise, who was injured in the attack, the children of the couple, the prime minister, Ariel Henry, officials, relatives and supporters of Jovenel Moïse. The remains of the ruler were buried in the family pantheon. His coffin, covered by the national flag and the presidential sash, was displayed in a flower-adorned esplanade. The remains were guarded by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Haiti. The city of the Northern Department of Haiti was relatively calm in the morning, after a day of tensions on Thursday, and the police were generously deployed in the streets. The president was shot dead at his residence in Port-au-Prince in the early morning of July 7, in an attack by an armed commando made up of ex-Colombian military personnel that entered the presidential home without encountering resistance from the guards, who should have protected the life of the president. The president's widow, Martine, who was seriously injured in the night attack, arrived at the wake in rigorous black, in the middle of a security device, to the ceremony that was also attended by her children, the prime minister, Ariel Henry, and officials. of the government. By intervening in the civil ceremony, she Martine called for justice for the assassinated president, whom she, she assured, "was abandoned and betrayed." "You were brutally murdered. He has conspired against you. They hated you, they threw poison at you," she said, visibly upset. She stated that "the birds of prey" that killed her husband on July 7 "are still running through the streets. They are not even hiding. They are there watching us and listening to us." Moise received twelve bullet wounds during the attack that killed her on Wednesday, according to the justice of the peace in charge of the forensic report. Representatives of foreign delegations, the diplomatic corps and members of the government took turns offering their condolences to her family, in an open funeral that could be seen by the mourners from large screens displayed around. US President Joe Biden sent a high-level delegation to the funeral, including his ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and his new special envoy for Haiti, Daniel Foote. So far, 26 people have been arrested, including 18 Colombians, mostly retired military personnel, as well as 2 Haitian policemen and 6 civilians, some of them with dual US citizenship. Among those arrested is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian doctor living in the United States who, according to Haitian authorities, is the mastermind of the operation that killed Moise. Three other Colombians died in shootings with the Haitian Police that took place in the two days after the crime. At least 10 suspects are at large, including 5 Colombians and 5 other Haitians, the latter accused of participating in the planning.
  6. #Pro for helper but you must be tested for a week to improve your activity. We don't need you to be around most of the day afk .. we need active admins. Good luck
  7. Te extraño bb.. vuelve 💔

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      Muchos business, ando muy ocupado 💔, Nos encontráremos pronto 🥶♥️

  8. Name:Thehellkiller Link Profile: Remember: If you want to change the tag, you must request it is mandatory Name:Mohsen reb7y&3lele Link Profile: Remember: If you want to change the tag, you must request it is mandatory
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  10. The idea is very good. But I think that for the moment putting the ips addresses in the blacklist is enough.
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