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  1. Hello, I want to submit a request regarding: I want to become an admin?

    1. [M]anuel


      Hello dear friend, let me explain that it is not that easy to be an administrator it takes a long time here in the forum without mentioning that you must be active in everything and be part of the forum staff, I see that you are new, look I invite you to join our projects 

      so that you can start doing some activity and in the future you can make a request for the Forum Staff and like all people you would start from the bottom, I wish you the greatest success if you need some help you can contact me if you want information to join the projects you can send me a message too, good luck. Remember that to join the projects you must first learn to do your activity and if you want to learn I can teach you, good luck I hope you are happy here in our community,

    2. ~~Dark Shadow~~

      ~~Dark Shadow~~

      It's Allowed For All But Should Respect Rules & other's !!!

  2. I want to become a admin how is this done . Please reply.

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  20 alții
    2. Mr.Talha


      Bro because when the server is full. then Admin kick players or admins

    3. D D

      D D

      okey thank you

    4. Mr.Talha
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