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Something will be back soon !
  • Something will be back soon !

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    Codex Gigas.
  • Dată Naștere 02/16/2002


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  1. look who's here ? 

  2. few minutes ago i remembered you.I feel sadly because reason of your left is closing our project.We lost our project and we will never back it to our team.I mean you understand what we feel and please dont do this next time because it bring sadly things.Rest In Peace for our project.Take care brother and miss your left.




      [email protected]

      كيف يمكنني الحصول على vip في السيرفر


  3. Good Luck with your exams brother, Take CAre  we will miss you  ?

    We Waiting you back to csbd   ?

  4. See you later but don't be late ?

    come back soon

  5. Legends never die ! ?

    Good bye brother and thank you for all you did in the past !

    I will never forget you ? 




  6. Good Luck with your exams, comeback soon ??

  7. Take care Lunix 

    Iam cry bce u are want to left ? when u have time come to ts3 for talk u 


  8. take care bro we waiting you back to #csbd

  9. See you soon 

    Don't get Coranavirus 

  10. Good luck men , Take CAre  we will miss you  ?

    1. #Mr.Devil


      Wen ray7 lunix Oo

    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      He leave  or absent

  11. ugly.come ts if  u got a bit time 

  12. Poti sa il stergi pe DIa de acolo sus sub Gametracker?? 

    1. REVAN



      Please make a support ticket here.

  13. Lunix I

    Report Master_kill.

    Calm down, i see that he didn't notice that it opens the tab as it was connected to the uploaders room and not highlifezm channel, he did this and he thought that he was on highlife channel, No problem, nothing bad happened. @Master_Kill Just be more careful with what you do. #Solved
  14. Take care bro ❤️ 


    good luck GIF



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