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    Codex Gigas.
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  1. I like u Muzic Profile :) 

    i think i go baned from the server :D hahahha 

  2. Name ts3: Lunix I Unique ID [old identity]: HrbLRgom696u1CTV8FGOUbis9/0= What level did you have ?: 30 How many coins did you have in the balance ?: 170k Last entry on ts3?: 13/12/2019 Unique ID[new identity]: RdNZkdXTdfEfPhqZDwFBjut6IOc=
  3. no one can choose for you man, your affiliations only you know it, you have to leave one place, today not tomorrow.
  4. @ragen You have to choose, quickly without delay.
  5. Give me admin I have exp in founder or owner I have years playing csblackdevil fuy founder in royal I want admin please! :) <3

  6. Lunix I

    Christmas Quiz

    View this quiz Christmas Quiz Show us your intellectual capacity about christmas, There are 20 questions, You have 3 minutes, True or false edition, Good Luck !! Submitter Lunix I Type One Right Answer Time 3 minutes Total Questions 20 Category PUB Quiz Submitted 12/11/19  
    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minute
    • 20 Questions
    • 52 Players
    Show us your intellectual capacity about christmas, There are 20 questions, You have 3 minutes, True or false edition, Good Luck !!
  7. Okay, according to what i see, nothing has been said that calls for a half-day ban, just a normal conversation He just complains about being removed from the server @#EVIL BABY Next time, right click on him (add as blocked), to avoid spam, no need to ban. Topic Closed.
  8. Hello Sure, event like christmas it can not be forgottene Christmas quiz, will be available soon. be ready 😉 Topic Closed.
  9. MBruq 3lik LglobaL

  10. Zebiii hii

    1. Lunix I

      Lunix I

      hi marjus, je mire?

      bom dia hello GIF

    2. Mockys 😈

      Mockys 😈

      Ahahahahh mire jam mire  😜😜😜

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