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  1. Link Web: Marc Cucurella (Alella, 1998) does not have godparents, but what he has is unstoppable. He mane in the wind, he advances like a Tasmanian devil, as whose life is going to him. He is that way. The departure from Barcelona, where he barely had a few minutes in the first team, exposed him to the reality of a football where you are worth what you play, first in Eibar, then in Getafe, with tough people like Mendilibar or Bordalás. They both used his energy in the attack, and that way he reached Spain and the Games. Two rungs are missing for gold. The first, today (13:00, Spanish time) in the semifinal against Japan. Question: You did not start playing the Olympic tournament, but you entered the second match, against Australia, to be out of the eleven again later. The six of the Euro, on the other hand, do not move from the ownership. Answer: We have played practically all of us and we are all important. There we have Rafa [Mir]. If we're still in the tournament, it's for one minute of yours. That is the example and the attitude to have. It is the coach who makes the line-ups, of course, but the feeling I have is that we are all the same here. Q: He says it because of his past, because of his departure from Barcelona. A: I say this for the present. This is a short and unique tournament, which you can play once in your life as a footballer and if it happens you won't come back. That is why we have to enjoy it in every way, in different things for us, like living in the Olympic Village, in little apartments of eight at a time. And, of course, win it, which is our goal. My departure from Barcelona took place in a different context. Q: On the other hand, it did not prevent you from finding your way to the national team: the U21, the Olympic and the debut with the senior team. A: At Barça I didn't have the opportunities that I would have liked, it's the truth. I played no more than five minutes in the Cup with the first team, and that is very little to show what you have as a footballer. Mingueza or Pedri, on the other hand, can now return the trust they have been given, in this case Koeman. Young people with quality do not fail, but they need matches, release from pressure and adapt. Q: Did it frustrate you? A: No, things just went that way and we don't have to think about it any more. In this you have to look forward. Afterwards, the truth is that I have done well, I have even made my debut with the senior team, and here I am, at the Olympic Games. Q: It is that you give war wherever you go. A: I try to contribute what I know how to do on the field. In the lower categories of Barça I played as a winger and, the truth is that I always felt that way. Upon arriving at Eibar, the coach [José Luis Mendilibar] advanced my position and asked me for depth. I have depochanged teams, but I am still there. Q: The transition is usually the other way around, from winger to winger, like Juanfran at Atlético or Navas at Sevilla. A: I was younger, perhaps still to be defined as a footballer. Both Eibar and Getafe have done me very well, because they are teams that seek to progress a lot on the wings, to do damage with plays of two against one. Q: Is it the same as De la Fuente asks you in the selection? A: That is, be aggressive, take the initiative from behind, be deep, face, look for the overflow ... Today's football has become so tactical that there are not many footballers of that type anymore. I guess that's why the technicians advanced my position. Q: After the debut against Egypt, very flat, the truth is that the team needed that and more. A: In the first game we were perhaps more unemployed, with less mobility, but then we found our game, although it was difficult to define the games. We already expected these difficulties, because the level in football has become very equal. We have seen Brazil suffer, Germany, France fall ... They all also have the same illusion to achieve a unique gold, as I said. In my case, I still remember Brazil's victory in London, with Neymar. I would never have thought then that he would have the same opportunity. Q: Japan is next. Although without an audience, he plays in his country, and it is football that seems to have hooked the local fans the most, reluctant to the Games because of the Covid. A: They have thoroughly prepared the Games, as any local team does in a tournament. Although they reached penalties in the quarterfinals, they had a spectacular group stage. They will leave it all in the field. We also. Q: With or without gold, they will return with very few vacations and return to the League, with Getafe. A: They will be few, but the experience is worth it. Q: Do you expect a big change with Míchel? A: Each coach has his stamp, it is reality, but I think there are two winners. Q: How do you find a Catalan in Madrid? Well, the truth is that I am very comfortable, both my family and I. A: I have all my people in Barcelona, of course, but if they told me that I have to live my whole life in Madrid, I would not complain.
  2. Link Web: The Covid passport will be mandatory in Andalusia from next August 5, this Thursday. But it will only be necessary when you want to access the nightlife venues, that is, cocktail bars and discos. This was confirmed this Monday by the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, after the celebration of the committee of experts that has analyzed the evolution of the pandemic. Moreno has pointed out that if you do not have the Covid passport, you can enter these premises with a negative PCR or a negative antigen test. According to the Minister of Health and Families, the need to present a Covid passport, test or negative PCR will only be to access the interior of the nightlife venues, not for the exterior. The EU Covid passport, in force since July 1 in Spain, explains from the Ministry of Health, "includes the vaccination schedule, the recovery certificate or a negative PDIA in the last 72 hours." The document can be downloaded through ClicSalud +, the Salud Andalucía app or at the health centers themselves. Senior residences The committee of experts has also addressed the situation in nursing homes, where infections have grown in recent weeks "in a staggered manner," Aguirre explained. In these centers, it is proposed to carry out a weekly Covid-19 test to unvaccinated workers to control possible sources of entry of the virus. In addition, Aguirre has indicated, it is proposed that in residences where there is at least one positive case of coronavirus, both residents and workers wear a mask "indoors and outdoors." Finally, it has proposed the extension of the measures in force since last July 22 and that were related to the modification of capacity and curfew. The committee of experts, added the Minister of Health, will meet again "in mid-August", that is, in the week from 16 to 22 of this month.
  3. Several years ago a new virus called LemonDuck was discovered, which uses vulnerabilities to steal data and mine cryptocurrencies. After a long time, it has been seen that Lemonduck has evolved and now attacks the Linux system. It is very rare that there is a virus that attacks Linux like the case that is presented to us today with LemonDuck. Viruses are usually made for the most widespread systems from which it is most likely to profit economically. For this reason, we almost only hear about Windows viruses, not so much about Mac or Linux viruses. Linux vulnerabilities give way to LemonDuck virus Among the new malicious functions that this new version of LemonDuck has, it is stealing credentials, deactivating computer security controls, going to the mail application and sending mass emails impersonating the identity of the sender, and opening security holes by itself to make it much easier to make future attacks. Without a doubt, it is a potentially dangerous virus, now more than it attacks Linux systems. Linux is not the most widespread desktop operating system, but it is widely used in massive storage, data centers and more services due to its versatility. And now all these devices are at risk of being exposed and being used for malicious purposes. Some flaws Lemonduck can take advantage of: CVE-2019-0708, CVE-2017-0144 CVE-2020-0796 CVE-2017-8464 CVE-2021-27065 CVE-2021-26855 CVE-2021-26857 CVE-2021-26858 We are advised to patch and fix these security flaws if we can. Although this virus is especially focused on users in China, we must not lower our guard because it has been seen in systems in the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union, among others. In addition, despite the fact that in this news we have emphasized that LemonDuck attacks Linux users, if we have Windows we will also be exposed, so we have to review the files and our security systems. Source: LinuxAdictos
  4. The manufacturer KIOXIA Europe GmbH has announced two new series of solid state drives designed for the domestic market that will be commercialized in the last quarter of this year. These are the KIOXIA EXCERIA PRO and EXERIA G2 series of SSDs, intended for the most extreme enthusiasts and system builders in general. These new KIOXIA SDD units will be at a landmark show at the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) in Shanghai from July 30 to August 2. They are still in development, so they will not be test units. KIOXIA breaks into the domestic SSD market By using the latest generation PCIe Gen4x4 interface, KIOXIA's EXCERIA PRO series of SSDs are built for the most demanding PC environments. This newly created series will offer more than double the sequential read speeds of the EXCERIA PLUS series based on PCIe Gen3. This offers a high-performance storage experience for the most demanding content creators, gamers, and professionals. KIOXIA also unveiled its updated series of SSDs known as EXCERIA G2, which is intended for more widespread use. Despite its more restrained use, it has improved performance and capacity over its predecessors. Designed for general use, this SDD series will offer over 2,000MB / s of sequential throughput and models up to 2TB of capacity for users looking for affordable products. With a KIOXIA BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory, the EXCERIA PRO and EXCERIA G2 series use a simple M.2 2280 type form factor. This factor makes it suitable for both notebook and desktop computers. The series of SSDs just announced by KIOXIA also support KIOXIA's SDD Utility management program to effectively monitor and maintain the SSD.
  5. Link Web: This positive development was driven in particular by the premium brands Audi and Porsche and by Volkswagen Financial Services. The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage were successfully contained. There was strong customer demand for the Group's attractive model range as markets continued to recover. As a result, deliveries increased by 27.9 percent to 5.0 (3.9) million vehicles during the weakest period of the previous year, which was affected by the pandemic. Sales revenue increased even more strongly by 34.9 percent to € 129.7 (96.1) billion. The operating result was 11.4 billion euros (first half of 2020 before special items: –0.8 billion euros), far exceeding the previous record of 10 billion euros (before special items) of the year prior to the crisis 2019, with a strong 8.8 (first semester of 2020 before special items: –0.8 percent). The higher gains were mainly due to higher vehicle sales, improvements in the product mix and prices, as well as positive effects of the valuation of raw material hedges. Extraordinary restructuring expenses of € 700 million had a negative impact. Work on ongoing fixed cost programs was vigorously pursued. The Automotive Division generated a very high adjusted net cash flow of 12.3 (-2.3) billion euros and, therefore, once again demonstrated the great efficiency of its business model. The Division's net liquidity continued to grow to a very strong level of € 35 billion. The acquisition of Navistar and its financial impact are not included in the figures. As a result of extremely good business performance in the first half of the year, the Volkswagen Group has raised its operating performance outlook on sales for the full year 2021 by 0.5 percent, from 6.0 to 7.5 percent. Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group said: “We maintain our accelerated pace, both from an operational and strategic point of view. The record result in the first half of the year is clear proof of how strong our brands are and how attractive their products are. The premium segment performed especially well with double-digit returns, as did Financial Services. Our electricity offensive is gathering momentum and we will continue to increase its pace in the coming months. We are also realigning the company with our new New Auto group strategy so that we can take advantage of future earnings funds. By doing so, we are preparing Volkswagen to play a leading role in the new world of mobility. " Arno Antlitz, Volkswagen Group CFO: “The financial performance of the Volkswagen Group in the first half of the year impressively demonstrates the strength of our company. Our operating return on sales after six months was 8.8 percent. In particular, the second quarter was exceptionally strong. Our net cash flow of € 10.2 billion is also a solid result and was achieved despite our considerable future investments. We have successfully contained the impacts of semiconductor bottlenecks to date, although we anticipate somewhat more pronounced effects in the third quarter. However, our assessment of our business performance for the year as a whole has improved even more, so we have raised our outlook. " Operating business remains strong In the first half of the year, the Volkswagen Group increased its global deliveries significantly by 27.9 percent to 5.0 million vehicles during the same period last year, which was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The world market share of passenger cars declined slightly by 0.2 percentage points to 12.6 percent in the same period. While the Group was able to increase its market share significantly in its local market in Europe and North America, it recently saw declines in China, its largest single market, due to semiconductor bottlenecks. As planned, the Group has further increased the pace of its successful electric offensive. A total of 171,000 fully electric vehicles (BEVs) were delivered worldwide at the end of June, more than double the previous year period (+165 percent). After 60,000 BEV was delivered to customers in the first quarter, that figure increased significantly as planned to 111,000 BEV in the second quarter. The ratio of Modular Electric Drive Toolkit (MEB) -based vehicles to all BEVs was already over 60 percent in the second quarter. BEV's acceleration will accelerate further in the course of the year due to the expanded model range. The Group has also systematically expanded its model portfolio with a Plug-in Hybrid Unit (PHEV), and there is high demand from customers: a total of 171,000 PHEVs were delivered in the first half of the year, more than three times more in the year. period of the previous year (+204 percent). Premium brands Audi and Porsche performed especially strong, posting record deliveries for the first half of the year and double-digit operating performance on sales of 10.7 and 17.6 percent, respectively. Volkswagen Financial Services also performed very well, more than doubling its operating result year-over-year to 2.3 billion euros. Among other things, it benefited from a strong used car business and a positive trend in risk costs. Due to increased vehicle sales and higher demand for higher margin models, the Group's sales revenue increased significantly by 34.9 percent to € 129.7 (96.1) billion. Operating income was 11.4 billion euros (first half of 2020 before special items: –0.8 billion euros), far exceeding the previous record of 10 billion euros (before special items) of the year prior to the crisis of 2019. with a strong 8.8 percent. The higher gains were mainly due to higher vehicle sales, improvements in the product mix and prices, as well as positive effects of the valuation of raw material hedges. Extraordinary restructuring expenses of € 700 million at MAN had a negative impact. Work on ongoing fixed cost programs was vigorously pursued. Earnings before and after taxes also improved significantly to 11.2 (–1.4) billion euros and 8.5 (–1.0) billion euros, respectively. Earnings per preferred share thus reached a solid level of 16.20 euros (–2.33). Automotive Division: Strong cash flow performance further improved, net liquidity increases again Strong business and cost-cutting measures continued to have a positive impact on financial performance. The reported net cash flow in the Automotive Division was EUR 10.2 (–4.8) billion euros. Adjusted for mergers and acquisitions and cash outflows attributable to diesel, net cash flow was a solid 12.3 (-2.3) billion euros. Therefore, it was around 80 percent higher than the level of the year before the 2019 crisis. Net liquidity in the Automotive Division also showed positive growth again and rose to a very solid level of 35 billion euros. It was 29.6 billion euros at the end of the first quarter. The acquisition of Navistar and its financial impact are not included in the figures. Research and development costs increased to 7.7 (6.7) billion euros due to the necessary future-oriented investments in new models and technologies, as well as software. However, the R&D index fell significantly to 7.2 percent in the current year, following a figure of 8.7 percent in the prior year period that was due to low sales revenue related to the pandemic. Enhanced investment discipline and greater use of the Group's synergies led to significant progress in equity investments. These decreased by 8.5 percent from the prior year period to 3.8 (4.1) billion euros. Consequently, the investment index fell dramatically to 3.5 (5.4) percent, placing it significantly below the level of the pre-crisis quarter in 2019 (4.9 percent). Outlook 2021 Based on business performance in the first half of 2021, the Volkswagen Group is adjusting much of its forecast for core performance indicators. The risk of bottlenecks and interruptions in the supply of semiconductor components has intensified throughout the industry. The adverse impact expected as a result will tend to affect the second half of the year. Consequently, the Group is lowering its forecast of deliveries to customers and assumes that, provided the Covid-19 pandemic is successfully contained, in 2021 they will be markedly above the previous year amid continued challenging market conditions. The challenges will arise particularly from the economic situation, the increasing intensity of competition, volatile markets for commodities and currencies, the security of supply chains and the stricter requirements related to emissions. The Volkswagen Group's sales revenue in 2021 is expected to be significantly higher than the previous year's figure. In terms of operating result, the Group anticipates an operating return on sales of between 6.0 and 7.5 percent in 2021. In the Automotive Division, net cash flow is expected to be much stronger than the prior year due to lower cash outflows from diesel and significantly higher M&A effects. This will lead to a very strong increase in net liquidity. The plans are based on the current structures of the Volkswagen Group. The acquisition of all outstanding shares of Navistar International Corporation and the resulting effects on results of operations, financial position and net assets have not been taken into account in the Volkswagen Group forecast.
  6. Link Web: Hugo González will not be in the final of 200 styles, not being able to find in the semifinals those "good feelings" that until now had made him progress day by day at the Aquatics Center in Tokyo. The Spaniard finished sixth in the second, without ever being in the sets that promised him to enter the top eight. Contrary to the series that led him to the 100 backstroke final, it was at least on the day where he had to obtain the place for the final in which he was European champion. The Games are a different environment, due to competition and emotions. Among the three qualifiers in their semi-final, to begin with, there were no Europeans: a Chinese, an American and a Japanese. The best, Shun Wang, swam in 1: 56.22. Hugo González did worse than in his series the day before, staying at 1: 57.96, 32 hundredths behind the last to enter the final, veteran Laszlo Cseh, with 1: 57.64, at 32 years old. "There are no excuses, I don't have them," said the Spaniard, clearly disappointed. "I lost two tenths in the first 50 and I no longer recovered them. I did not feel like in the previous days," he continued, before leaving a disturbing doubt, in the microphones of Cadena Cope: "I hope it is not my last race in some Games, since I don't know what help I will have ". The scholarships are determined by the positions and not being in the final of 200 styles is a handicap, although the Spanish did reach the 100 backstroke. A DISTANCE WITHOUT AN OWNER At 22, González sees a full Olympic cycle ahead, the one that leads to Paris, where he will be 25, since his explosion has just occurred, with a title and two more medals at the Budapest European Championship. Now he will have to define how to design his preparation until 2024. The Canoe swimmer modified a part of his program after training in the United States, to which Hugo himself attaches a capital importance in his progression. The bad feelings were evident in his semifinal. He even changed his breathing side at the end to get better references, but he could not overcome in his two strongest 50 theoretically, the breaststroke and the freestyle He was eighth in the first step, the butterfly, and he no longer improved the sixth place in the following. The passing times already made us fear the worst. And the 1: 57.96 was a second slower than the one credited for continental gold in May (1: 56.76). It is, for now, his national record. Repeating it would have given him podium options in open styles in Tokyo. Proof of this is the fact that 400 specialty champion Chase Kalisz will not enter the 200 final. Without Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, he awaits owner. SURPRISE IN 200 BACK This bad news for Spanish swimming, which dreamed of a Mallorcan medal, was preceded by, at least, a good one. At 19 years old, Nico García is ahead of his time, his progression. He will be the youngest finalist in the 200 backstroke final. In the two men of the specialty there has been a Spanish representative, a fact to highlight. The Gredos swimmer did not resign himself to accumulating experience in his Olympic debut and in the second semifinal he took a bite of seven tenths to his mark to leave it at 1: 56.35. He came third after managing his forces well, especially in the third 50, to squeeze the remaining energy and move up one place in last. It is the best national brand achieved with a textile swimsuit. Being in the final, the next morning, is already a great success for this future swimmer. Improving the times on the appointed day is key in these appointments. Just what Hugo González failed. The one who couldn't reach her was Jessica Vall. The Catalan finished sixth in her 200 breaststroke semi-final, with a worse time than her series (2: 24.87). At the age of 32, her Olympic cycle is coming to an end, waiting to know what Mireia Belmonte, leader of a Spanish swimming with chiaroscuro, was doing in the 800s.
  7. Link Web: Paula Badosa said goodbye to heatstroke but is no exception at the Olympics. In the Japanese oven, with temperatures close to 40º and a humidity higher than 70%, competing in conditions is a chimera. Without the protection of a shadow and with the only protection of a cap, the fight is against the rival and against one's own body, which faints. Badosa has to retire in a wheelchair, dizzy. Daniil Medvedev suffers between point and point. He sighs, he leans on the racket with visible gestures of exhaustion and receives medical attention twice. Carlos Ramos, the chair umpire, asks him if he can continue playing, to which the Russian responds with a very hard blow, which remains unanswered: “I can finish the game, but I can die. Do you want me to die of heat? If I die, will you be responsible? ». At the Ariake Tennis Park, without an audience, only players, judges and ball boys absorb the heat. "I was ready to hit the court," he said after the game. But still Medvedev won. 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 over Italian Fabio Fognini to reach the quarterfinals. Badosa, however, could not bear that dizzying sensation of suffocation.
  8. Intel has offered another hint that Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 in October. Windows Latest reported that Intel referred to Windows 11 as the "October 2021 Update (21H2)" in the DCH GPU Driver Release Notes That naming convention follows the same pattern as major Windows 10 updates, and the Windows 10 May 2021 update is also known as version 21H1, for example. Intel also clarified that it was not referring to an upcoming version of Windows 10 by identifying the operating system as "Microsoft Windows 11-64." Windows 11 would come out in October, with some Windows 10 update in between Microsoft could still release a notable update for Windows 10 in the second half of the year, of course, but Intel was specifically targeting Windows 11 with this driver update. There have been other signs that Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 in October, even though it is officially scheduled to launch over the holidays. Various widgets, messages, and user interface elements in the company's promotional materials refer to October. That's an Easter egg or an April Fool’s joke. However, not many people will be able to use Windows 11 at launch. Microsoft's Windows 11 requirements exclude many PCs with pre-2016 CPUs. Microsoft has said on Twitter that even Windows 10 devices capable of installing the update would have to wait to use it anyway because it won't start rolling out on their devices until the beginning of 2022. Everything indicates that the launch of Windows 11, possibly in October, will be something staggered and not something massive. They may do it to see how it adapts in different configurations and that way it gives the least amount of problems since the launch of Windows 11 is a very important one for the company if they want billions of systems to be updated.
  9. The manufacturer Neo Forza has launched its own DDR4-5000 and DDR4-4600 memory kits. The two kits are aimed at users of Intel's Rocket Lake series and AMD Zen 3 series processors who are looking for RAM that excels in performance and efficiency. The Neo Forza manufacturer's DDR4 RAM kits use a CAS latency of 19, have an initial capacity of 16GB (2 x 8GB RAM modules), and come in two product lines: Mars and Faye. Tom’s Hardware portal states that DDR4-5000 memory kits require 1.6 volts to access the data rate of memory kits. They also claim that Neo Forza has a 32GB kit in pre-production. RAM for the most demanding with Rocket Lake or Zen 3 On the other hand, Neo Forza's DDR4-4600 kits are already available in packages of 16 GB (two 8 GB modules) and 32 GB (two 16 GB modules), which only require 1.5 volts to use the power required for full performance. Additionally, Neo Forza is working on a 64GB memory kit (two 32GB modules) to be released for sale in the future. The Neo Forza DDR4-5000 and DDR4-4600 kits are speculated to be based on the Adata XPG Spectrix D50 Xtreme DDR4-5000 memory kit, because they share similar voltage and timing. The memory kits are also expected to be built with Hynix-D matrix ICs due to the similarity to the Adata memory kit specifications. Currently, you can purchase Neo Forza DDR4 memory kits from the store through Micro Center with the DDR4-4600 memory kit starting at $ 269.99. Neo Forza's high-end memory kits have yet to be released to the Micro Center online store.
  10. Web Link: Ford Escape hybrid technology reduces polluting emissions and offers a more efficient engine, providing feelings of comfort, safety and excitement from the moment you step on the accelerator, which has positioned it as the best SUV in the segment. Due to its great efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, we share 5 places you can visit on a round trip with your 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid leaving the Center of Mexico City [2] with a full gas tank1, [3 ]. Xilitla, San Luis Potosí: 445 km A magical town out of the ordinary that stands out thanks to its surreal garden, similar to the style of Salvador Dalí, which was built by the artist Edward Frank Willis James and consists of 36 sculptures that are hidden among the undergrowth of the jungle. In addition, less than an hour from this place you can find such beautiful tourist sites as La Silleta and Huasteca Potosina itself. Acapulco, Guerrero: 390 km The beaches of Acapulco are the preferred destination to take vacations at any time, since the area also offers a very attractive nightlife. A few kilometers away you can also enjoy different activities that range from going by boat on the sea to see small islands, to visiting natural sites far from hotels to connect with nature. Veracruz, Veracruz: 397 km One of the cities with the most history in the country thanks to its ports that have been key to trade at different times. Likewise, the city preserves a fort known as El Baluarte de Santiago which was one of nine military fortifications used to defend the coastal city from pirate attacks and which is now a museum with pieces from the viceroyalty. Similarly, its aquarium is one of the most beautiful and largest in the world with two galleries, one for salt water and the other for fresh water. Finally, a coffee museum complements the experience by revealing the history of one of the most recognized beans in the world. Zamora de Hidalgo, Michoacán: 423 km A small town that has the cathedral with the tallest towers of any church in Mexico, 107 meters high, and an impressive classical style. The culture of this place is highlighted in the Obrero Theater in which there are opera performances, orchestral music, ballet and theater performances. As if that were not enough, less than 30 minutes away is the Lago de Camécuaro National Park, a lake nestled among trees; within this park you can connect with nature. Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca: 462 km A city that simply and simply is full of culture, history, nature and one of the richest gastronomy in the country. Within the city you can enjoy the Santo Domingo temple, the Textile Museum, as well as the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca, in which you will find a wide variety of plants native to the region. Also, a few kilometers away you can visit Monte Albán, an archaeological zone declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and which was the capital of the Zapotec culture. In the same way, Ford Escape Hybrid will not only allow you to go further without worrying about knowing where the next gas station is, but the trips will be much more connected and intelligent, thanks to its FordPass® Connect modem with which you can connect up to 10 devices to your Wi-Fi network during the journey and, in turn, it will become your travel assistant, since it will allow you to have control of your vehicle, turn on, open and close or know the levels of the truck, between other functions so you can rest easy. Remember that if you are going on a trip you must follow all the health and safety protocols implemented by the authorities in the destinations you visit. All these places are a sample of the beauty and cultural richness that exists in the country, which sometimes we do not visit because of the distance and the expense that this entails. However, with the efficiency of the Ford Escape Hybrid, gas is one of the factors that you will least have to worry about when making the decision to get away for a weekend. [1] 54L gasoline tank and a consumption of 23.3 Km / L 2 Distances calculated from the center of Mexico City 3 Average performance may vary based on driving conditions as well as road conditions.
  11. Web Link: Injuries hit the muscles, but never the spirit, if we talk about champions. Mireia Belmonte is, from beginning to end, aware of her possibilities, dominating the scene. She took time, frustrating initial steps through the Olympic stalls, as in Beijing, but the gold gave her dominance of the tables. In Tokyo she put it in value, with a fourth place in the 400 styles that does not give access to the podium, but that after a year of calamities, is of enormous value. It doesn't shine, but it weighs. At 30, there is a swimmer, there is a champion. She was separated by 23 hundredths, although by less margin, only two, she hung the gold in the 200 butterfly in Rio, where she achieved bronze in the same final in which she was fourth in Tokyo. In the styles, then, there has not been a great variation in the positions, but there has been in the times. So, 4: 32.39; now, 4: 35.15. With less demand, she is just as competitive. The hundredths are medals in the water. The tenths, an eternity. The final was less fast than usual, like all those held at the Aquatic Center in Tokyo, except for the world record of 4x100 (3: 29.69) with which the Australians began their attack on Tokyo. In most cases, there were even worse times in the finals than in the semifinals, a consequence of playing the first few in the morning, due to the demands of the broadcasts in the United States. They want them in their 'prime time'. Whoever pays the most, rules. RETURNED IN ARM AND CROL Mireia, an expert, knew that for this she had a chance. She was not, instead, for a fast race. She passed the butterfly post fifth, fell to sixth on her back and began to climb at the moment of her, her breaststroke. She finished fourth. The free kick was the final attack on the bronze hunt, but Hali Flickinger wouldn't let it. She resisted the American to finish in 4: 34.90. The Spanish in those 4: 35.13, almost four seconds behind her national record (4: 31.21). Both are very far from the winner, the Japanese Ohashi Yui, incontestable to win in 4: 32.08. Mireia resisted, however, better than Katinka Hosszu, her generation partner. The Hungarian, with the world record (4: 26.36), did not lose a final of 400 styles from London. In Tokyo, she was left off the podium. A symptom of the generational change that Mireia, for now, resists. The 800 and 1,500 of her await you with better sensations than she brought. "If they tell me a few months ago, I don't believe it," said Mireia, referring to the injuries she has suffered. A fourth place never tastes good, the "chocolate medal", as Carmen Valero said, but it was celebrated to have recovered sensations in the last post, the crawl, facing his performance in the 800 and 1,500, the pure background: "I have to take advantage of that letter ".
  12. Web Link: An electrical blackout has affected several areas of Spain, among which are Andalusia, Madrid, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Navarra and the Basque Country, among others. The power outage, which has lasted for more than an hour and has now been reestablished, has been suffered by more than 600,000 subscribers. In Catalonia, more than 146,000 people have been left without electricity, according to data from Endesa that has provided Civil Protection of the Generalitat. In a message on Twitter picked up by Europa Press, Civil Protection has reported a "global supply shortage", which has affected 640,000 subscribers. According to Red Eléctrica (REE), the event originates from an incident with a seaplane that has generated a problem in the French very high voltage network, at a time when energy was being transferred from that country to Spain, "causing the temporary disconnection from the peninsula to the rest of Europe ”, as explained by the company on Twitter. A routine procedure that could have had worse consequences if it had occurred on a working day, when demand and consumption are much higher than those on the weekend. Although fortunately, the Spanish electricity system is highly branched, among other reasons, to deal with this type of event. So that when events such as this Saturday take place, there are occasional discharges in some areas and a general blackout does not occur, sources in the sector point out. In any case, both REE and Endesa assure that the problem is already solved, with the electricity supply being replaced throughout Spain. Civil Protection of the Generalitat has ensured that the situation in Catalonia has been normalized. In a note on Twitter collected by Europa Press, Civil Protection has ended the incident, which has affected 640,000 subscribers. For its part, the blackout has reached the capital, where in the western mountains of Madrid it has affected the po[CENSORED]tions of Colmenarejo, Galapagar, Nuevo Baztán, and some neighborhood of El Escorial for several minutes. According to 112 Región de Murcia, Iberdrola has reported a fault in a 400,000 volt very high voltage line of Red Eléctrica Española. In Guipúzcua, some municipalities have been without electricity since after 4.30 pm, including Irun, a city that has recovered its electricity supply after 5.15 pm, according to the 'Diario Vasco'. There had not been a blackout of this caliber in the peninsula for years. The last major event of these characteristics took place in the Canary archipelago, specifically in Tenerife, when on September 29, 2019 the entire island (around 900,000 inhabitants) was left without power for 9 hours.
  13. ExecutableFix, a reputable hardware leaker, has leaked new information about AMD's next-generation Zen 4 mainstream processors. Apparently, the Ryzen 6000 (with possible code name Raphael) will be able to reach a maximum of 16 cores. The chips are rumored to come with TSMC's state-of-the-art 5nm process node. There were rumors that AMD could add a third chiplet to the Ryzen 6000 to increase the number of cores to 24, but ExecutableFix has debunked that rumor. Up to 16 cores in future AMD processors Barring surprises, the Ryzen 9 6950X CPU will likely be the flagship chip in the Ryzen 6000 series. The 16-core part will replace the existing Ryzen 9 5950X. Although we may not see more cores, the AMD Zen 4 will supposedly offer us other advancements in return, such as support for DDR5 RAM and four additional PCIe 4.0 lanes for greater connectivity. In terms of TDP, the Zen 4 is not expected to require much more power than the Zen 3. AMD has held onto AM4 for a while, so the chipmaker will, in all likelihood, transition to AM5 in the future. ExecutableFix has already provided a mockup of what Zen 4 might look like. In addition to the integrated heat sink, the processor will no longer have pins as the AM5 is rumored to have a Land Grid Array design similar to what Intel has done since LGA775. Since the new design doesn't look much different, there is a possibility that existing AM4 cooling solutions could work on AM5 with a converter kit. AMD's Ryzen 5000 chips, which are based on Zen 3 cores; They are among the most powerful CPUs on the market right now. And they recently revealed to me a new Zen 3 Ryzen processor with 3D V-Cache that can deliver up to 192MB of L3 cache per chip. This would make AMD in no rush to bring this model of CPUs to the market.
  14. As the release of Windows 11 approaches, Microsoft is testing new features in its trial version. This is how we learn about many of the new features that Window s11 will offer us as a widget to buy movies, or customize the transparency of the right-click menu. They seem small but they are things that a part of the users will appreciate. These new features are from Windows 11 trial version 22000.71. This version is only available through Windows Insiders for Microsoft developers. Small news for Windows 11 The new build of Windows 11 introduces a new entertainment widget that promotes the purchase of movies through the Microsoft store, a new transparent shading in the right-click menus, an improved layout of previews when you mouse over the icons from the taskbar and a new style of "split button" in the File Explorer user interface. As part of build 22000.71, Microsoft has added a new type of "entertainment" widget to Windows 11 that shows you a list of movies that you can rent or buy. This widget will take us to a page in the Microsoft Store when you click on them. If we choose to enable this widget, you can scroll through a list of recent releases as part of the Movies Anywhere initiative, so they should be able to run on many different devices. It is possible that this widget ends up being very annoying for many users, as it has happened with the news and weather widget in Windows 10. Part of the move to Windows 11 is a change to the company's new "acrylic" design language, whereby the right-click menu now has this design language. This means that it is only a little bit translucent. Microsoft has made subtle changes to the appearance of the preview windows when hovering over the taskbar menu. Microsoft says it is testing the usability of a new type of user interface button where part of it is clickable and part of a menu is invoked. Finally there is the option to divide in the file explorer, in the button «New folder». When you click the left side of the button, you just get a new folder, but when you click the arrow on the right side, you get a submenu that offers more options.
  15. Along with 300 other global companies, Hyundai Motor Group plans to further accelerate efforts on sustainable development and carbon neutrality. Hyundai Motor and Kia, along with Hyundai Mobis Co., Hyundai Wia and Hyundai Transys Inc., will submit applications to Korea's RE100 Committee later this month. While the five companies are aiming for a 100 percent renewable energy transition by 2050, each will make independent efforts to achieve goals ahead of schedule, depending on power supply and demand conditions at their respective overseas operations. To this end, the five companies plan to establish a system in conjunction with RE100 at the global sites where they routinely operate. The Group is considering various ways to acquire renewable energy, such as self-production through solar panels, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with wind and solar energy producers, as well as purchasing through Korea's "Green Premium" program. Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). In addition to the companies mentioned, other affiliates of the Group agree on the need to make the transition to 100 percent renewable energy and plan to use it actively in their operations in the future. Prior to the announcement to join RE100, the main affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group were already expanding the implementation of renewable energy sources, as well as technologies to reduce energy use in production processes. Hyundai Motor installed rooftop solar power installations at its Asan, South Korea, automotive plant in 2013 to produce 13,000 MWh per year. The company is also producing 12,500 MWh of electricity through solar power facilities that were installed at the Ulsan plant last year, in cooperation with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company. In 2019, Kia established a system to replace all the energy used at its Žilina, Slovakia production plant with renewable energy. In Korea, Kia's plants in Gwangmyeong, Hwaseong and Gwangju have achieved ISO 50001 certifications. Hyundai Mobis made a complete switch to renewable energy sources at its Slovak and Swedish operations earlier this year. In Korea, Mobis is pushing to reduce energy use by establishing the Mobis Global Energy Management System (GMEMS). At a special P4G (Partnership for Green Growth and 2030 Global Goals) session in May, Hyundai Motor Group President Euisun Chung said: "The most important thing to respond to climate change is action. We will contribute to global circular economy achieving carbon neutrality in the future ". RE100, which stands for '100 percent renewable energy', is a global initiative led by the Climate Group that brings together the world's most influential companies committed to 100 percent renewable energy and has been campaigning since 2014. To become a member, a company must have a significant energy footprint (i.e. 100 GWh per year) and must submit medium and long-term renewable energy protection plans within one year of joining. More than 300 global companies participate.
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