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    1. Compared to its rivals, Fiat Argo has the legacy of a brand that has been a pioneer in the automotive industry, driven by passion and innovation. These values are reflected in this new proposal, which in addition to offering high levels of equipment, will have one of the most complete ranges in the segment. A few days after its launch, we advance some details of this important vehicle of the Italian firm. The all-new 2021 Fiat Argo is a compact hatchback, with an innovative design, full of technology, sophisticated connectivity components, new engines, as well as a wide
    2. Josep Maria Bartomeu was exultant. Also Òscar Grau, CEO of the club, and Pep Segura, then the sports manager. The mobiles of the three emissaries who had come to Amsterdam to close the signing of Frenkie de Jong piled up congratulatory messages. "We have just secured the future of Barça," wrote one of them referring to the hiring of the beardless Dutchman after a tough fight with PSG. It was not the time to notice the price paid by a footballer who was then 21 years old (75 million euros plus 11 in variables). Such had been his irruption in that dream Ajax of Ten Hag -semifinalist
    3. Since 8 in the morning, Bolivians have cast their votes in the different electoral precincts divided into two groups - according to their identity document number - in compliance with biosecurity measures. For the first time, security has been strengthened when holding elections, with the participation of members of the Armed Forces. In previous elections, order was only safeguarded with the presence of the Bolivian Police. This fact provoked discomfort both among the candidates and among the po[CENSORED]tion, considering the measure excessive, taken before the warnings of national
    4. On sale next year, the new MDX will assume the flagship role in the Acura lineup as the most extraordinary, most performance-focused and technologically sophisticated SUV in Acura history. Twenty years after the launch of the first-generation model, the new MDX's bold renewed design and lavishly decorated interior will be enhanced by myriad new Acura technologies, an all-new performance-focused platform with the world's first double wishbone front suspension. and the first high-performance Type S application to an SUV from Acura. "The new MDX marks a turning point for A
    5. Valdebebas's wood told Madrid out loud that he didn't even deserve luck. Benzema's shot was like the cry of a desperate, jaded castaway. Luck should be, as it happened, for those who work it, but a soccer field is not a courtroom. The truth is that Cádiz hardly needed it, because it was better long enough to define the victory more easily and it did not break down when Madrid comes over, although, this Saturday, it only piled up. The return to Primera holds an extraordinary award for Cádiz and its people. Although the game was in the service room and the man wore pink, it was Madrid, a Madrid
    6. The future of Pablo Iglesias and in general, of the Dina case, is once again in the hands of the National Court. Both the vice president and the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office and the only three defendants who had this matter, Interviú journalists Alberto Pozas and Luis Rendueles, and Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo - he is finalizing the appeal -, have appealed to the Chamber of the Criminal against the decision of the instructor to raise a reasoned statement to the Supreme Court to investigate Iglesias and prosecute the rest, ending the instruction of this separate piece.
    7. Real Madrid does not fuel in this troubled Euroleague. Who has seen him and who sees him, three defeats in four games and the only win, on Tuesday, against a diminished Khimki at WiZink. He returned to his old ways in Milan, a horrible second half, beaten by a devastating Sergio Rodríguez. [78-70: Narration and statistics] The Chacho danced, as in his best days, in this extraordinary maturity that curdles in Milan under the command of Ettore Messina. He, an MVP of the Euroleague, signed his best night in valuation (37). And he had reason to smile, his third child on the way. But ab
    8. PharmaMar has announced that its Aplicov-PC clinical trial, with Aplidin (plitidepsin), for the treatment of adult patients with Covid-19, requiring hospital admission, has achieved the primary safety and secondary efficacy objectives. Specifically, as the company explained, the study evaluated three cohorts of patients with three different dose levels of plitidepsin (1.5 mg, 2 mg and 2.5 mg), administered for three consecutive days and the load The viral load of the patients has been quantitatively and centrally evaluated at the start of treatment and on days 4, 7, 15 and 30 there
    9. The agreement was initialed during the Germany-China Automotive Conference in Changchun, northern China. In the future, Audi will also produce electric vehicles based on the Premium Electric Platform (PPE), developed together with Porsche, in China to further advance the transformation of what remains its largest market. From 2024, various fully electric propulsion models will be manufactured for the Chinese market on this new platform. "This decision underscores the strategic importance of the Chinese market, which we are actively driving forward through innovation," s
    10. "This is the most important day of my life, I would never have expected to experience this situation. I am suffering, but at the same time I am more mature. This time has taught me that everything in life is unpredictable. Now I do hear people complain about useless things, I tell them to learn to appreciate the things they have. My life has changed. From one day to the next I found myself unable to do what I have always done. I do not wish this on anyone. " Andrea Iannone was always a complex driver. His rivals and teammates said so, such as Andrea Dovizioso, with whom he had mult
    11. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Wednesday that the Paris region and eight other French cities will have a curfew to fight the pandemic. In addition, an exceptional council of ministers, chaired by Emmanuel Macron, approved on Wednesday the restoration of the national "state of health emergency" as of Saturday the 17th, an administrative and institutional formula halfway between partial confinement and the curfew " to the letter". The official statement of the Council of the Minister justifies the restoration of the "national state of emergency" fo
    12. With six teams entered (Ostberg-Eriksen, Bulacia-Der Ohannesian, Rossel-Fulcrand, Camilli-Buresi, Ciamin-Roche, Johnston-Kihurani), the # C3R5Family was very optimistic in Sardinia, to contest the sixth round of the world championship of rallies. With eleven best times out of sixteen possible thanks to Mads Ostberg, the C3 R5 was one of the animators of WRC2 on one of the most demanding terrain of the season. A transmission problem was regrettable at the start of the rally. The fourth position points achieved can be decisive in the fight for the WRC2 title. In WRC3 the
    13. Supporters will say how intense football is more even every day, and they will be right. They will also say that nobody is there to shoot rockets, and they will be right. Finally, they will say that Spain is no longer a favorite against anyone. And, there yes, they will have a lot of reason. Spain, in this equalized football, where no one is to shoot rockets - Germany drew against Switzerland and wasted the patriotic stumble -, is not a favorite before anyone or at all. In the same way that she stood up to the Germans at her home in September, yesterday she lost badly against Ukraine, against
    14. Hispanidad Day is celebrated in Córdoba with a large bullfighting poster. The little game of the Jandilla cattle and the bad use of the steel prevent a resounding victory but Morante, very determined, fights wonderfully; Juan Ortega, with less experience, points out aesthetic details. On the day of our National Holiday, I remember what Antonio Gala, my friend, from Cordoba, says: the two greatest links that unite Spain with the Spanish-American countries are our common language and the Fiesta de los toros. Although he was from Seville, Ignacio Sánchez Mejías called Córd
    15. 1- Apodo: SougarLord 2- Nombre de Creepypasta: Jeff The Killer 3- Historia: Jeff y su familia acababan de mudarse a un nuevo vecindario. Su padre había conseguido un ascenso en el trabajo. Pensó que sería mejor vivir en una de esas casas de "fantasía". Sin embargo, Jeff y su hermano Liu no podían quejarse. Mientras desempacaban, uno de sus vecinos pasó por allí, era una mujer relativamente joven. "Buenos días, soy Bárbara, vivo al otro lado de la calle, solo quería presentarme a mí y a mi hijo", se da la vuelta y llama a su hijo, "Billy, esto



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