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  2. In the size 225 / 55R19 XL 103Y on the front axle, 275 / 45R19 XL 108Y on the rear axle and 'NF0' on the sidewall, the Ventus S1 evo 3 ev features a host of technical improvements that bring the great to the road. performance of electric driving sports cars. "We are proud to equip Porsche's first fully electric sports car with our tires. Providing original equipment for premium sports vehicles is already a tradition at Hankook. Our engineers have shown that with our products we are highly prepared for the new demands on the field of electric sports cars and therefore we are well positioned for the future, "says Sanghoon Lee, President of Hankook Tire Europe. The tread pattern of the Ventus S1 evo 3 has been specially adapted for the Porsche in such a way that it reduces the noise of the tires that could be annoying inside the vehicle, reducing their loudness by about three decibels. To meet the high demands of high-performance electric sports cars, the Hankook tire has a reinforced bead with so-called bead packing technology, as well as high lateral stiffness for precise driving even at high speeds. "With the development of the tires for the Porsche Taycan, our development team has moved to completely new dimensions and we are proud of the result. For original equipment engineers, such a development project represents a special challenge, optimizing the various Performance criteria in a high-performance sports and electric vehicle requires the highest level of production knowledge and the use of the latest technologies, "explains Engineer Klaus Krause, director of the Hankook European Research and Development Center. To meet the specific demands of an electric vehicle like the Porsche Taycan, the developers at Hankook have also discovered an optimally balanced vulcanization process for the tire compound that ensures the correct balance of temperature, time and pressure. As a result, the Ventus S1 evo 3 ev achieves 30 percent more durability compared to a standard compound. Abrasion resistance has been improved by 5 percent compared to the conventional model and rolling resistance has been improved by 13 percent overall.
  3. Pablo Machín reported this Wednesday in a statement that he will not train Qingdao Huanghai due to "personal reasons", despite the fact that seven days ago, on July 22, the Chinese club made his arrival official on his website. It is rumored that behind this decision there is an offer from Alavés to be the coach in the 2019-2020 season. "I want to inform you that I have communicated to the Qingdao club that I will not be able to travel to China for personal reasons and, therefore, I will not be their coach for next season. I thank the club and its fans for the desire and enthusiasm they showed in my person and I wish you the greatest sporting successes. Hopefully in the future our paths will cross again, "Machín said in his statement. In this way, Machín will not live his first sporting experience outside of Spain in China after previously heading to Numancia, Girona, Seville and Espanyol. Machín was to replace his compatriot Juanma Lillo at Qingdao Huanghai, who recently left the club to join the Manchester City coaching staff, led by another Spaniard, Josep Guardiola. Under Lillo's leadership, Qingdao Huanghai was crowned champion of the Chinese second division, China League One last season, thus guaranteeing promotion to the Super League, in which he will compete this season.
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  5. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the voluntary return of thousands of Venezuelan refugees due to the devastation that Covid has left in the countries of the region, the main places of refuge for the Venezuelan exodus. At least 70,000 people have returned to the Caribbean country across land borders since April 6, when a mandatory quarantine period for returnees was established. The data is collected by the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in its report published last Sunday. Specifically, 72,517 people have crossed into Venezuela, mostly through Táchira, a state adjacent to Colombia, since the Government of Nicolás Maduro decreed the state of alarm and established an iron fist policy against returnees. If it weren't for the trocheros (people who cross the border illegally), Venezuela would be fully controlled and without an outbreak today. These words are part of the repeated accusations that Maduro has made against the returning Venezuelans and those he describes as biological weapons and responsible for bringing the disease. According to the latest data presented last Sunday by Chavista Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, the South American country confirmed 20,206 cases of Covid-19, 10,666 people recovered and 174 deaths. The states most affected are by order of the Capital District, Zulia, Miranda and Apure. The OCHA report warned that community transmission is increasing in Venezuela, a country that has been experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in the region for some years now, since a higher incidence of cases of community transmission than cases has been reported. imported. There are more than 24 thousand Venezuelans in Colombia waiting to return to Venezuela in the midst of the pandemic. Traitors to the homeland María Escobar returned to her country with her husband and children two months ago because the pandemic had left them unemployed in Colombia and they no longer had the money to pay for their expenses. We channeled everything through Migración Colombia, who were in charge of managing the process, tells ABC and says that they took a group of about 100 people to a shelter so that when Venezuela authorized our entry we would be free of the virus. The woman assures that the Colombian authorities were kind to the returnees and that during their stay in the refuge, which lasted for 20 days, they provided them with food and medicine. However, when they arrived in Venezuela they received discriminatory treatment and mistreatment. Traitors to the homeland. Get out of here, Venezuelan officials yelled at us. In the report, the Office of Humanitarian Affairs also recalled that on July 15 the Humanitarian Response Plan for Venezuela was published, which aims to provide humanitarian assistance to 4.5 million Venezuelans and needs $ 762 million. As of August 1, only $ 134.3 million had been received for humanitarian activities, including funds for the United Nations and international and national NGOs.
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    1- Nickname :SougarLord 2- Type of story: Reflection 3- The Story : A small story that I wrote a long time ago, I had not wanted to share it with anyone because it tells us a story about a friendship, which most of the time happens, something that movies and books never tell us because it does not have a happy ending, I accept comments and I hope you like it. I remember when we were young, some children, we promised that we would always be together, we would never move away despite the distance or the events, at that time I believed that this would be the case. We imagined our future and we were both in it. Time passed, but we did not realize that we found love, each one chose her path and they were different, for reasons of life and chance, we did not cross paths with her. In the new year I tried to call you but that was no longer your number, we lost track. We crossed the street and passed, the best friends were now almost unknown. I had my life, you clearly had yours and it was better that way. One day digging into old and forgotten things like our friendship I found a box, hundreds of photos of your face and mine, with them came memories along with a tornado of emotions, a tear ran down my cheek, I decided to leave it and continue with my life. I remember perfectly that October afternoon, of course, it was a beautiful autumn afternoon, the phone rang, it was your mother saying that you were gone. moral: value your friendships to the maximum
  8. Woven CORE will be dedicated to the development, deployment and scaling of automated driving technologies, while Woven Alpha will explore new business opportunities and hatch innovative projects that go beyond the current scope of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), such as the city of the future Woven City. , the open platform to create programmable Arene1 vehicles and an Automated Mapping Platform —Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) 2. TRI-AD was established in March 2018 in Tokyo, Japan to offer fully integrated, production-quality software for automated driving applications. TRI-AD's vision is ‘Mobility to Love, Safety to Live’ and its mission is to create world-class technology and develop safe mobility products for everyone. Over the past two years, TRI-AD has made great strides towards achieving its vision and mission, such as developing the most modern advanced driving assistance technology, called 'Teammate'3, which is based in the prototype 'Mobility Teammate'4. TRI-AD is now starting the next phase of its evolution to bring mobility, both of people and of goods and information, to everyone. And to achieve this, the company's operations must be expanded and improved. To effectively and efficiently advance TRI-AD's advanced development capabilities and to continue to create new value through automated driving, safety technologies, mobility and the woven city of the future Woven City, the Woven Planet Holdings group It will adopt a more agile development process, prioritizing software and software-defined architecture. New structure Woven Planet Holdings will have a strategic decision-making function for the group as a whole, as well as to expand collaboration with partners, create new business opportunities and provide shared corporate services to operating companies. Meanwhile, Woven CORE will continue to pursue the development of the Toyota Group's automated driving technologies and will aim to continue to create value by developing, deploying and scaling automated driving technologies on the market. For its part, Woven Alpha will explore new areas of business expansion and incubate new innovative projects, such as Woven City, Arene and AMP. James Kuffner, CEO of TRI-AD commented: “When President Akio Toyoda announced that Toyota would become a mobility company, we realized that we would need to combine powerful software and hardware to achieve this. TRI-AD started operating in March 2018 as a joint venture between Toyota, Denso and Aisin, in order to unify and strengthen Toyota's software development capabilities, particularly in the fields of automated driving and advanced security. Two years later, we have come a long way, hired wonderful people, entered into some strategic alliances, and received strong support from the Toyota Group, which has enhanced our ability to successfully develop cutting-edge software. Now we would like to take TRI-AD to the next phase, and prepare our company for unprecedented levels of growth, speed and quality, to guide our way into the future. I am firmly convinced that all of this will be possible under the new structure of Woven Planet Holdings, which will serve to unite our efforts with the necessary ingredients in terms of people, technologies, infrastructure and corporate management to achieve our vision of 'Mobility to love, security to live'. We will work tirelessly with our partners and stakeholders to create new value, new technologies and new products, at the speed and scale expected from Toyota, and we will do so with software and services that will drive future mobility. ” Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) said: “At the beginning of the year, Toyota announced Woven City, an intertwined city that will serve as a living laboratory where we can create an increasingly better, people-centered way of life. and in mobility for all. Now, TRI-AD is restructuring into three new companies, and to make the concept that all of them must remember as their mission clear, the names of all three will include the word 'Woven' (intertwined). ‘Woven’ derives from the English verb ‘weave’, which means to weave or interlace. The inspiration came in part from the arrangement of the three types of lanes for different types of mobility, which intersect each other as if intertwining in the urban plan of the new city. However, the word 'Woven' hides another important meaning. Toyota's roots go back to the automatic loom invented by Sakichi Toyoda, father of Toyota Motor Corporation founder Kiichiro Toyoda. Seeing his mother's problems with weaving and with the intention of making her happy by helping her and facilitating her work, Sakichi invented the loom. . Later, Kiichiro began to manufacture automobiles out of a great desire to achieve a happier society by contributing to general prosperity, starting with Japan. In a spirit similar to that of Toyota's founders, our starting point should always be to create something that benefits others, or simply to spread happiness among people. So the prototype city took the term 'Woven' as part of its name to also indicate the desire and actions we must take to bring happiness to others, especially when we look to an unknown future as we embark on this project. in continuous evolution. TRI-AD was launched two years ago to realize Toyota's vision for the future. Now, TRI-AD will adopt a new leadership role, characterized by the name ‘Woven’ to further reinforce the idea of ‘bringing happiness to others’. In Woven Planet Holdings, the word 'Planet' implies that its scale will go far beyond the traditional concept of a city. Woven Planet Holdings will focus on 'happiness for the future' from a much broader perspective than ever before. For its part, Woven CORE will be responsible for achieving the new mobility. This new mobility will be articulated around automated driving technologies. Finally, in Woven Alpha, the term 'Alpha' means 'unknown' or 'immeasurable'. Woven Alpha will take care of the R&D work needed to lay the foundation for the future, including the living lab that will be launched within Woven City. Reorganized under the name 'Woven', TRI-AD will set out to become the kind of organization that allows everyone involved to step on the gas to help achieve a future where people can be happier. To make all of this more open and collaborative, the element that, in a singular and deliberate way, will be absent from these three new companies, Woven Planet, Woven CORE and Woven Alpha, will be the Toyota brand. In any case, these companies will pave the way for Toyota's future, while perpetuating the legacy of "bringing happiness to others" that Toyota has so conscientiously woven into its own DNA. "
  9. Carlos Henrique Casemiro does not want to think about his future at Real Madrid a few days after the decisive game of the Champions League against Manchester City. Asked about his renewal in an interview with the Brazilian media Esporte Interativo, the Brazilian answered with an enigmatic "it is a difficult question to answer." "It is not time to talk about it, it is time to talk about Manchester City, we are thinking 100% about it. The club is in a complicated situation and at the right moment my agent will answer that question, ”Casemiro slipped, raising doubts about his continuity in the club. From Madrid they trust that there will be no problems to reach an agreement but in the Brazilian environment they prefer not to take anything for granted. Casemiro wants to focus on the game against Manchester City next Friday, where the Whites are obliged to overcome the adverse 1-2 of the first leg in order to be in the eight final in Lisbon. "They will not be able to count on the public factor and perhaps that may favor us a little," said the Brazilian, "but the players are the same, the coach is the same and we all know that the difficulty is the same. They are also a great team, "he said. "With the new normality the mentality is different and soccer is another mainly due to the field factor, because without the fans the game is different", he analyzed. "They have prepared well and it is going to be a very nice game, very difficult for both of them, they have the advantage of the first leg result but we are Madrid and here are the best, we know we have a chance to pass," he said.
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  11. The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid has notified three new outbreaks of coronavirus, with 15 positive cases and 62 follow-up contacts associated with the family, work and social environment. Outbreaks have been identified in Madrid, Alcorcón, Fuente el Saz de Jarama and Algete. None of them has needed hospital admission. The General Directorate of Public Health of the Community of Madrid has notified this Sunday to the Ministry of Health three new outbreaks. The first has been located in Madrid. It has five positive cases and 25 follow-up contacts. This outbreak has been detected within the family environment and affects several homes. The second outbreak has been detected in the municipalities of Madrid and Alcorcón and has three positive cases and 33 follow-up contacts. It has been detected within the social sphere. The third outbreak occurred in the municipalities of Fuente el Saz de Jarama and Algete, with seven positive cases and four follow-up contacts. The outbreak has taken place in the social and work environment, as well as in the family. The objective of early detection is, once the cases are confirmed, to transmit it to the Public Health technicians immediately, the Community has reported. All this so that the follow-up and control of the contacts is imminent, determining the appropriate measures to control the contacts and thus avoid the possible spread and that these outbreaks are of less incidence. The Community of Madrid reminds citizens of the importance of individual responsibility in the adoption and control of hygienic-sanitary measures to prevent the spread of infections. This includes the mandatory use of the mask, frequent cleaning and hygiene of the hands, either with soap and water, or with hydroalcoholic gel, in addition to the awareness that it is a disease that affects the entire society, regardless of age range.