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  1. ¤ Nickname :SIN R1 ¤ Screenshot (Best Score) :
  2. ¤ Nickname :SIN R1 ¤ Screenshot (Best Score) :
  3. SIN R1

    Admins birthday

    Your nickname:SIN R1 Your real name:mohammed Your grade:Pre,Manager Your birthday:15/7/2002 Time Remaining till birthday:12 days
  4. Hi guys today I want to know your birthday and time Remaining till birthday Model: Your nickname: Your real name: Your grade: Your birthday: Time Remaining till birthday:
  5. Nickname:SIN R1 Your suggestion:My suggestion is adding a new rule which prevents give any player except if he satyed at night in the meeting I saw more than 25 admins Where are they ?? look the sv is 14/32 this is absolutely unbearable,Fed up !! Download link: Other information:here is the pic of players number :
  6. ¤ Name of the map :zm_ice_devil//zm_csdevils//zm_ice_vk//zm_trakinax_tubo_neon ¤ Map size (Big - Normal - Small) :1-Big//Normal//small//Big ¤ Map Link : 1- 2- 3- 4- ¤ Map photos :1- 2- 3- 4-
  7. what is your favorite map ?zm_ice_devil2 zm_deko2 what do you most often buy from / shop-a?100 armor what is the worst mod you ever played?Assassin The most entertaining player in the server?The bitch @Crastto @Lixie99 @MCBRUDA @HiTLeR. @AraGoN.BeasT The most interesting player in the server?only albanians and macedonians they are really dumbs hehe Best player in Nemesis? @AraGoN.BeasT @King_of_lion @InfiNitY-™( @Crastto ) Best player in sniper?I think @HiTLeR. The best player in assassin? lol and I think @DANGER3120 The best player in Survivor? @Crastto What is your favorite zombie?Hunter your primary weapon?Ak 47 Which mod you like to play (Nemesis, Assassin, sniper, survivor)?Nemesis
  8. What is your nickname ?: SIN R1 What is your real name ? :Mohammed What do people call you ? :Mohammed How old are you ? :17 In which country and city do you live ? :Palestine,Gaza In which country would you like to live in ? :Germany,Australia,Albania ._. Describe yourself : Nope What are your favorite games ? :Asphalt9:LEGENDS,Assassin's creed,Angry birds 2 How many hours do you spend on gaming ? :all the day maybe -.- What are your favorite movies / shows ? :Transformers,Jurassic world,World war Z How did you find HighLifeZM ? : by investigation xD Would you like to suggest something that would make the server better ? : I have already done If you earn 1 million euros, what would be the first thing you do ? :I will buy SIN R1
  9. He is traitor Remove him and add his name on blacklist
  10. 1-This is unclear proof 2-You can't reserve a spot for your mode, if you are faster than others then you will buy before them all
  11. Sorry but I can't be present because I have an exercise everyday at 11:00 pm so I'm very sorry I can't be there I only can be afk But I will try to be present in the first twenty mins
  12. if you want to lower the hp of sniper to 3.5k you have to lower the hp of assasin to 25k or 20k because the assassins will have a big chance to win I suggest to lower the hp of sniper till 5k or 6k Regards
  13. Nick: SIN R1 Tag your friends: lol @Strike Zombie @Crastto @HiTLeR. @AraGoN.BeasT @InfiNitY-™ @[email protected][EXP]@HaMzA @Purple @[email protected] You are admin/player on server: ADMIN
  14. Nickname:SIN R1 Your suggestion:1-some admins and players told me to talk with managers and bosses to prevent planting laser mine on afks and anyone plants mine on afks==slay 2-I think we have to giveap players ammo at night if they are less than 25 players Download link:/ Other information:/