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  1. ♠ Nick of the Admin: @Kalashinik0ff- ♠ Old Grade: Co-Owner ♠ New Grade: Owner ♠ Reason: Good activity server / forum / ts3
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  3. Accepted i will let you vip with the possibility to come back to your grade ! Take care !
  4. ♠ Nick of the Admin: @SIN R1 ♠ Old Grade: Pre-Manager ♠ New Grade: Co-Owner ♠ Reason: Activity server / forum / a small donation
  5. ♠ Nick of the Admin: @King_of_lion ♠ Old Grade: Owner ♠ New Grade: Founder ♠ Reason: Activity server / forum Keep it like this !
  6. it seems you respect the conditions
  7. Thanks for your proposal but first of all we need to wait for @LycaNiaN , then we will see if it will benefit the server or no .
  8. Dealer Name: Amaranth Lotto number edition started?: 5 Other specs?: -
  9. Accepted send me nick and pass in pm ! Next
  10. are you wake up, someone pls connect on server. wh aim. players canz play.

  11. Here we will leave a reply with the model from down with all the editions made by the LOTTO Dealers staff's before starting the game ! Dealer Name: Lotto number edition started?: Other specs?: Don'`t forget to check out your ticket from Lottery Shop Member ! GOOD LUCK !
  12. if its possibile it will be awesome the have this.