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    Macedonia de Nord
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  • Dată Naștere 02/03/1998


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    Playing games,running,gym.
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  1. Welcome back in the staff mate
  2. First u have simmilar nick like mine after i warned you several times to change it to another nick, second after i changed your nick i recieved slay from you, thirdly i didnt destroy on you other admin did, anyway i think @[email protected] cleaned them tonight who dont respect the rules.>Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  3. 5 times with rechanging and using my nickname so i had to ban u 120 mins
  4. Antizerro we miss you bro, hope u'll be soon back again.
  5. hey ara, are u still play?

    1. AraGoN ™

      AraGoN ™

      yes time per time bro you?

  6. 60 mins total is not enough for adminship. CONTRA!
  7. Swear words are forbiden in our server, and this report was already closed by me 1 week ago. PS King_of_Lion when you see someone manager take the report, you haven't right to take it by yourself. REJECTED! T/C.
  8. Welcome. Topic closed.
  9. As ril slav said i gagged you, not him, its forbiden to use swear words in public chat like "FK U, STFU, LOSER" otherwise result is with gag, also there was annoying to admins with using bad words. PS DiaboLIK you aren't manager to mention a reported admin to reply. Rejected! Topic Closed.
  10. Accepted as Helper ( Trial ) . Daily goal for Helper is 300 mins remember, pm me with your nickname, password and tag. Topic closed.
  11. ♠ Nick of the Admin: PrinceS_S* / P_NOY Buraot ♠ Old Grade: Moderator / Helper ♠ New Grade: Semi-Elder / Administrator ♠ Reason: Good activity + Loyality / Good activity
  12. ♠ Nick of the Admin: Anis_Dz ♠ Sanction : Removed ♠ Old Grade: Helper ♠ New Grade: Player ♠ Reason: Zero activity
  13. Well as i saw evidence is clear, don't need to wait explanation from Blood, admins shouldn't use comands on others admins, only managers are allowed to do it. Suspended 3 days. Report accepted. T/c.
  14. ♠ Nick of the Admin: DiaboLIK ♠ Sanction : Removed ♠ Old Grade: Owner ♠ New Grade: Player ( Blacklisted ) ♠ Reason: Traitor, Disrespecting managers and admins, Abusing server, rules, for more infos ask Amaranth
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