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Shyloo a câștigat ziua ultima dată pe Iunie 13

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    Djelfa (17)


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  1. Who is your favorite champ in league of legends  ? 

    1. Sxynix


      i never played it 🥲

  2. 0 activity , this is a community not a hotel to miss around , this is a serious project not a game. Rejected. T/C
  3. your proposal is %90 helpful for administrators , to notice them that one of the members is in need , besides. If you got accepted i have an examples for both cases Case 1 : if someone wants creat a ticket , the notifications will be like this "Member has created or posted a Support Ticket" Case 2 : if one of the admins wants to solve the problem of the member , it will be like this . "Administrator has resolved or analysed your Support Ticket" Note : if the member wants to thank a Administrator for his work , he can by like his reply or rate his respond.
  4. Here you are saying what device Members's use ? , so like if the Member is using pc , in the top of the avatar of the member it will shows what device he use like an icon and for Mobile as well , and i think there is a plugin for what you proposed called "Devices" if i wasn't wrong at this point .
  5. Guess who's back  !  😅

  6. Also if we can add The Reaction option for everyone can react the story of the Member , for the Them while im on the phone i cant see the members what did they posted until i enter the section to see what they posted . Thank you ! EDIT : when i go to my profile the Enable fonction is not working for me on my phone
  7. I think what you say here explains helper have same acces as moderator ? I will say my vision , i think if the helper have Channel Founder one of the channels he can move the one who has moderator or more
  8. Here we go again?


  9. Shyloo

    request avatar

    → Image type: Avatar → Dimensions: 150x250 → Text / Watermark: Shyloo - CSBD → Last request link: → Image(s):Click!


    1. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      sbah lkhair nas dert reaction o kmlt o hdro 3liha o nta hada win 6l3 3lik nhar 

    2. Shyloo


      nn ana hada wn dert status update makontech fahem mochkil brk

  11. عندك صبر ايوب يا شكوبي مازلت قاعد 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Music Title: YOUPPI X YOUPPI - HASHIRAMA Signer:YOUPPI X YOUPPI Release Date:Oct 15, 2021 Official YouTube Link: Information About the Signer:- Your Opinion About the Track (Music Video):10/10
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