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  1. oye fb ka pw bata -_-? 

  2. Miss ya ❤️

    Good luck further 

  3. ¤ Your name : Mikulika ¤ Tag 3 friends : @DarKVoicE @Dark-ImmoRtal^ @rusha^^ @-Messi- @Not_Pro ¤ Have you liked the post ?: yes ¤ Wish us something : wish you the best in life
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 12/100 My Time 55 seconds  
  5. Mikulika

    Can you guess the logo?

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 54 seconds  
  6. I just completed this quiz Time Taken00:01:21 Grade 60/100
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 81 seconds  
  8. Your Nickname ( your nick must be same name account) : dRexter- Your adress Skype, Steam: I dont have yet, you can contact me through PM/Ts3 Languages that you can speak: English,Urdu Your location: Pakistan Experience as admin: Founder Furien/ZmEvilNight, Elder SkyZm/OldSchool, Moderator ThunderZm Link of hours you played on server (Click): Im New Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 PM) Romania time: Yes ofc Reason that you want to be admin: To help you guys Other informations for your request:None
  9. Thank you for devil coins ❤️

    1. Qeli>:)


      Yes thnx  for DC 

  10. ok i will do some activity and Hours

    1. Mikulika


      Yea do that and after that req an upg

  11. Check this out



  12. ¤ NickName: dRexter- ¤ Tag Your Friends: I have none ¤ Your opinion about this community: Better than other community I visited .
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