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      Reading books ,writing stories and playing instruments
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    1. Accepted as Helper. Pm me with your nick tag and pass.. Closed.
    2. ♠ Nick of the Admin: PRODEXOR / young gunner / Andria_Awa_Yt ♠ Sanction : Removed ♠ Old Grade: Pre-Manager / Moderator / Helper ♠ New Grade: Player ♠ Reason: 0 activity for 2 weekS
    3. Admin: Diabolik ¤ Grade: Co-Owner ¤ Sanction: x2 ¤ Reason: Report Accepted
    4. DANGER__

      [Accepted]Cerere Admin Baku

      Accepted as Helper. Message me with your nick tag and pw. Closed.
    5. ♠ Nick of the Admin: BIK ♠ Sanction : Transferred ♠ Old Grade: Semi-Elder ♠ New Grade: Ex-Staff ♠ Reason: 0 activity for 2 weeks
    6. ♠ Nick of the Admin: EVIL BABY ♠ Sanction : Removed ♠ Old Grade: Co-Owner ♠ New Grade: Blacklist ♠ Reason: Left for another server
    7. Rejected..You applied in other server plus wrong model.
    8. Sup dumbass. Here's a tribute for you :V..

      Credits : @aRbi~

      1. aRbi~


        YES u TISON 

        We are waiting for ur loans with devil coins :V @InfiNitY-™

      2. InfiNitY-™


        my D is all i have for both of u 😂

    9. I talked to Salvatore and he told me you were insulting him plus you said some offensive words to zezo. Now in this pic I don't exactly see why u got gag but its possible from what I heard from other players and admins that you abused first which resulted in you getting a gag. Rejected. Topic Closed.
    10. New plugins added : 1.To make checking the logs easier and more specific an Advanced.log plugin has been added. Now the managers can check zp_jetpack,zp_giveap,public chat,admin chat and amx_psay logs too. 2. An amx_nick blocker plugin has been added. With this players with nick like "x" will have their nicknames changed automatically. Credits : @Filex Dragneel for helping in the setting up of these plugins.
    11. Admin: Prodexor ¤ Grade: Pre-Manager ¤ Sanction: x1 ¤ Reason: Report Accepted



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