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  1. DANGER__

    [Rejected]admin request

    I think our team is pretty clear about not wanting you here. #Contra
  2. Forget activity. You dont even have loyalty, you have been spamming reqs in all the svs. You just got rejected, don't spam reqs here anymore. We wont accept you. #Contra
  3. Lmao so now you are a VIP with autism. Congrats dumbass

  4. Bruh wtf. Just speechless. 😞

  5. DANGER__


    Well it's good but the thing is that if we introduce such a command theres a high chance that the armageddon mod will be reduced to a round of 6 to 7 surfs against 2 to 3 nemes which wont be fun to players at all. As it is the admins with immunity use auto attack which makes it quite difficult for survs to kill them single handedly. Sorry but it's a contra from my end
  6. 1. Assa vs Sni: the issue has already been solved as I'm aware. The snipers damage has been decreased to 3k instead of 4.5k. The plugin will be put in shortly 2. Nightmare: An assassin can easily take down a survivor on it's own coz of his low knockback and a nemesis can easily take down a sniper one on one as snipers give 0 knockback. 3. Armageddon: Its a perfect mod. The nemes are supposed to have high hp to kill survs. As it is nemes have high knockback and half of them are slayed due to being afk. 4. Plague: it's perfect since any player can theoretically use infinite lms to defend himself or get a jp and a tryder and fly around. Besides all these mods are the original zp addons. It's almost impossible and very expensive to make any changes to the original addons. The Assa vs Sni modification only cost a lot . So contra for all except A vs S which is already been fixed.
  7. Nice,respectful and humble. Pro for admin. Good luck.
  8. These maps had been previously removed. The snow base maps are not good at all for player count but we could use ibero and fox_v3 . Pro for ibero and fox_v3 to be put under trial.
  9. Fix the timing. Make it 21 ro
  10. I will be present. I dont know the staff only pw tho
  11. DANGER__

    [DANGERS Story]

    1- Nickname : DANGER 2- Type of story: Horror 3- The Story : The green water lapped beneath the rotted,wooden dock.All of her friends had jumped in.Now only Emily stood there,awkwardly covering herself . It wasn't the boys that made her hesitate ,nor her own nakedness.There was something off about the water.The green seemed to be all there was to it.The surface was thick.Nothing below the putrid color showed.She wondered how deep it was. Davy was in just a few feet from the dock.He was taller than she was,and the green seemed to wrap around his throat as he bobbed up and down in the seemingly calm waves. "Come on in,Em!" They laughed and splashed.Jill was getting close to Alex again.Alex was Emily's boyfriend.Jill was too close,but Emily didn't dare move.The sickly water had hold of them both.It had pushed them together.It wanted her to jump. The waves seemed to thicken.Looking again,the singular pale green split into millions of particles.Each one swirled in the water.They moved.They swam.Her mind imagined each little piece as a green spider.She imagined if her friends could feel them swimming. "Em?" Davy asked. Emily didn't hear.She could only imagine sinking under the thick,mucus green wave on the surface.She could feel it pry open her mouth,and pour into her lungs.She exhaled audibly before running from the dock. "What's wrong with Emily?" asked Alex. "I guess she just doesn't like the water", said Jill as she touched Alex. Emily cried behind a tree , as the water dragged the three friends under drowning them ...
  12. Name:DANGER Tag your friends: @aRbi~ @InfiNitY-™ @.-AdiiLo-. @J[A]V[E]D! @[T]W!ST3D~`` @D4ng3r Ⓡ etc...
  13. DANGER__

    [DANGERS Story]

    Thanks a lot for your kind words ^_^.
  14. DANGER__

    [DANGERS Story]

    1- Nickname :DANGER 2- Type of story: Fable(Kid) 3- The Story : Once upon a time ,in a forest, there lived a monkey who resided on a berry tree,which was on the banks of a river. In the same forest there lived a crocodile and his wife. One day the crocodile came to the banks of the river and rested under the tree. The kind-hearted monkey offered him some fruits. The crocodile came back the next day for more fruits, as he loved them. As days passed by the crocodile and the monkey became good friends. One day,the monkey sent some fruits for the crocodile's wife . She ate them with joy, but was jealous, as she didnt like her husband spending so much time with the mokey. So she said to her husband," If the fruits are so juicy,imagine how sweet the monkeys heart will be. Get me the heart of the monkey." The crocodile was not willing to kill his friend but he had no choice. He invited the monkey to his house for dinner and that his wife would like to meet him.The monkey was happy but couldn't swim ,so the crocodile agreed to take him on his back.The crocodile was happy that he had tricked the monkey,however, while talking , he blurted out the real reason for taking the monkey home .The clever monkey then said ," You should have told me earlier.I left my heart on the tree." Swim back so i can get it." The foolish crocodile believed him and took him back to the tree and the monkey saved his life. Moral: Choose your company wisely and always have presence of mind.
  15. Nickname: DANGER Age:18 Link with your forum profile: https://csblackdevil.com/forums/profile/78550-danger__/ Gives us some Contact methods: insta: abhinavsingh32001 How well you speak english?: Good Do you use TS3? you have a mic?:I use ts3 a lot but unfortunately i dont have a mic. Where do you want to moderate? : Stories Section (Level 1) Link with your last Request: This is my first request. Others Infos?: i have a passion for writing stories and i hope to help out in any way possible to make this project successful.