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    1. what can i say 😕 bad news 

      wish u the best of luck dude 

      have a great and healthy retirement 

      See ya when ur back ❤️ 

      1. myCro


        love you dude, was a pleasure ♥

    2. aRbi~

      [F.A.Q] Forum For Mobile

      The problem is i never use my phone in charger and the reason why i asked for this is that this didnt happen before the update so i was just asking if the new theme or update of forum is the problem For the browser i use safari and as i said i never had this problem before thats why i tried it on chrome aswell sameresult
    3. aRbi~

      [Accepted] Request Admin

      for me is a #Contra he has only 51 minutes played on this server + hes spamming all the time
    4. aRbi~

      [F.A.Q] Forum For Mobile

      Your Nickname:aRbi Your Problem: I dont know if u guys noticed aswell but from the new themes were added every time i enter with my phone after 2 or 3 minutes my phone overheats so much so i just need to get out of forum and not use the phone till it coolsdown - i dont know if the problem is from the theme or something but this never happened before the christmas update --- maybe im not the only one who noticed that -- sometime i thought its maybe only my phone but i got a new phone these days and its the same problem, after 3 minutes or 5 minutes ur phone overheats so much Screen
    5. As u can see i just joined there i didnt know what was about maybe someone from managers who knows arabic can solve this better as i dont understand what were they talking about
    6. Look dude im not dumb first of all i know what i did cuz i was playing that wasnt teaming he just stoped once for 4 hours and didnt kill me thats all but u took the advantage of that one round and did a report --i didnt freeze u i threw the freezes but i didnt freeze u that doesnt mean spamm u just finding an reason to talk for :V please be mature cuz is we not giving a house we giving just a steam cs if u wanna do these problems for one 2euros cs steam acount give me ur email and i wil lbuy it for u :V but anyways lets see what mehrez thinks
    7. Look first of all that wasn’t teaming cuz we were playing on 5 AM which was when only 4 -5 players were there and we were just playing around with him -for freezes throwing a freeze and running is allowed but spamming freeze to get u killed is forbidden so read better + show me a video that im spamm freezing u and i will remove myself - u didn’t show how much times u spammed attack? Attack? Like i dont know what is it i kept attacking them and u just spamm attack so im just saying when u report show the whole thing it would be a much more effective report
    8. aRbi~

      Fruit Quiz

      I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 66 seconds  
    9. aRbi~

      Family Quiz #3

      I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 78 seconds  
    10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 70 seconds  
    11. aRbi~

      report jojo

      As i see here the reason is when a player was calling u noob he didnt act but when u called him noob he gagged u Lets see what @Jojo has to say for this
    12. Happy new year to everyone 

      wish u guys health and succes to ur family !!!



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