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  1. T/C We are looking for admins from helper to elder you can request here.
  2. ♠ Nick of the Admin: {.ro{T}eX$Ha{M}o:.} , Sensuo ♠ Sanction : Removed , Downgraded ♠ Old Grade: Administrator , Elder ♠ New Grade: Player , Administrator ♠ Reason: 0 activity , Low Activity for grade elder
  3. Searching for 1pre-managers and 3 elders - HighLifeZM who is interested ?

  4. Baby , Welcome to the Party

    I'm off the molly ,

    The xan , the lean 

    That's why im movin' retarded 


    Baby , Welcome to the Party

    I hit the boy up and then 

    I go skate in a Rari.

    1. Russ ;x

      Russ ;x

      you must be drunk

    2. Blackfire


      french montana ❤️ da best :)))

  5. Searching For Full Staff at HighLifeZM who is interested ? 🤔

  6. Model: ♠ Nick of the Admin: ♠ Sanction : ♠ Old Grade: ♠ New Grade: ♠ Reason: Note: Every Downgrade/Remove must be putted here following the model.
  7. Every Upgrade must be putted here following the model: ♠ Nick of the Admin: ♠ Old Grade: ♠ New Grade: ♠ Reason:
  8. ADMINS BINDS bind "F5" "say @ Zombie Attack Or Slap-Freeze-Slay !" bind "F6" "say @ Human Hide Or Slap-Slay !" bind "F7" "say @ Don't Shot Lasermine Or Slay" bind "F8" "say @ Stop Ask Ammo/Jetpack/Mods From players Or Gag (6-minute)" bind "F9" "say @ Stop Spam The chat or you will be Gagged (6-minute)" bind "F10" "say @ wana Admin here? Go Visit csblackdevil forum then go to StreetZm Section" Extra item: Mode Binds bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 9;menuselect 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Survivor bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 9;menuselect 2;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Sniper bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 9;menuselect 3;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Nemesis bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 9;menuselect 4;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Assassin Extra item: Humans Binds bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 2;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Jetpack + Bazoka bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 3;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Unlimted Clip bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 4;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Armor 100P bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 5;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Armor 200P bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 6;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Multi Jumb bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // NightVision bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 5;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // AWP Magnum Sniper bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 6;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // M249 Para Machinegun bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 7;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // SG550 Auto-Sniper bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // G3SG1 Auto-Sniper bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 9;menuselect 7;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Tryder bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 2;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Explosion Bomb bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 3;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Napalm Bomb bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 4;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Frost Nade Extra item: Zombies Binds bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // T-Virus Anitode bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 2;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // ZOMBIE Madness bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 3;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Infection Bomb bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 2;menuselect 4;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Knife-Blink Zombie Classes Binds bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Classic bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 2;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Raptor bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 3;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Predator 4 bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 4;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Mutant bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 5;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Frozen bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 6;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Regenerator bind "KEY" "jointeam;menuselect 3;menuselect 9;menuselect 7;wait;wait;wait;wait;slot10" // Hunter LASERMINE BINDS bind " Add Your KEY " "plant_mine" // Add This Command to your Console First bind " Add Your KEY " "take_mine" // Add This Command to your Console First bind " Add Your KEY " "say /lm" // to Buy Fast Your Lasermine AFK BINDS bind "Add Your KEY" ";+attack ;+forward ;+left" // This will Start Auto Attack bind " Add Your KEY " ";-attack ;-forward ;-left"" // This will Stop Auto Attack
  9. Any server where can i go ?!

    1. Mons5


      Lol man..

    2. -Sn!PeR-


      homeless ahahhahhahaha

    3. Sayfmrak ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ