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  1. ViLLiAN

    [Accepted] request admin

    Accepted as Administrator...... pm me your Tag n Password
  2. ViLLiAN


    Yes we can add it to players menu..
  3. ViLLiAN

    BANLIST M!ke!!

    Nick: blidi IP: SteamID: Time :60 min Reason: rrkick,joining specs every round warned him,kicked him ,joining after kick n got banned Proof (print/demo):
  4. ViLLiAN

    BANLIST M!ke!!

    Nick: [L]uis - [C]arlos IP: SteamID: [VALVE_6:1:264649898] Time :60 min Reason: rr zm Proof (print/demo):
  5. Too low activity .....but if u get a chance #PRO as a helper
  6. ViLLiAN

    BANLIST M!ke!!

    Nick:<<Moh_Ness>> IP: SteamID :[STEAM_1:0:2034063800] Time :60 min Reason: rr zm Proof (print/demo):
  7. Hy m!ke you admin in this server

  8. ViLLiAN

    [Rejected] REQUST

    for me!!!
  9. @A-Sweetyn also why r u using antiban?
  10. ViLLiAN

    [Rejected] REQUST

    CONTRA!! For Me You left server due to your own reasons & u said you will not come back !!!
  11. ViLLiAN

    [Accepted] Admin

    Activity is good but as @Ayouba.exe said spam + multiple account n using unidentified user.. CONTRA for me!!!!
  12. ViLLiAN

    BANLIST M!ke!!

    Nick:Mr.Love IP: SteamID : Time :5000 min Reason:1)rrzm,abuse admins,using anti ban Proof (print/demo) :
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